Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bertrand Russell (1920): Why the Left Hearts Islam

Why do Muslims, even when secular, still hate Israel? In observing Muslims, Jew hatred is perfectly explicable from Islamic scripture. But why do seculars hate Israel? 


July 16, 2014

Why Secular Muslims Hate Israel As Much As Believers

Why do secular Muslims still hate Jews and Israel? It's for the same reasons Leftists hate Israel. If we look up close at both types of ideologies, we see stunning similarities. Both are collectivist, subjugating individuals to the Ummah under Allah and to society under the State.in the case of Marxism. Man is but a dolt who doesn't live life for his own sake, but only in so far as they are of use to the whole. They live life in the second hand.

Both ideologies don't stand the test of reason, and are in fact out to destroy it. As a result both are also hostile to the corrolaries of reason: civil society and a limited state, science and technology, and a free market economy. Both ideologies are fueled by themes of war and strife, egged on by the logic of victimhood. The result of this is a particularly vicious form of envy, topped up with moral superiority.

If we look at the root of all this we come to the denial of free will, which would be simply impossible for these slaves of a collective. In DIM terms we are looking at two M2 cultures (totalitarian mysticism) (chart). All this makes both ideologies not only uncanningly similar, but also directly opposed to the highly successful Western culture of which Israel (and also increasingly India) is a part. The Western world is characterized by belief in human free will, individualism, independence, liberty and Capitalism. This is why Muslims, even if secular, still hate Israel. 

H/t @AncetreIV