Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Deconstruct the Caliphate Within?

The Islamic State is located in the border area of Syria and Iraq, but the Caliphate also lives in the hearts and minds of Muslims in the West. The BBC had a look at a Muslim enclave in the Dutch city of The Hague

Aug 10, 2014: The Battle of the Schilderswijk according to Free Aseer. Read also: "Wilders visits Muslim Enclave The Hague". 

In the video above we are presented with the narrative according to radical Muslims, who see themselves as victims of a racist society. They are in fact so marginalized, two separate Muslim parties are represented in the city council. They are openly or covertly supporting the cause of ISIS (Live Blog Political Islam (Dutch)). Politicians are struggling with the issue, because they are reasoning from the wrong mental frame. It is mind boggling, but even the extreme violence and cruelty of IS hasn't woken them up to the fact that these people are not our fellow citizens, but on the contrary, the enemy within.

Dutch grapple with jihadist threat By Anna Holligan BBC News, The Hague 

Across Europe, governments are trying to prevent the radicalisation of young people attracted by the growing influence of Islamic State militants. More than 100 Dutch citizens are thought to be fighting for various groups in Syria and Iraq, and hundreds more have been identified as potential jihadists. Dutch counter-terrorism officials are talking of a "rebirth of jihadism in the Netherlands". In the Schilderswijk district of The Hague last month, a group of some 20 men were captured on video waving the black flag of jihadist groups and voicing support for the militant group Islamic State (IS) that has seized broad swathes of northern Syria and Iraq. In the footage posted on the internet, the demonstrators can be heard chanting slogans such as "Down with America" and "Death to the Jews". 
(Source, includes videos)

Newsweek: Pro-ISIS Demonstrators Call for “Death to Jews” in the Netherlands 

Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center has expressed its shock that protests in support of Islamic terrorist group ISIS have gone undeterred by Dutch authorities in the Hague. Two public rallies, expressing support for ISIS have been held this month, with chants advocating the murder of “dirty Jews from the sewers” heard at both. (...)  Doctor Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center addressed a passionate letter to the Dutch prime minister in response to the protests, asking him to rescind approval should a third demonstration of this kind be organised. (Source)