Friday, August 22, 2014

Dutch Artist Recreates Removed Art Against IS(IS)

In the face of intimidation and appalling violence, moral courage has become a rare commodity. But a Frisian artist in the north of the Netherlands decided to make a statement against the fascism of terror group IS(IS) 

19 aug. 2014 - GPTV: Grafitti art by L.J. van Tuinen as a protest against IS(IS)

UPDATE: On Aug. 20 the municipality of Leeuwarden removed the art work. The possibility exists that some clerk took it upon himself to remove the grafitti in order to avert controversy, but it appears to have been an honest mistake. The city council has apologized and offered to pay Mr Van Tuinen to redo the art work. He has accepted. (Bron)

Aug. 19, 2014

Dutch Artist Creates Grafitti Art Against IS(IS) Terror

Renowed Frisian artist L.J. van Tuinen has transformed part of a bypass in his residence, Leeuwarden, into a statement of protest. He decided to create the grafitti art to protest against the violence of IS(IS) which currently terrorises swathes of northern Iraq. L.J. sees it as his calling as a man and as an artist to warn humanity against the blind extremism of terrorists.

According to L.J. there's a parallel between IS(IS) and National Socialism. Few people are able to make this analysis, and he is correct: both movements segregate themselves from the rest of humanity and subjugate it to their supremacist ideology. 

A fragmented Nazi swastika spells the letters IS, along with the Arabic text from the IS(IS) flag, with the words, "Never Again". The work of art has already triggered much response, amongst others from the police who initially thought he was painting an original Nazi swastika. 

The artist has created political statements in the past and as such is above suspicion as a right wing hack. He has created statements against fracking, pro Palestine and against the state of Israel, and voiced objections against the policies of Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

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