Sunday, July 20, 2014

Absurd Misinformation and Propaganda About MH17

In the Netherlands the Left and the Right are united in moral outrage over the downing of flight MH17 by cronies of President Putin in the breakaway east of the Ukraine. But for the Left this hawkish tone is highly untypical. What's going on?

Presser by Dutch PM Mark Rutte: handling of the aftermath of the crash by Kozak separatists is disrespectful and disgusting. 

A stupid accident is much more likely, but the 'international community' is operating from a narrative of design. Why this escalation? The amount of misinformation and war propaganda from all sides is prolific. We will stop providing updates until such time that demonstrable facts become available; or a party involved breaks its narrative, signalling an ideological shift of importance.

On the Right there are justified calls to make Putin clear just where he's getting off with his reconstituted, nationalistic Soviet Union. But what the Right doesn't seem to understand (at least in the Netherlands) is that the West by design has been weakening itself. Obama is cutting 'evil America' down a notch, and the traditional European powers have made themselves irrelevant through the EU policy of mutual dependency. The Netherlands has no armed forces to speak of. What is left has been deployed to (temporary) EU Battle Groups. (Source). The call from the Right is in fact a call for war against reality.

The narrative is different on the Left and it is a break with the usual blind appeasement and pacifism. Behind this is a morality of covert, yet unadulterated racism. The same that was at work during the Balkan Wars against Serbia.

Waging war against white, Christian Slavonics is intended to show that the war against Al Qaeda isn't rooted in racism: look, we also attack 'our own' people! It explains the position of presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. (Source)

An illustration of the fake outrage by NGOs, media, and other operatives of the tranzies. Do you see these scenes anywhere else in the world?

To these postmodern babies with razors acquired religion is the same as inherent race, at least when it serves political expediency. (Source)

That is why Assad, the Mullahs of Iran and the Golf Arabs have been getting away with a lot worse than the accidental downing of a civilian airliner and is the fake rage against the Russians reaching levels of absurdity.

The editors are all in support of eliminating dangerous, premodern violators of individual rights. But on the right grounds, in the correct context and rooted in reality.