Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FEMEN, the Caliphate and the Morally Confused

Western, postmodern feminazis have become the decadent appeasers of the worst violators of rights that are presently in existence: Islamic male supremacists. It's a luxury the women who live in their proximity cannot afford. @FEMEN_Turkey is taking the lead with an in your face tweet

We received some criticism regarding the FEMEN picture released on Aug. 22. The choice may not have been too clever PR wise, since its 'in your face character' may have prevented some tweeps from RT it. On the other hand, if the FEMEN pic offends you more than IS does, there's something very out of whack with your morality. Eastern Europe and the Middle East are not the postmodern West; here's still mountains of work to be done here towards the equality of the sexes.

Aug. 22, 2014

FEMEN Is Taking a Brave Stand Against IS(IS)

The full translation reads: 
"Animals, our execution of your ideas looks like that! Watch it well! We don't demand a ransom, we don't threaten to kill you, we just SHIT ON YOU, ISIS!" 
Here's mine with an abbreviated English text. Or create your own using the picture: pic.twitter.com/x3BMNQH6Vb - Pass in on, pass it wide RT RT!

This doesn't come cheap. These women are running a real risk for their lives. Apparently Facebook had banned the picture. 

For the sake of good order, aesthetics is not the point here. It's hitting these bastards where it hurts: in their sense of hypocritical propriety while literally destroying the human rights of the other half of humanity. 

Facebook Page FEMEN International.

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