Sunday, November 2, 2014

Liberty, 10 Years After the Killing of Theo van Gogh

Ten years to the day after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, let's look back and see where we stand. Those willing to face facts, see a frightening reality that is an existential threat to humanity and the entire civilization.

Painting by Philip Awuy: Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali - H/t @PeterSiebelt

There is one important difference standing out between today and ten years ago. At the time many thought that Islam is a morally neutral movement, like say, liberalism or rock 'n roll. A cultural idea that free people are at liberty to practice if they so wish. It has taken some time to figure out, that an idea that is directly opposed to the Good, isn't a moral equal, but an enemy. Many have managed to make that cognitive step. But the genocides in Iraq and Syria, the enslavement of women and children, the crucifixions, the looting, the floggings and the stonings on a massive scale have not been able to penetrate the teflon layer that separates the evaders from reality, leaders like Barack Obama, that labor under the insane view that "Islam has nothing to do with Islamic State" and that "no religion condones terrorism". Read the ffing Koran, I say!

Theo's historical analysis that Islam has known an enlightened period during the Middle Ages has been debunked. Through its conquests Islam became the temporary custodian of pre Christian, Greek-Roman philosophical schools while Europe was going through the Dark Ages. We owe Islam that much since that heritage made the Renaissance, Enlightenment and ultimately freedom possible. Apart of Arab philosophers like Averrous (Wiki), Islam itself has done remarkably little with the intellectual treasure.

The state of Liberty in the West meanwhile is worse than it has ever been. The plucky Kurds are a temporary bullwark between violent Jihadism and the Free West. We must help the Kurds, not out of altruism, but simply because it is in our own interest. It's a no brainer! (Source)

Although the Kurds have long aspoused Marxism as their ideology, with the demise of the Soviet Union things have started to move in another direction. Especially in Iraqi Kurdistan where Americans have sown the seeds of true Liberty.

The plight of the Kurds should made alarm bells ring, awaking the Left to the fact that they've become part of the dark side. But nothing has notably moved so far. There's a mild understanding for ISIS and some have begun a full scale campaign to apologize the Islamic State: and it's all our own fault, of course.

Ten years of anniversaries since the slaughter of Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam hasn't made any difference. If anything, it's become far worse.