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Unbelievers are being oppressed all over the Middle East, specifically in countries destabilized in 'Arab Spring' type revolutions and in the territory under the control of the Islamic State. No one in the West is lifting a finger to prevent these genocides.

UPDATE: They are from some of the oldest Christian communities in the world, from lands where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah walked, and where Jonah called the people of Ninevah to repentance. But today these Christians have been targeted for death, sexual slavery, displacement, cultural eradication and forced conversion by ISIS. The U.S. government’s response has been woefully inadequate — neither helping them defend themselves and stay, nor providing them asylum to leave. And now, to add insult to injury, they are casualties of the agencies contracted to resettle refugees in America. (...) The blame is not just with the United Nations and the Obama administration. U.S. organizations who resettle refuges are also to blame. This includes Christian groups that resist any focus on Christian victims of ISIS, and oppose actions by Congress to welcome not just economic migrants but also Christians and other religious minorities victimized by ISIS. (..) (Source)

Dec. 8, 2015


While Donald Trump is under attack for his common sense policy statement on Muslims (source) and Obama says that doing "religious tests is not us" in reaction to suggestions to take in more Christians, the Obama regime does religious tests: they have excluded Christian refugees because they are Christians (source) and are even deporting them (source), even though Christians are specifically targeted for genocide by IS:
In 24 hours, the entire Christian population of Mosul had fled their homes. After 1,600 years of Christianity in Mosul, there are no Christians left. In 24 hours, the entire Christian population of Mosul had fled their homes. ISIS confiscated everything belonging to Christians; they left with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. After the Christians were gone, ISIS began to destroy any trace of Christian history in the area. Churches and monasteries were confiscated, demolished, or turned into mosques. After forcing Christians from Mosul, ISIS seized nearby Qaraqosh, which had the largest Christian population in Iraq. ISIS took the residents who did not flee and split them up on different buses, sending some out of the territory and “saving” some of the women for themselves. (Source)

Sep. 25, 2015


Have we become insane? We are taking in war refugees, but we are not specifically taking in Christians and Yezidis who are the prime targets of the ISIS hordes because of their religion. Because that would be discriminating against Muslims, according to David Cameron. Well, no. We are excluding those threatened with extinction because they are "our own". And that, would render this operation ethically meaningless, according to the sick, moral code of Kantian ethics
The Archbishop of Canterbury has met with PM David Cameron last week amid growing concerns that Christians in Syria will be largely excluded from the 20,000 refugees due to come to the UK over the next five years. The Government, in line with European Union policy, is committed to taking in refugees from UN camps in Syria and neighbouring countries. It cannot discriminate in favour of any one religious group. (Source

Aug. 21, 2015


Never Again Is Now. Mercury One YT Channel.  Twitter account: @Mercury1Charity.

The Obama regime only admits Muslims for forced relocation into the United States. There's a conscious decision to close the door to Christians. Whereas Islam is a 'race', Christianity  is a personal choice! As such, they simply do not exist as a minority. This is the ugly face of postmodern racism.


Glenn Beck is on the case. He has opened his charity account Mercury One for donations towards $1mln to send the first families to Mexico, from where he will march them personally across the border. Legal immigration being made impossible, the only option is to come over as illegals and subsequently claim asylum... like everyone else. 
A year after U.S. airstrikes and Kurdish fighters saved Iraq’s Yazidi population from death at the hands of ISIS atop Mount Sinjar, the historic Christian enclave is facing death in its homeland and a cold shoulder from America, say activists. Despite the ongoing threat of execution in Iraq, nearly all Yazidis, a Kurdish-Christian community that lives throughout Iraq, Syria, Turkey and even Armenia and Georgia, who have applied for asylum in the U.S. have been rejected, has learned. The reason why is not clear, but advocates say Washington is turning a blind eye on the situation. “What we are seeing, in real time, is genocide,” said Frank Wolf, a former congressman from Virginia and senior fellow at 21st Century Wilberforce, a nonprofit that seeks to protect Christians in the Middle East. “To declare it genocide, that would expedite relief. You can’t allow it to go on.” (Source)


July 10, 2015


Oct. 3, 2014 The Black Massacre - a docu by Nawzad Shekhany. YT channelH/.t @YezidisIntOrg

Pregnant Yazidi sex slaves were forced to undergo barbaric abortions which left them unable to walk or talk, reveals freed ISIS captive who was told: 'Once ten of us rape you, you become Muslim'

  • Young Yazidi women reveal horrific experiences of rape and abuse by ISIS 
  •  Pregnant women forced to undergo abortions to be sold as sex slaves 
  • Revealed ISIS fighters say slaves become Muslim if raped by ten men 
  • Freed Yazidi says she was raped by fighter and passed on to 11 others 


Feb. 25, 2015


The news in these tweets is already stale. In 2 days 500 Assyrian people have disappeared. Their cell phones are answered by ISIS orcs. Their villages were overrun by the orc army. The women have been taken into slavery. This is sexual in nature by definition. On the cultural level, these Assyrians are an indigenous people, the cradle of Western civilization, thousands of years old. No one is lifting a finger, because in the West we have committed the stupidity to believe that it doesn't really matter what you think and believe in the confines of your privacy -- even if sheer evil and hostile to the principles of Liberty. Morality, we believe is subjective, so this isn't really our business. Once again people are being mass murdered for their beliefs and for who they are. In the meanwhile our leaders are defending the rights of their murderers.

Feb. 17, 2015

Eastern Christians Destroyed, But No One Cares

Bishop-General Macarius walks around the damaged Evangelical Church in Minya, south of Cairo. 

The Arab Spring was 'sold' by Western leaders and the media as a grass roots drive for democracy. But in truth it was neither spontaneous, nor liberal. It was a covert plan to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power. The plan almost succeeded in Egypt. The country managed to pull back from the brink, but others were not so lucky. Minorities like the ancient Christians are bearing the brunt of this cynical game.
The Arab Spring, and to a lesser extent the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, were touted as the catalysts for a major historic shift in the region. From Egypt to Syria to Iraq, the Middle East's dictatorships would be succeeded by liberal, democratic regimes. Years later, however, there is very little liberality or democracy to show. Indeed, what these upheavals have bequeathed to history is a baleful, and barely noticed legacy: The near-annihilation of the world's most ancient communities of Christians. The persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, as well as the silence with which it has been met in the West, are the subject of journalist Ed West's Kindle Single "The Silence of Our Friends." The booklet is a brisk and chilling litany of horrors: Discriminatory laws, mass graves, unofficial pogroms, and exile. The persecuted are not just Coptic and Nestorian Christians who have relatively few co-communicants in the West, but Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants as well. Throughout the Middle East the pattern is the same. (...) (Source)

Dec. 16, 2014

The Oldest Christian Community Hitting Back At IS

Sep. 1, 2014

Iraqi song lamenting ISIS atrocities and the plight of Christians: "Islam, what did you bring upon us?"

Aug. 29, 2014

Christians Can't Comprehend That IS Can't Be Appeased

There's a demo in the Netherlands next week by a group of Muslims, that will protest IS, as well as...Israel! There's also a demo tomorrow in The Hague. The organizers underline it's not so much against the evil of IS, as it is pro Christians. These are after all Christians, and they still haven't learnt that evil must simply be destroyed. It can't be subdued or appeased. (Source) There's one American pastor who gets it! Update: pictures here.

Aug 14, 2014 Iraqi Kurdish MP from the ancient Yazidi faith, Vian Dakhil, gave a very emotional appeal in the Iraqi Parliament .

For decades now various Christian denominations have been taken over by pseudo Marxist morality. Personal charitas was outsourced to the state in the form of Government aid and subsidies, which is a theological impossibility. Personal responsibility for salvation of the soul has been undermined by the Leftist notion of man as a slave and a victim without free will. It's a far cry from what Christianity in essence should be. A Pope who was known to disagree with this Marxist heresy was sidelined and for the first time in centuries a Pope abdicated the throne of St. Peter, to be replaced by a Left leaning cleric not unsympathetic to liberation theology. In other words, the Churches are as demoralized as our political leaders. But, there is nothing like pure, unadulterated evil to reset the moral compass: genocide on Christians and other minorities in the Middle East. Is the tide turning?

Aug. 10, 2014

Dutch Parliament Votes Against Investigation of Genocide on Christians

In case you think this is overstating the matter, the Dutch parliament voted last Wednesday against so much as investigating the genocide on Christians in the Middle East. Not about support, or fighting against it! No, against an investigation: they do not even want to know, just in case they will have to do something about it. These people are morally bankrupt. (Source (Dutch)). Just one caviat to avoid misunderstandings: the operative word here isn't Christians; it's genocide and the culture of Enlightenment that is in existential danger.

Aug. 9, 2014

Why the West Is Tolerating the Genocide of Christians

We are having trouble understanding our own ethics. So let's analyse them once again.

West to Christians in Middle East: Drop Dead! 

Oikofobia: down with us!
Postmodernists see Christianity as a fundamental part of what they call the Western 'power structure'. But strangely, the fact, that Christians are an oppressed, powerless minority in the Middle East, is not enough to warrant their protection. These minorities have become invisible, because religion is rightly seen as a personal matter that does not constitute a group identity. So the West has developed a blind spot for the genocide on Christians. This is flagrant hypocrisy. But this view is starting to make sense if the aim isn't the protection of minorities against those in power, but the destruction of the Western power structure itself. Religious minorites in the Middle East (other than Muslims in the West) simply do not exist as a group. They can quite literally, drop dead.

But there's another aspect to this genocide to which Christianity itself has contributed like no other: the morality of altruism. If Christianity is an inherent constituent of the 'power structure', then Christians are 'we'. According to Augustine (an early, very influential Church Father) and the pietist Kant (whose philosophy is essential to postmodern thought), every hint of self interest renders a moral act outside of the realm of acceptable ethics. According to Just War Theory the West is only allowed to use force for altruistic reasons: this is why 'missions' have the character of humanitarian interventions and has the UN the 'Responsibility to Protect'. Even self defense is allowed exclusively in the interests of 'the other'. Western toleration of the genocide of Christians is from this perspective the ultimate consequence of the morality of altruism. This shows how perverse this ethical code actually is.

Rules For Radicals
According to this perverse moral code the Good, in order to be good, must allow itself to be slaughtered. In cultural terms this leads to the implicit idea that is prevailing all over the Western world, typefied as 'down with us', producing a culture that is actively conspiring towards its own destruction! The Dutch Conservative intellectual Thierry Baudet coined the term oikofobia (fear of its own home, or fear of itself) for this phenomenon. It is the ultimate milch cow for cultural Marxists. American agitator Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, exploits the idea in his rule number 4 reading: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. So we do not protect our own interests, we don't protect 'our own' (Christians), and we don't protect our own citizens, but we do do wage wars on behalf of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. The terror masters Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran should have been held to account for their actions, but instead we hamper the Western entity in the Middle East - Israel - when that country is defending its citizens against aggression, and repeatedly warn of 'proportionality', another piece of moral junk from the thinkers of Just War Theory. Wars are waged to defeat the enemy; not to reach a stand off that guarantees another round of war when the aggression starts all over again.

This moral code is a senseless perversion of the Good, of self defense, and of reason and morality. And it is needlessly costing the lives of soldiers, citizens, and now entire populations, some of which with histories going back thousands of years. They survived the ravages of time, but will they survive the destructiveness of postmodern ethics?

Aug. 8, 2014

Chaldean Spokesman: "IS Is Systematically Beheading Children"

Mark Arabo, national spokesman for “Ending Genocide in Iraq,” spoke with CNN about the decimation of the Christian community by ISIS in Iraq. ISIS captured the city of Sinjar, Iraq in fighting last weekend. Sinjar is located near the Syrian border on Mount Sinjar. The Islamic terrorists immediately replaced the local crucifix with an Islamic flag. (Source)

Aug 7, 2014 "Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst," said Mark Arabo, a Californian businessman and Chaldean-American leader.

Aug. 7, 2014

Christians Flee As IS Advances in Kurdistan

Thousands of Christians are reported to be fleeing after Islamic militants seized the minority's biggest town in Iraq.

The Islamic State (IS) group captured Qaraqosh in Nineveh province overnight after the withdrawal of Kurdish forces. An international Christian organisation said at least a quarter of Iraq's Christians were leaving Qaraqosh and other surrounding towns. IS has seized large parts of Iraq and Syria to create an Islamic caliphate. Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga, have been fighting the Sunni militants' advance in the north for weeks. In a separate development, the United Nations says it has rescued some of the thousands of people trapped by IS militants in mountains near the town of Sinjar. Up to 50,000 members of the Yazidi religious minority fled there after IS overran Sinjar at the weekend. The French organisation Fraternite en Irak said on its Facebook page (in French) that a majority of inhabitants of Nineveh escaped when the militants took over Qaraqosh and surrounding towns. As many as 100,000 people are believed to be fleeing toward the autonomous Kurdistan Region. (Source) (More)

July 28, 2014

Docu about the plight of the Christians in Iraq produced by Deutsche Welle.  

Jewish Schindler Rescues Middle East Christians

July 26, 2014

Forgotten Genocides: Kashmir and Bangladesh

July 25, 2014

Muslims Cleanse 60,000 Christians in Philippines

July 22, 2014

Iraqi Christians: Raped, Murdered & the West Is Silent

For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It's a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about. Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) rode into town, their faith has been forced underground. Bells have been silenced, the hijab enforced with bullets. Tens of thousands fled after being offered an unattractive choice: convert, pay a religious tax, or be put to the sword. The levy was unaffordable. According to one local news agency, Isis troops entered the house of a poor Christian and, when they didn’t get what they wanted, the soldiers raped the mother and daughter in front of their husband and father. He committed suicide out of grief. (Source)