Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jihad Isn't Crime; It's a Special Kind of World War

The neglected problems with the Islamic State are starting to overwhelm the system. We haven't begun to tackle the issue, since we are trying to evade awareness. We have  a problem on our hands that transcends the state, borders, and the law. In other words, this isn't crime, we're in a special kind of world war, a Jihad.

British medical student calling herself Mujahidah Bint Usama, 21, posted this image online of her holding a severed head while two children look on. Only the censored picture has been made available by MailOnline.

Postmodern man does not have the ability to think outside the parameters of the prevailing paradigm. We think in concepts as countries, passports and legislation. But those concepts are of another order that isn't useful to us here. Cultures and ideas transcend borders. If we understand how fast a virus like ebola is able to spread (source), we may be able to comprehend what happens to ideas that flash across continents with the speed of the Internet.

Laws are made for citizens within a certain jurisdiction. An ideology like political Islam doesn't know any borders or boundaries. The Caliphate currently spans two countries; in the future perhaps even more. Laws are powerless against moral crimes. This isn't criminality in the sense of the law, this is warfare. While not skewing military and legal means, as old-fashioned repression, in the end this struggle against an ideology can only be won in moral and cultural terms. We must abandon concepts like borders, nationalities, laws and nations.

Besides the unconventional,  asymmetric warfare of the Jihadists, we also have to find an answer to psy-ops and postmodern attacks on language from the media and our own leaders. There is an assault under way to separate Islam from Islamic. The aim of which is to enable the condemnation of the Islamic State as an organization and in its methodology, without actually having to reject the Caliphate on principle. Muslims will never be able to do that without renouncing Islam itself. We can rest assured that, except those directly involved, no Muslim state will dare to touch IS.

The following items make plain what we're up against. This is unlike any war we have been in, in known history. This video by Bill Warner shows the speed with which this cancer was able to spread across the Roman world.

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts.