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Only Muslims Can Save Islam From Itself

A group of British Muslims is resisting the atrocities and bloodthirst of the Islamic State. Great! But it comes with a few hard conditions. A hashtag just isn't enough for fundamental change from within. 

Sep 10, 2014 #NotInMyName: Young British Muslims at Active Change Foundation show their solidarity against ISIS and their actions.

Dyab Abou Jahjah has written a very interesting piece about the war on the Islamic State. (Source, Flemish) He states the following:
‘Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win’. This is a quotation from Sun Tzu's The art of war. (Source) This may answer the question if the American strategy to fight the organization known as 'Islamic State' stands a chance of success. 

After a rant on the UN and 'international law' on which we'll not comment here, Abou Jahjah continues: 
Must we not fight IS? Of course we do. But not with American attacks from the air and false solutions. These may hurt IS on the short term, but will only make it stronger in the future. Air attacks will only be successful as support for a ground offensive, but neither the Americans nor the Europeans are prepared for a massive ground operation in Syria or Iraq. Europe can't and the US won't. 
But even if they'd be willing, a war in Iraq and Syria led by the Americans will inevitably lead to a debacle. Quite rightly, the Arab populations would see the war as an invasion and an occupation. From each window, from each and every tree, and from each stone the people will fire at the occupation forces. Not just Jihadists would fight, but also their enemies like Hezbollah, the regime in Syria and the Iraqi Shia. 

Anti Colonial America

Abou Jahjah and many others who dined on a Marxist diet do not get that American power is almost by definition, supportive. The USA is a former colony that fought its way to freedom from the mother country. Friend and foe (except for the strategic midget, Obama) agree, that this war is unwinnable without boots on the ground. (Source) These will not be American or European boots. 

The populations of the Middle East will themselves have to resist the barbaric orc army that is leaving a trail of blood in the name of Islam through the region. They will have to liberate their own world. Freedom can't be imposed. Freedom must be won. Abou Jahjah is right: the war against IS would just become another Afghanistan. This time, no nation building, no ceaseless aid programs, no community organizing. Just military support and nothing else. The rest the peoples of the Middle East will have to accomplish themselves. 

Fundamental reformation of Islam

The above is also true for Islam itself. Muslims will have to understand that Islam is on the path to self destruction. Muslims will have to cleanse the body of Islam from its own poison. There's is simply no alternative for the survival of Islam than a reformed religion. IS has now begun to execute professional women, doctors, lawyers, intellectuals. This is going the way of the killing fields of Cambodia.  (Source)

The postmodern attack on perception and language lets the Jihadists off the hook. When you separate Islam from the atrocities of the Islamic State you allow condemnation of the Islamic State as an organization, without condemning the institutions of Sharia and political Islam, i.e. the Caliphate. You can't change the content by manipulating the form. These attempts by dhimmi politicians will only make Islam's necessary reformation process more painful. 

Reforming Islam

Muslims are collectively in denial. That is a fase in the process leading to mental maturity and individual responsibility. But we're not there yet by any stretch of the imagination. The damning influence of the collective mentality is tangible not only in secular Muslims, but even in apostates. The emerging of the individual is still way of. Is there a word in Arabic for 'private' yet?

The female Muslim top guns that are carrying out air attacks on the Islamic State, preventing them to go to heaven and laying claim to their 72 huris, is a great meme but it's no more than that. (Source) Also a hashtag by itself doesn't accomplish anything. Jihad shall have to become an inner struggle exclusively, and violence against infidels must be morally rejected. Hate preachers must be shunned. Islam will have to restrict itself to the personal life of individual Muslims and the division of powers between the personal and the political and public realm must become part of the doctrine. 

Only when those conditions are met, #NotInMyName may become the start of the reformation process of Islam. If not, the campagne will be part of the problem and another justification of violence against infidels. Sharia is the codification of theocratic law and the Caliphate is the worldly manifestation of Islam. Both Sharia and the Caliphate are the main blockades on the road of Islam becoming a "normal religion". 
Not In My Name
Join the movement by tweeting why ISIS does not represent you with the hashtag #NotInMyName. For more information on Active Change Foundation, click on:

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