Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shame and Scandal at the Nuclear Summit NSS2014

A couple of nice pictures in the foreign press, and that's all there's to say about the ludicrous show of force that is the NSS2014. And a Dutch government that has conducted itself shamefully in the process


March 24, 2014

Dutch Foreign Minister Has Boy Crush on Obama

UPDATE: The landscape had a surreal quality this morning. There were less living creatures in evidence than on a Sunday morning. The usual traffic jams were non existent and commuters instead decided to work from home or had taken the day off. Tomorrow, the second day of the summit, may be another matter,

Half way through the morning the Obama descended from Heavens on the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. After which the adoring press corps experienced a collective orgasm. The Foreign Minister (in the picture above) may have had a boy crush not unlike Chris Matthews' a few years ago: looks like the thrill up his leg perhaps went to his head. 

March 23, 2014

The Nuclear Summit Has Lost All Credibility

The first Nuclear Security Summit, an initiative of the Obama administation, was held in Washington in 2010. The follow up took place in Seoul in 2012. Trifecta is descending currently on the Netherlands, with the city of The Hague in the epicenter. The summit is taking place on Monday and Tuesday. Civil society is put on hold for five days in a row.

The Hague is the seat of the Government and it is the residence of the King. It also houses the International Court of Justice and the ICC. The recent Afghanistan Summit also took place here. In short, the city knows what it's talking about. This is nothing like anything it has seen before. It's like World War 3 is on the verge of breaking out.

Who believes this is about nuclear armament had better think again. Putin isn't even coming. Russian state television recently threatened to turn the US into a smoldering heap of nuclear ashes, but readjustment of the balance of nuclear power is not on the agenda. Since the demise of the Soviet Union part of the weapons arsenal, including nuclear stuff, was pilfered. If terrorists wanted to make use of the material they could have done so decades ago. 

Ukraine's security is (more or less) guaranteed by the Russians, the British and the Americans in the Memorandum of Budapest, but we now know the value of such agreements. It's not worth the paper it is writtten on. Iran and North Korea are rogue states with nuclear capabilities and therefore worthy of consideration. But that's not what this summit is about. 

In the light of the above one is wondering what warrants such an imposition on the citizens' lives. Shops and businesses have been closed down without a dime of compensation. Article 1 of the Constition has been suspended to accommodate the niceties of Muslim Arabs (yesterday's log). In short, rights are being violated without so much as by your leave.

This is the mindset of the New World Order: Governments do not serve citizens, citizens are subjects of the Government and their duty is to serve them. The host country and this summit have lost all credibility. The main partner isn't attending, while the most pressing subjects are not even on the table.

In the background, Obama Hotel..

March 22, 2014

Organization Shows Dhimmi Mindset

The world is adjusting itself to Islamic social requirements. Gender segregated swimming has long been accepted. Sexual discrimination is going mainstream and is now even protocol

After three feminist waves the world's leaders are legitimizing sexual discrimination. This is against the Dutch Constitution. We are waiting for official complaints from feminist organizations (if they are not too busy with Geert Wilders' generalization).

UPDATE: Jean Paul Wijers, CEO of the Protocolbureau, involved in the organization of the summit commented as follows: "World leaders from Islamic countries are well aware the West has other social norms. They normally adjust to these circumstances. But the host country, the Netherlands, is very small and it is used to comply to the requirements of bigger countries. We want to do everything just right". He also thinks the organization chose for the men only policy to limit the distractions to the world leaders". (Source (Dutch)) (Close up)

The idea that somehow the rule of law should be suspended to accommodate the prevailing etiquette of the New World Order is ludicrous and typical for the current state of mind.

There's a Dutch language form available for online complaints to law enforcement. This a serious breech of Article 1 of the Constitution.

Self Islamization and Discrimination

During the Nuclear Security Summit #NSS held on March 24 and 25 in The Hague (Netherlands) the world's leaders will not be served by female personnel. The company that caters for the summit is employing exclusively men. The director, Hans van der Linde has admitted as much. He stresses it was his own decision: ,,We were not prohibited from hiring female servants. But the guidelines prescribed 'unity' and that service must be inconspicuous. We could have opted for women only, but our choice for males has its advantages." Van der Linde is hinting at the fact that a number of Islamic leaders will attend luncheon, but he avoided any specificity. (Source)

List of attendants from the Enlighted, democratic participating countries