Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Watch the Full Length of 'The Interview' on YT

Sony cancelled their movie "The Interview" after their computer system was hacked by North Korea, causing tremendous damage and threatening terror attacks if the company went ahead with the movie that was due to be released December 25.

Sony cancels The Interview. (IMDb)

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'The Interview' Could Be Coming To YouTube

Sony might release "The Interview" on YouTube. YouTube has tentatively agreed to allow YouTube users to rent the movie. But the deal could still fall apart. Peter Kafka of Re/code reports the movie will also be available on Google Play, Google's online store for apps, books, movies, etc. Google Play comes with Android phones and tablets. You can also get it on iPhones and iPads. Kafka also reports that Sony will let you rent the movie on its own site. Business Insider has reached out to Sony and Google for confirmation. (Source)

Dec. 23, 2014

Sony: 'Limited Release Of The Interview On Thursday'

Sony Pictures Entertainment said Tuesday it will release "The Interview" in select theaters on Christmas Day, an abrupt change after the movie company said last week it would shelve the controversial satire indefinitely. Meanwhile, independent movie theaters based in Austin and Atlanta said Tuesday they plan to be among the first in the nation to screen the comedy (...) (Source)

Dec. 19, 2014

Sony Attack: Obama Wouldn't Cave To Sensibilities 

When liberals aren't caving to intimidation, they are exercising it. That's what makes this episode the height of hypocrisy. The FBI has now confirmed the Norks are behind the attack. Obama has just completed a presser in which he criticized Sony for having given in to pressure. "We don't want Americans to exercise self censorship because the sensibilities of some tyrant are offended...That's not who we are", RoFLoL! Creative photoshoppers are having a field day! The Nork hackers have sent Sony another email. Successful blackmail invites more. 

Dec. 18, 2014

The Interview Is Cancelled

Appeasement of tyrants and terrorists comes natural to the Left. The basic mindset of altruism blames the self! That would be us.

Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

Mar 28, 2014 The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il: Q&A with Michael Malice.

Kim Jong Il, who was the supreme leader of North Korea until his death in 2011, was a leading authority on gymnastics, cinema, literature, war, cooking, and the arts. He wrote 1,400 works when he was in college, including a senior thesis that was an achievement comparable to Columbus' discovery of America. He revolutionized the opera, personally discovered that Paleolithic man originated on the Korean Peninsula, and came up with a theory of art that was as impactful on modern culture as the Copernican Revolution. Why did the supreme leader always wear sunglasses? That's because his eyes were constantly bloodshot from staying up all night figuring out ways to help his country.

These are details from celebrity ghostwriter (and former editor of Overheard in New York) Michael Malice's new book Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, a strange, tragic, and humorous first-person account of the supreme leader's life. On March 18, 2014, at an event held at New York City's Museum of Sex and sponsored by the Reason Foundation, The New York Times columnist John Tierney sat down with Malice to discuss the book.

Highlights from the event included a discussion of how Malice came to write Dear Reader (1:28); why Kim Jong Il is despised by North Koreans (7:00); how North Koreans are forced to engage in regular self-criticism sessions in which they're denounced by their peers (9:00); why it was a surprise that Kim Jong Il succeeded his father, Kim Il-sung (12:00); why there's no hope that political change will come to North Korea anytime soon (20:20); Ayn Rand's influence on Malice (23:20); why Kim Jong Il hated the Mona Lisa (27:15); an example of a North Korean joke (29:15); why Malice thinks the media's coverage of Dennis Rodman's relationship with Kim Jong Un is deplorable (31:35); the story behind the 1987 bombing of Flight 858 by North Korean agents (33:20); the origins of the Korean famine (41:00); Kim Jong Il's "spot on critiques of U.S. foreign policy" (42:00); why North Korea allows its citizens to reunite with family members from South Korea (43:30); the relationship between China and North Korea (50:00); and North Korea's nuclear capabilities (51:15).