Friday, December 12, 2014

Lumping All Sunnis Together With Terrorists

All Sunnis are terrorists. All Asians are rapists. All blacks are looters. The Left is rightly rejecting generalizations, smearing and lumping -- except when they are the ones doing it. And the intention behind their moral rejection is quite nefarious. 

Media lapdog, Newsweek has posted an article that follows the Obama narrative to the letter. Not Obama's premature withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq is responsible for the Islamic State crisis, but the Iraqi Government of Nouri Al Maliki. That's because it 'disenfranchised' the Sunnis which led the tribes to join IS en masse. A few things can be said about this narrative. First of all that there's a kernel of truth to this logic; but that's merely coincidence. The aim of the assertion is to make reality conform to their political expediency. Which makes the narrative fallacious as well as evil. Yes, Sunnis have been flocking to IS, but many more have not.

@HamudiMD is right that entire swathes of Sunni tribal areas have not joined IS. As the Left is so eager to point out, it is morally abject to generalize and smear an entire group with the same generic brush (although conversely it must be true where the essence of the matter is concerned: all IS are Sunni Muslims); but as we shall see, when it is expedient the Left have no compunction to falsely use induction. (Wiki)

Pointing the finger at the Government is implicitly denying that these Sunnis have free will. To expect those who join IS to be so subhuman as to be deprived of their will is a social determinism that borders on racism. But not quite, since we are dealing here with religion (acquired idea), not inherent DNA (although, also according to some Leftists, racists are not that finely tuned, which is a second smear and generalization).

We have seen them do this in a truly outrageous fashion in the case of the Islamic groomers of underage girls in the UK. (Source) The perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims, but since defining them is deemed politically incorrect, officials and the media hid behind a generic term, 'Asians,' a designation so broad, it is almost an anti concept! It lumped all the people of the entire continent of Asia with a number of Pakistani hoodlums.

The opportunism on the part of the Left and their hypocrisy is once again on full display here. But let's take the opportunity to point out the merits of induction, drawing a universal from a number of specifics. The moral veto Postmodernists exercise on generalization is one of the most destructive mind-fucks they have ever thought up. It is also about the oldest. 

The following fields would simply become impossible without induction: truths, universals, fundamentals, principles, standards, concepts, philosophy, rights, classification, all science, the law, the laws of nature, anything fixed and constant.

In fact, Enlightened civilization would break down altogether without the integration of particulars. It is small wonder that postmodernists have been hammering on this moral prohibition, because it takes an axe to the very core of reason.

The next time you hear a pomo pointing out the evil of lumping and smearing, take them through the above list and let them defend their attack on that basis. The most are simply not intellectually honest enough to admit that their ultimate goal is the destruction of reason.