Monday, May 19, 2014


The documentary Euromania shows the producer, Peter Vlemmix on his quest to discover the real story of the European Union. It shows what happens to people and countries caught up in its entanglements

Free democracies are transformed into fiefdoms in which an oligarchy determines the course of history. Peter Vlemmix YT channel



May 13, 2014

You can now watch "Euromania" on demand

Show respect for intellectual property! Watch "Euromania" for $4.99 on Vimeo

May 12, 2014

The Future of Europe May Depend on "Euromania"

Just ten days prior to the decisive election for the European Parliament on May 22 a documentary premiered in Amsterdam that may just shift the vote in favour of anti EU parties. After a production time of 18 months completed just half an hour before the screening, the sympathetic and down to earth film maker, Peter Vlemmix showed his documentary "Euromania" to an interested audience, which included Daniƫl van der Stoep and a number of other candidates for the Dutch anti EU Artikel 50 party. Also present was whistle-blower Paul van Buitenen whose intrepid actions once caused the resignation of the entire European Commission. Van Buitenen has been suffering the consequences ever since.

In Euromania, financed through crowdfunding platform CineCrowd, Peter Vlemmix is looking from an objective point of view how the European Union actually works. Vlemmix did a hell of a job in which he takes on the work of the media, that are covering the news emanating from Brussels without criticism and as superficially and selectively as possible. The docu is an exercise in realism that shows a different side of Brussels than the usual EU cheerleading in the mainstream media. The scene featuring the journalist and euro propagandist Chris Ostendorf by the way is epic.

The film shows us the growing power of the European Union and extrapolates what the future may hold; it lists the competences the Netherlands has already lost to the uncontrollable EU institution. Promises as peace, democracy and security, "It's a scam!" It's one huge swindle, an EU interlocutor is asserting.

Emotions in the audience were palpable during the debate after the screening, participated in by the filmmaker himelf, the controversial journalist Chris Aalberts and the Turkish candidate, the EP official Nejra Kalkan. As is customary in debates with europhiles, the latter lacked legitimate arguments and practical examples to properly rebut the criticism of her masters.

Euromania should go viral in order to reach the widest possible exposure. This award-winnable docu might well make the difference on election day, May 22. The running time of the film is one hour and is screened at De Balie Debating Center in Amsterdam until May 14.

Candidate for the Artikel 50 Party

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