Saturday, October 18, 2014

Erdogan of Turkey and the Politics of Deception

Turkey, the loyal NATO member and future non Christian star of the European Union, is slowly but surely moving towards a totalitarian, theocratic state under Islam. And it is happening largely under the radar. 

Anthology of contradiction: Erdogan has made hundreds of hypocritical speeches in over 40 years in politics and is still producing them.

Historically Turkey has been a valued member of NATO as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The country had an important role during the Cold War as a buffer against Communism. To the ideologues in the EU, membership of Turkey would prove their imperial project is not a 'Christian club', but a multicultural empire in which not just everyone, but also every religion and every culture, is fully equal... except Western culture and Christianity, that are uniquely evil and must be destroyed - for its own good, of course. Turkey would grow the EU by 81,6 million Europeans (source) which is slightly more than the largest EU country, Germany (source) that has a population of just 80,6 million. The power of Turkey would be such, that memberhip would change the overall character of the Union. Which is no problem, given that every country is equal. 

Under the government of Erdogan's AK Party, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country has been developing, not as a liberal democratic nation, but in the direction of a theocratic state.

This has been going on under the watchful eye of the multicultural West, that is dummed down enough to care only about the ballot box and the proper role of the military. The EU desperately wants to prove that Islam and democracy go well together and that rule under the Muslim Brotherhood is the "democratic, peaceful and secular" model for Muslim countries.

Erdogan meanwhile has been drawing the fangs of Ataturk's secular watch dog. The EU applauded the jailing of entire swathes of the military under cover of trumped up charges in a political show trial (source) as a move towards 'democracy'.

But under the radar Erdogan has been actively removing the planks between the division of powers that constitute a free, secular  society. The Executive branch and the Legislative branch were fairly easy prey. The Judiciary however was another matter. That has now been resolved.

Last Sunday Oct. 12 14,000 Judges and Prosecutors cast their votes to elect ten full members and six substitute members of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). 
According to preliminary results, candidates reportedly close to the government who gathered under the Unity in Justice Platform (YBP) won all seven seats that have been allocated for members of the civil judiciary, while they also won one seat allocated for members of the administrative judiciary. Two independent candidates, reportedly close to the “parallel state,” won two seats allocated for the administrative judiciary. The “parallel state” is the phrase the government uses to describe followers of the U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fetullah G├╝len. (Source)
Under the tag of democracy the basic principles that ensure a free country are being dismantled. We have seen this process happening in Egypt under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, we see it repeated in Turkey, and all under the aegis of the champions of democracy and the rule of law. 

But apparently the casting of ballots and a code of law are insufficient to ensure freedom: the heart of Liberty consists of individual rights and it is exactly those that are being destroyed here. Read it in "Why Rights Are Primary and Democracy Is Not". (Source)

Simultaneous to the emasculation of the military other planks in the separation of powers have been removed. The media are now firmly under state control and those that don't, have been subjugated by means of intimidation and cronyism. 

The division of the sacred and the secular domain can easily be blurred by enacting laws that regulate moral behavior. This is the easiest thing to do, because the awareness of this separation of domains is dormant in the West and absent in most countries without Greco-Roman roots. 

Which leaves us with the removal of the separation between the civil and the military: also known as terrorism. Turkey has denied the claim by Susan Rice that a deal was reached with Turkey, allowing the coalition the use of air bases in Turkey in the fight against IS.

The last few weeks we have been witnessing with disbelief and shock the position that Turkey took in the siege of the Kurdish border town of Kobane. Turkey has been neutral at best, hostile at worst. This finally has not gone unnoticed in the West.

And it has come to light that Turkey has been arming Jihadist groups for some time. (Video) (Source) You can keep upto speed with these developments on the blog about "The Caliphate Conspiracy". (Source)

The removal of all the planks that control the powers of government is necessary in the process from a secular state to a Caliphate, in which all powers rest in the person of the Caliph, who is the supreme and absolute ruler over all branches of government and all matters, be they secular and legal or moral and religious.

In contemporary terms such a totalitarian, theocratic system is already in place in Iran. Iran, with its allies Assad in Syria, Russia and China, and the orc armies in Gaza (Hamas) and Lebanon (Hezbollah) under its control, we now see the order of battle emerging.

Grateful to @TaninKendal who has contributed to this post.