Monday, February 22, 2016


The ex con Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a.k.a. Caliph Ibrahim and his orc gangs of the Islamic State are setting the Middle East on fire. As the world is finally getting serious about striking the ISIS capital in Syria, their eye has fallen on Libya as a new base its operations. It's closer to Europe, but there are problems. 


Nov. 30, 2016


Sirte is much closer to western Europe than ISIS's territory in Syria and Iraq.

As western countries ramp up strikes against ISIS's de-facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, the terrorist group is looking to Libya as a potential back-up option at which to base its operations, according to The New York Times. While ISIS (also known as the Islamic State) has other affiliates throughout Africa and the Middle East that have pledged their allegiance to its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group's branch in Sirte is the only one that ISIS central leadership directly controls. The Wall Street Journal reports that ISIS leaders in Libya have reportedly adopted a slogan that reflects Sirte's heightened profile within the jihadist organization: "Sirte will be no less than Raqqa." The Sirte affiliate is also much closer to western Europe than ISIS's territory in Syria and Iraq (...) (Source)

Aug. 30, 2015

Islamic State and Islamic Republic Vying For Cruelty

Islamic State is deconstructing the Middle East. As good Muslims they are emulating the Prophet Mohammed as closely as possible. But their counterparts in Islam, the Shia forces served by Iran, are no less inhumane in their treatment of apostates and unbelievers. 

UPDATE: The forces of the Islamic State and the Islamic Republic of Iran are vying each other for cruelty and inhumanity. Western politicians are quite detached about it, forgetting how their own policies have been responsible in the matter. The current refugee crisis is certainly of their making. But suddenly no one is interested in the "Responsibility to Protect". Oh and Christianity is a choice...

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