Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Originally PEGIDA is a product of the East German middle class: they don't want foreigners using their neat welfare state as a battle ground for intractable feuds. As PEGIDA goes pan European most participants have forgotten those roots. They just want to resist the treason Western leaders have committed against them. 

Feb 9, 2016 Vlog: Pegida protest in Amsterdam on Feb. 6, made virtually impossible by Antifa counter protest coordinated by the Mayor. (Source: @DGNeree)

UPDATE: The last few days a number of tumultuous Pegida protests were held across Europe. In France a retired general of the Foreign Legion was arrested. He now faces jail time. Something is seriously wrong when criminals roam free, while law abiding citizens are locked up in jail. (Read here about the war zone in Calais). In Amsterdam the Mayor covertly orchestrated a confrontation with Antifa counter protesters, virtually preventing Pegida from exercising their civil rights. (Source)

Feb. 2, 2016


Anne Marie Waters is the deputy leader of the newly formed official UK branch of Pegida. Their first  event will take place in Birmingham on February 6th. She has an excellent piece on Breitbart London, explaining where she's coming from. Fortunately all traces of German petty ethnic determinism have been erased.

Jan. 23, 2016


Jan 21, 2016 Video by the Identitary movement Germany - Young Europeans about the reconquest of their identity for the future of Europe. 

Another group, the Identitary movement, is hailing from France. Like PEGIDA it's pan European. But whereas PEGIDA is a typical German product, the Identitaries believe in a European identity. It's amazing that after centuries of ethnic strife Europeans have still not been able to work out that the answer to diversity racism, is not nationalistic racism, but individualism. Glenn Beck is worried that Donald Trump's anti intellectual populism may lead to some form of ethnic nationalism. But individualism and constitutional patriotism are rooted much too deep in the American psyche. In Europe on the other hand this danger is real and present. Since collective determinism and the myth of innate knowledge is deeply rooted on the continent,  it's hard to see, how the European Right could steer clear of this dangerous route.

Jan. 23, 2015

Mother of 3 Becomes New Face of Pegida

A previously little known 36-year-old mother of three has been thrust into the limelight as the new public face of Germany’s Pegida anti-Islam movement. (Source)

Pegida is a hopeless lot. After focussing on immigration rather than Islam, inviting accusations of xenophobia and racism, we now see Pegida rallying against the "religious war on German soil". Whatever are they going on about? What moral equivalence is that? It is Islam that is attacking every other religion on planet earth, even its own 'apostates'. Pegida is pursuing every wrong kind of Counter Jihad in the book (scroll down for the chart "good and bad Counter Jihad").

Jan. 22, 2015

In Germany Hitler Is No Joke

German newspapers: Don't mention zee war! 

Leader of German's far-right PEGIDA group says he will step down after photograph emerges of him with Hitler moustache and haircut captioned: 'I'm back!'
  • Images of Lutz Bachmann styled like Hitler appeared in two German papers 
  • The leader of the German anti-Muslim Pegida group said photo was a joke 
  • There was an outcry over the image in a country ashamed of its Nazi past 

Jan. 7, 2015

To Mainstream Germans Pegida Is No Option

RTL's reporter summed it up like this: "Pegida is now associated with the extreme right, which makes it unacceptable to mainstream Germany". (Source) If this is true, it's over for Pegida. It is their own fault. Instead of undergirding their program with a well wrought Manifesto, Pegida came up with a list of 19 unrelated talking points without intellectual base. Islam wasn't mentioned even once. In the place of its ethics was a giant black hole. Pegida has not just lost, but has also done real damage. No one is taking the matter of islamization seriously in the foreseeable future. So what is wrong with the movement? This is a chart copied from a posting here on June 2, 2013.

Good and bad counter Jihad. (Source)

The current battle is in essence a conflict between left wing Socialists and right wing Socialists. The left think that man in determined by social circumstances and they believe that multilateralism is the solution to every problem. The right thinks man is genetically determined and believes problems can only be solved in the context of the ethnic nation state (or something close to it). Both are wrong.

Man is determined by the values he chooses to keep or reject out of his own free will. This is an individual process, not a collective effort as Socialists on both sides believe. There is no group consciousness or a national spirit.

Having said that, a form of nationalism is possible, as the United States has proved. But that form of self government is limited to those willing to subordinate their identity to the universal value of Liberty. This is why Islam and every other ideology that refuses to accept this universality is a problem.

Every country is free to adopt the constitutional republic if the people wish it. Rights are laid down in the Constitution. This model has nothing to do with genetic roots or cultural heritage. But it does require constant vigilance, because the human default state is tyranny. This system can't be revoked by democratic consent.

If the right -- like Pegida -- would accept this model, the left would be left without an argument about racism, xenophobia or what have you. That is to say, there is no guarantee they won't try, but at least the reality can be explained to the wider public. No one is excluded from this form of self government on the basis of ethnicity.

An interesting take in The Spectator.

Dec. 29, 2014

What Is the German Anti Islam Group, Pegida?

Why is the grassroots action organization in Germany, calling itself "patriotic Europeans against the islamisation of the West" (Pegida) drawing enormous crowds, week after week? Is there really something significant going on? Are they racist? We investigated the matter.  

Dec. 23, 2014 A record 17,500 people turn out for the latest anti-Islamisation rally in the German city of Dresden.

Europeans who are looking forward to solid resistance against encroaching islamization and rugged counter Jihad, are looking in vain at Pegida. There's no Manifesto on the website or the Facebook page. There's a program of 19 talking points, a jumble of demands and statements without common principles or basic political philosophy. 

If you'd have to describe Pegida in a few words, it would run more or less like this: a club of worried petty bourgeois of no particular political persuasion who just want to stay among themselves. They understand there are problems in the world, but foreigners should settle their disputes on their own soil. All great, as long as it's not in Germany's backyard! 

Nothing official, but anti Capitalistic memes have been noted, but that's not astonishing in the former East Germany. Anti EU sentiments are not immediately emerging, but the odd Putin fan boy has been know to raise his head. "Patriotic Europeans" is implying a pro EU stance, but that is not certain at all. 

In order to forestall attacks by politically correct liberals the 19 point program starts with an altruistic credo about the "duty to humanity" with regard to refugees, victims  from wars and religious and political persecution. The treatment of asylum seekers is described as inhumane, whereas the equally inhumane Dutch policy towards refugees is held up as the ideal! Nowhere is a plea for change on principle to be found.

There is a point on personal and sexual autonomy however. That's pro Liberty and sympathetic. But the program doesn't explain what that entails. The reader is referred to the Swiss model, whatever that is. 

Pegida's etatist roots are showing in relation to some points about central state regulations. Not against the regulation of the official language by the state! Pegida is all in favor of that. They're just against gender mainstreaming, for which something is to be said. But that's a consequence of having a state regulated language in the first place. 

As so many in the West, despite it's stance against islamization Pegida is basically amoralist: they want all forms of radicalism banned. But what for instance could be wrong with radically implementing a program dealing with islamization? Apparently the fear of being smeared racist is so prevailing, it's impossible to even mention Islam. 

Where Pegida is unequivocably right is on objective law, but that's a no brainer! If you want to destroy a country, different codes of law for different groups would be your ticket. 

Unreservedly right wing is the repeated call for law and order. But American style, near absolute freedom of speech is a non starter.

The categorical refusal to arm the PKK, on the ground that it's on a terrorist watch list, is really bad considering Pegida's position on Islam. This is a matter of moral priority: the PKK is not a clear and present danger, whereas IS is! Pegida claims to be against islamisation, but their law and order reflex is stronger than the need to defend against the Islamic State!

The Kurdish PKK is currently undergoing a reform program and together with their brothers of the Peshmerga, are just about the only thing standing between the Islamic State and Europe. Yet according to Pegida they are not allowed the weapons to defend themselves. This is a morally wrong choice.

Pegida is standing for "patriotic Europeans against Islamization", but in the entire program not one word can be found on Islam! Well, good luck with that! 

Pegida is not really worth all the fuss. One wonders why the extreme Left are going through so much trouble to attack the petty bourgeois, xenophobic action group? They're probably glad with any opportunity to justify their own existence. Pegida's ideological base is so razor thin it isn't even possible to catch them with anything remotely smacking of racism. 

19 point program (German) (PDF)
Facebook (German)
Wiki (English)
Article (German)
Video (German)

According to this tweet Pegida is vastly outnumbered by counter protesters.