Monday, April 28, 2014

Crocodile Tears Over Condemned Muslim Brothers

The media are oozing implied indignation over 683 Muslim Brotherhood defendants condemned to death today by an Egyptian Court. Among them kingpin Mohamed Badie

On Aug. 14, 2013 followers of the Muslim Brotherhood stormed the Kerdasa police station and massacred everyone in the building. 

The transnational elite and their lapdog media are oozing indignation over 683 Muslim Brotherhood defendants condemned to death today by an Egyptian Court. (Source) They have been trying to pass off the Muslim Brotherhood as the acceptable, 'moderate' and 'democratic' arm of Islamism. Surely some believed their own propaganda, as usual. But this idea always was a horrible mistake. Country after country in the Middle East succumbed to the so-called Arab Spring, which was nothing but a covert operation to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power. 

Turkey is sliding incrementally into an obscure, crypto Islamic dictatorship under PM Erdogan; Syria is the bloody battle ground between Sunni and Shia Islam; Libya has become a failed state and will not recover in the foreseeable future; Tunisia and Egypt escaped the pit of hell by a hair's length. These countries owe their plucky populations eternal gratitude for saving the nation in the nick of time. 

It is not that long ago since the 'international community' at last woke up to their folly and abandoned their courtship of the MusBro, sort of. It is probably the major foreign policy stupidity committed by the Obama administration. But since we have another 1,000 days to go, who knows what's still in the works. Ukraine has the potential of surpassing even the Arab Spring debacle. 

Just how evil the reign of Morsi in Egypt was we can understand in retrospect on the Live Blogs. A few of the headlines:

Security Forces Clear MusBro 'Sit Ins'
Document Links MusBro to Torched Churches
Why the Media Is Not Reporting What's Happening in Egypt
Score After MusBro Day of Rage
Terror leader calling for Jihad Against the State
MusBro Egypt Name Interim Supreme Leader
Saudis Warn West Over Stance on Egypt
White House Jokes About Worst Anti Christian Violence in 700 Years
Home Minister Survives Bomb Attack
Dozens Dead After Pro Morsi Protests
Egypt: Muslim Brothers Sign Pact With Al Qaeda

And that's just from part II. In short, these evil terrorists are getting everything they deserve. These people are ruthless criminals whose hands are dripping with the blood of victims who were killed for no other reason than that they opposed their evil designs to through back the country to the level of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran.

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