Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White House "Consistently" Morally Confused on Israel

The 'lone wolf' attack is the new Palestinian tactic of choice. In a week's time there have been over 150 separate assaults in Israel. How many lone wolf attacks does it take to constitute a coordinated war? PM Netanyahu has promised to settle the score, as civilians have started to arm themselves.

UPDATE: This is a very interesting altercation between the White House spokesman Mark Toner and AP diplomatic writer, Matt Lee @APDiploWriter who is trying to make the former clarify the official WH stance that both Israelis and Palestinians must restrain from violence. As if Israel is somehow to blame for current spate of 'lone wolf' terrorist attacks against its own citizens. Toner doesn't even get what Lee is trying to do! Or he's pretending not to understand. He's reasoning from the logic that false moral equivalence between the Israelis and Palestinians is somehow fair, even handed and just being "consistent". What do you think? Does he really not understand the question, or is he pretending not to get it?

Oct. 13, 2015

Palestinians Enact "Day of Rage" 

Another day of 'lone wolf' attacks in Israel. The people have begun arming themselves. Watch the situation in Israel closely. It may become a model for the rest of the world as well. PM Netanyahu has promised to settle the score.

Oct. 12, 2015

Palestinian Official: Killing Israelis Is "A National Duty"

Oct 8, 2015 PLO official: Killing Israeli parents of 4 children is "national duty".


Oct. 11, 2015

Over 150 'Lone Wolf' Terror Attacks A Week

The Stand With Us Mapping Terror site. 

(...) The tension across Israel, especially Jerusalem, is increasingly palpable. Somehow this wave of terror feels different to last summer’s rocket barrage from Hamas. At least then we had the Iron Dome and time (albeit only 15 seconds) to find shelter. But it is something much more intimate and personal when a terrorist singles you out to kill you in cold-blood. Many commentators and pundits are calling these "lone wolf" attacks. But how many lone wolf attacks does it take to constitute a co-ordinated wave of terror? The bottom line is that attacks like these do not occur in a vacuum. Such acts of pitiless slaughter are the direct result of a pervasive Palestinian infrastructure headed by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, indoctrinating hate, inciting violence and instilling a worldview justifying such gruesome acts. Barely a week ago, Abbas gave an incendiary speech before the plenary of the United Nations General Assembly, all but giving a green light to this wave of terror. (...) (Source)
Finding accurate information can be a challenge (...) To alleviate that frustration – and to provide a “website of record” that will preserve information about terror attacks and other security incidents that affect the public – StandWithUs, a worldwide organization that seeks to enhance Israel’s image abroad, has developed the Mapping Terror site. The site, say its authors, will record and provide accurate, unbiased information about terror attacks against Israeli civilians. (Source)

The 'lone wolf' attack is a new tactic in terror land. The term is distracting from the general war on Liberty and the ideological common cause it is part of. Lone wolves first learn to hunt in packs. The vehicle attack is only one part of this pattern, specifically in Israel. There has been the case of three-month-old baby Chaya Zissel Braun killed after being struck by a car (source) but there are even earlier cases. Honest Reporting about the moral equivalence in the case. The hatchet job in New York City belongs in the same category. (Source) Knife attacks are also very common.

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