Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Left, the Dunhams and the War On Women

Carroll Dunham is an American pomo artist, father to the actress @LenaDunham, currently the center of a controversy between the Left and the Right after she confessed in an auto biography to have sexually abused her kid sister.

Carroll Dunham posing with an example of his works, one in a series of paintings of giant pink vaginas set in various natural surroundings. 

So what's this controversy all about? 
The actress on HBO’s media buzzy but poorly rated Girls is having a bad week because in her memoir, which she wrote, she admitted to engaging in behaviors with her younger sister that she described as predatory. Those behaviors include paying her sister with candy to kiss her on the lips, and masturbating right next to her.
More on the hashtag #LenaDunham

Oddly enough, far from taking Lena to task, the Left is taking it out on the critics!

The Left are notorious astroturfers. It's only natural Veronica would assume the same for Conservatives. But wait. Father Dunham's art and the way the Left are dealing with this may contain some clues as to what's behind this pattern of behavior.