Friday, December 19, 2014

Interview With Survivor of the Peshawar School Massacre

Pakistan has been dancing with the devil for a long time. How dangerous that strategy is, has now become apparent: 141 dead and 120 wounded (pre)cadets, children of Pakistan Army personnel. Murdering innocent kids in cold blood in revenge, is the work of an evil death cult. 
Ahmar @Mustikhan on the Examiner has the full story. (Source)


Dec. 18, 2014

Pakistan Taliban Justify Killing of 141 Children

The Pakistan Taliban have religiously justified their actions. The psychology on display in Pakistan is speaking volumes! Not only are India, the US and Israel blamed for the attack enabling Muslims to keep their own collective pure and innocent. Responsibility is systematically externalized. Today things went even further. 

Dec. 17, 2014

Pakistan Blames US For Taliban Massacre

This is probably not the official position, but already some Pakistanis are reacting true to the collectivist character of Islam, by externalizing the blame for the Peshawar massacre on the US and India. It's a primary knee-jerk reaction in order to keep the collective pure and without guilt.
(...) it’s unlikely the Pakistan military generals who sponsored jihadists as proxies in India and Afghanistan would learn anything from the Peshawar tragedy. (...) Pakistan army has lost several generals to the Taliban and never lost so many high ranking officials in three wars with India, but they continue with their anti-India policies instead of declaring war on the Islamists (...)

Dec. 16, 2014

Taliban Peace Partners Kill 141 Children

Dec 16, 2014 In Pakistan school attack, Taliban terrorists kill 141, mostly children. (Source)
A really sad day. No words to describe it.