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Dec. 26, 2014

Turkish Court Returns Bribes With Interest

It started as a kissing protest and became a movement against crypto Muslim Brother Erdogan's desecularization program and Islamic authority. Islamization continuous unabated with no end in sight. Erdogan and his 'democratic' Islamists have the West completely fooled.

Last year on 17 and 25 December a corruption scandal broke that resulted in the resignation of four of the Erdogan's ministers. Last week the court decided to return the money that was seized by police to those involved in the corruption scandal, ministers and an Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, who is doing black trade between Iran and Turkey. The suspects, Zarrab, a bank CEO and a son of one of the ministers received the money back in brief cases. (Source) H/t and comments by @TaninKendal

Dec. 16, 2014

Comprehensive Report on Free Expression in Turkey

Dec. 14, 2014

Rivalry between Islamists Kills Liberties in Turkey

Here's some background information on this situation in Turkey, by @TaninKendal:
It was Gulen's followers who uncovered the corruption of Erdogan and his ministers last year on 17 and 25 December. Just 3 days before the anniversary Erdogan is hitting back. But the way the police raided the newspaper ZAMAN, was just like SS raiding some other political organizations that did not support the Nazis. I surely do not support Gulen Islamists, but what has happened today in Istanbul could only take place in a dictatorship of Erdogan's Islamofascist regime. The Chief Editor of the newspaper ZAMAN is Ekrem Dumanli's @DumanliEkrem I am absolutely sure, Mr Dumanli himself now accepts that it was a mistake that they wholeheartedly supported the tyrant in Ankara for nearly a decade. Over the last two years conflicts started between them. Some years ago the tyrant was addressing Gulen in a poetic way, expressing friendly feelings and saying how much he was missing him. F. Gulen is currently a resident of Pennsylvania. Some years ago, Erdogan wanted Gulen to return to Turkey as respected man and maybe Erdogan would "kiss" Gulen's hands. Erdogan still wants Gulen back, but this time to send him behind the bars. It is not a struggle for democracy, but a conflict of interests. However, as I said it's also about 'freedom of expression' and what they have done today in Istanbul, raiding ZAMAN newspaper, is something that can only happen in a bloody fascist regime !! 
Hat tip to @TaninKendal for the colorful background information.

Erdogan Kills the Freedom of the Press in Turkey

Today Erdogan cracked down like a down of bricks on his rival, the Gulen movement. What do we care about this war between mystics? Well, the freedom of religion is already non-existent in the country; but the freedom of the press is now going the same way. The allies in the West do not want to cut Turkey loose, but how long is this position tenable?

Dec. 8, 2014

EU Continues Accession Talks With Turkey

If the proof that Turkey has been actively supporting IS is overwhelming, the EU couldn't care less. The former Communists were today in Turkey vowing to continue accession talks. From the geopolitical perspective the idea to cut Turkey loose, is unthinkable! So European tax payers continue to support the islamization of the 'secular' country, while the 'illegal occupation' of northern Cyprus remains unresolved.

It is by the way small wonder that Erdogan is behaving like a maniac who's intouchable. He is!

Fooling democrats! "Democracy is like a train. When you get to your destination, you get off." ~~Erdogan. 

Bilal Erdogan, son of Tayyip of Turkey, dinner guest of the boys of ISIS, as they were called at the time.

Dec. 7, 2014

Islamization of Education in Turkey Continues

The retrograde islamization of 'secular' Turkey is going on unabated. Not items you'd see in international outlets, but it's happening at a accelerated pace. A few examples:
After adopting a proposal to increase the duration of religious education schooling and recommend compulsory Ottoman language classes, a committee of Turkey’s National Education Council has accepted a proposal to abolish a class that teaches tourism students how to serve alcoholic beverages. (Source) Also, Erdogan vows to impose 'Arabic' Ottoman lessons in school. (Tweet)

Nov. 25, 2014

The Mystical Sultan, Erdogan

Yesterday Erdogan held a speech at a women's conference in Istanbul where he pointed out that on the basis of religion -- i.e. Islam -- men and women are not equal. The spin some Western media put on the religious roots of his claim is remarkable. The BBC sanitized all references to religion. (Source) Perhaps more media followed the BBC's example, prompting one astroturfer to comment:

Our Turkish speaking commentator has the following:
After a few sentences Islamist Erdogan comes to business, the point stated in the Quran and by all Islamic clergy: "Islam has given a position to women, the position of motherhood". Islam has also given a second position to women that of 'heaven under their feet'. Erdogan explains that feminists reject motherhood. But that isn't of interest, because the women he cares about, don't. This makes it clear that his source is religious and what is stated in Islam, tells us that men and women are not equal in any sense. Woman's main task in society is reproduction. Full text in Turkish.  
Well, there it is. "Our religion [Islam] has defined a position for women [in society]".
Erdogan's weird claims are in the news almost on a daily basis. Over the weekend it was Muslim sailors who reached the New World about 300 years before Columbus and even spied the ruins of a mosque on the Cuban coast. (Source) Today the mystical Sultan Erdogan claims that it makes no difference whether laws are good or bad, because as by magic a good or a bad Sultan makes them so. (Source) After yesterday's references to his mother's feet ("I would kiss my mother’s feet because they smelled of paradise") we can safely say, the man is not only a creep, but also stark, raving mad!

Nov. 22, 2014

Turkish Professor Says Death Camps 'Ready Soon'

The extent of antisemitism in Turkey is taking scaring proportions. It is obviously now used as a political tool in the hands of the Islamist leadership.

Oct. 15, 2014


Sep. 16, 2014

Turkey Would Welcome Muslim Brotherhood

Sep. 14, 2014

Turkey, an Unwilling Ally in the War on IS

Key gateway through the black oil market is the southern corridor of Turkey. Targeting the IS smuggling network has proved a major challenge, and so far the Turkish authorities have been unwilling to cooperate.

Sep. 13, 2014

Turkey, Recruiting Ground For the Caliphate

Aug. 25, 2014

Report: IS is already threatening Christians in Turkey

The Netherlands is withdrawing its patriot installation from the Adana region in Turkey. It always was a bit of kabuki theater, meant to create the perception that Turkey is on the side of the angels. Now that IS has declared the Caliphate - with the covert assistance of Turkey - the game has changed. (Bron) A Dutch Parliamentarian meanwhile has tweeted a report he received from a Syrian Orthodox group that IS is already in south eastern Turkey and the Erdogan Government is not putting any obstacles in its way.

A Orthodox Syrian group is reporting that the IS flag has already been spotted in south eastern Turkey in the vicinity of the last few Christian villages:
An commentator expects Turkey to raise objections to Washington taking the Kurdish PKK off the list of terrorist organizations. This is because they support the Al Qaeda aligned Nusra group against Assad.

Background analysis

Severe confrontations with riot police during protests in Istanbul. The resistance has spread to Ankara and Izmir

Erdogan's riot police are cracking hard on the protests 

The protests started in against the plans of the regime to turn the Derim Gezi Park on Taksim Square (hashtag #DirenGeziParki) into a shopping mall. This symbolic location is the heart of modern Turkey. It houses the monument of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Anıtı) commemorating the founding in 1923 of the modern, secular republic by Ataturk after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. 

The protests are fueled by the growing distaste in Turkey for the ever expanding Islamic dictatorship of the AK party of Prime Minister Erdogan, according to commentators an attempt to reinstate Turkish hegemony in the region, leading eventually to a Neo Ottoman Caliphate under Turkish rule. There is reason to assume Erdogan has the blessings of his friend and ally, Barack Obama, whom he recently visited

What started this time last week as the kissing protest - "(Update) Islamisten steken kussende koppels neer", has now become the beginning of a revolt! A comment on the site of CNN says it all:
"Please CNN get over here and show the world what is going on! We are oppressed! The governing party silenced the press. They can't write, they can't talk, everything is censored... Gezi Parki became the symbol of every one who stands against corruption and oppression. With new laws and regulations Turkey is on the brink.. We don't want to become another Iran".
Where are the atheists, the left, the freethinkers, the anarchists, the gay movement, the feminists, the seculars? Where is the press, the media? Their self censorship is a slap in the face of the brave Turkish resistance. Everyone is bowing for the terror of Islam.

Said press in the meanwhile plays lapdog to Erdogan's damage control: sure, it's about 'excessive building activities', 'trees', it's about 'a shopping mall'. 

The regime is cracking down harshly. Eye witnesses say they have never in their lives seen this much tear gas being used in Istanbul. Protesters were dusted with pepper spray from close range, they were hit by tear gas canisters and blown off their feet by water canons.

This is evidently not a protest against a shopping mall, but resistance against Erdogan's wave of islamization. Proof is the fact that hundreds of people have stormed the parliament in Ankara. The riot police cracked down severely

According to human rights organizations hundreds of people were wounded yesterday. Press agency Dogan reported at least 81 arrests. 

Erdogan just stated in a reaction that the construction plans for Taksim Square will continue.

Yet there was a bit of success against the Islamists' coup against the modern, secular state: on Friday afternoon a Judge ruled that preparations for the construction activities  must stop.

Ottoman pomos, fez hats, raunchy outfits and a lot of moustache at the Turkish pavillion at the Parisian trade show.

The Economy Ministry has issued a statement denying any involvement in the postmodern, orientalist, raunchy, stereotypically Ottoman pavilion, saying the controversial activities were held by the main organizers of the fair and outside the knowledge of the Turkish representatives. Turkey’s Economy Ministry has vowed to pursue the punishment of those responsible for an “orientalist”-toned organization held at the Turkish pavilion in a Parisian textile fair, describing the activities as an “assault on Turkish culture.” The pavilion’s use of clichéd figures such as a belly dancer and men wearing fez hats and smoking hookah at the “Who’s Next” trade show raised eyebrows over the weekend on social media. The show opened at Paris’ Expo Porte de Versailles on July 4, in partnership with Turkey’s Association of Textile Exporters and Clothing, Istanbul (ITKIB) for the Spring/Summer 2015 season, in celebration of Turkish design. (Source)

July 5, 2014

Turkish Trade Mission: a Postmodern Empire

And now for something completely different. Or is it?The Ottoman theme of course isn't just aesthetics. Erdogan has made no secret he is harking back to the good old days of Empire. So is everyone else: the Russians, the European powers and of course the Caliphate lovers themselves, the boys of the Islamic State. It's Neo Imperialism in a playful, ironic cover, the style of postmodernism. Trade is no game and it sure isn't capitalism in these guys' hands.
The Turkish pavillion at the Parisian trade show, Who’s Next, has raised some eyebrows with its orientalism and "neo-Ottoman tones." The show started in Paris’ Expo Porte de Versailles on July 4 in partnership with Turkey's ITKIB (the Association of Textile Exporters and Clothing, Istanbul) for the Spring/Summer 2015 season to celebrate Turkish design. The "Turkish Delight" theme can be seen at the exhibition until July 7, which is also applied across the exterior design of the trade show as part of the collaboration. Highlights include an exhibition featuring designers selected by the president of the Turkish designers association, according to the press release. The style of the "neo-Ottoman" references in the exhibition drew mix reactions on Turkish social media. "I couldn't recognize Turkey," daily Radikal columnist Can Gürses tweeted July 5. "Aren't you tired of associating Turkey with fez, dancers and nargile?" another user, @ciddiyet, tweeted, describing the exhibition as "tedious."

June 25, 2015

ASSIGNED READING: Turkey’s High-Risk Power Play

June 17, 2014


Welll, It's Bilal Erdogan, son of Tayyip of Turkey!

May 19, 2014

The Disaster Continues

May 15, 2014

Turkey Mine Disaster Sparks Huge Protests

April 11, 2014

Turkey is Developing a Thermobaric Warhead

The Turkish Vice Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has confirmed today that the Foundation for Youth and Education (TÜRGEV) received an amount of 99,99 million dollars between 2008 and 2012 from abroad. The VP is refusing to disclose the source. TÜRGEV has close ties to the Erdogan family. Arınç was responding to parliamentary questions posed by Sezgin Tanrıkulu of the main opposition party, CHP. Question asked was if he knew that a company related to the Saudi government has tranfered the amount in question to TÜRGEV. Arınç stated that TÜRGEV hasn't declared the transfer yet to the authorities. Legally the foundation has another two months to do so. (Source)

April 5, 2013

EU Outraged by Erdogan's Censoring the Media

What do these nitwits expect when you accept the Muslim Brotherhood as "partners for democracy"? It's a riot!

April 2, 2014

Social Media Innovation and Suppression in Turkey

As is usual in a dictatorship legitimized by democracy, after his election victory Erdogan declared war on the social media good and proper. The people are fighting back..

April 1, 2014

Erdogan thanks his victory to a cat

The AK Party, the Turkish chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood has won the municipal elections. You get what you deserve. The districts the AK was losing were in black out. The regime has exposed itself to utter ridicule by explaining this phenomenon, blaming a cat in a power distribution sub station. Protests erupted again at once.

March 30, 2014

Erdogan is demonizing the social media

Zeynep has a sensible analysis of Erdogan's blocking of the social media: he's demonizing the media in the hope people will morally reject them. Good job!

27 maart 2014

Leak Reveals False War Plans, Turkey Closes YouTube

A day after a Court hands down a verdict calling Erdogan's ban of Twitter unlawful, the regime closes YouTube in reaction to an audio leak that reveals the Turkish Intelligence Chief and FM planning a false flag operation to start a war with Syria. (Transcript).

March 26, 2014

Turkish Court Orders Twitter Ban Unlawful

The Erdogan regime has banned Twitter, but it isn't working out as expected. They've made a desperate effort to control the judiciary, but apparently to no avail. A court today has ordered the Twitter ban to be lifted, which must be done within 30 days.

March 23, 2014

Turks Fight Back at Erdogan Twitter Shut Down

March 21, 2014


Erdogan has closed down Twitter. Ostensibly because of some 'porn,' but no one believes that. Not everyone sees the relationship with Islam here. It's like this: Islam has no separation of powers. No division of Mosque and State, but also no division between the private, the sacred and the secular realms. The judiciary is independent no longer in Turkey. The secular watch dog, the military, has been emasculated while the EU applauded. And now the regime has blocked Twitter, but it's backfiring spectacularly..

March 16, 2014

Erdogan of Turkey's Top 15 Insults to Turkish People

While we thought Venezuelan President Maduro was doing well in the verbal combat sparring match of global diplomacy, and of course Russian President Vladimir Putin holds the lead in proclaimed "despotism", it is the corruption-probe bedraggled Prime Minister of Turkey that is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the world's leaders in his insults. As Zaman reports, not a day goes by when Erdogan does not spew forth some insult-infused speech to rally his cheering supporters and here are his Top 15... 1. Perverts. 2. Atheists, terrorists. 3. Bloodsucking vampires. 4. Journalists with dog collars. 5. Girl or woman? 6. Assassins. 7. Worse than Shia. 8. Leech worms. 9. Tumor. 10. Criminal gang. 11. Childless. 12. I suspect of their faith. 13. Insidious viruses and parasites. 14. Burn in Hell. 15. Piss off. (Source)

March 12, 2014

Feb. 28, 2014

How the Turkish People Are Dealing With Censorship

Febr. 26, 2014

Erdogan Usurps the Independent Judiciary

Feb. 25, 2014

Erdogan Denies Tape Gate Scandal

Turkey PM says incriminating tapes are fake amid growing phone-tapping scandal. In the recordings two people alleged to be Mr Erdogan and his son are heard discussing means of getting rid of large amounts of cash. The office of Turkey's prime minister has said that recordings of allegedly wiretapped conversations between the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his son - leaked onto the internet and suggesting corruption - were fabricated. In recent weeks, several voice recordings of conversations allegedly involving MrErdogan, his children, aides or businessmen have been circulating on the internet. In the latest recordings leaked on Monday, two people alleged to be Mr Erdogan and his son are heard discussing means of getting rid of large amounts of cash from their home. The conversations allegedly took place Dec. 17, the day that sons of three Cabinet ministers were detained as part of a vast corruption investigation. Media reports said Mr Erdogan met with Turkey's intelligence chief soon after that tape began to circulate on the internet and that his office later issued a statement saying that the recordings were "immorally" fabricated and "totally unreal." It said the prime minister would take legal action against the recordings. Turkey's main opposition party held an emergency meeting to discuss the latest leaked recording and called on Mr Erdogan to resign, insisting that his government had lost its legitimacy. (Source)

Febr. 16, 2014

Tens of Thousands March Against Erdogan

Tens of thousands of people staged a mass protest against the Turkish government in Istanbul on Sunday. The "Justice for Turkey" protest attracted tens of thousands of people who marched on the Asian side of Istanbul. Sunday's demonstration is the largest protest to take place in the country since corruption charges were filed against the sons of three cabinet ministers in a high-profile graft case that began in December. The crowds chanted against the prime minister, shouting "Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the thief," while demanding the resignation of his government. The demonstration, which started at around 2:30 p.m. local time (GMT 1230), was organized by some influential members of Turkish civil society, including the Fenerbahce soccer team, doctors and lawyers groups. Protesters gathered in Saskinbakkal, which is located at beginning of the most popular street on the Asian side of Turkey, Bagdat Street, and routed their march toward the Fenerbahce stadium. (Source)

Febr. 7, 2014

Erdogan Clamps Down on the Internet

“The Great Leader Erdogan” now resembles the late Chairman Mao Zedong because he dictates from high. At least Mao had the excuse of ruling a one-party-state because of the enormous traumas that engulfed China. However, modern day Turkey is going in the wrong direction because “The Great Leader Erdogan” insists on dictating to all Turkish nationals. (...) Not surprisingly, the new internet law in Turkey was rubber stamped by the parliament based on the power of Erdogan’s ruling party. After all, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) controls this institution based on having 319 seats out of 500 seats.

“The Great Leader Erdogan” is now sitting happy because an open internet meant that his reputation was being tarnished. Therefore, the clampdown is another power mechanism being manipulated by Erdogan whereby power concentration is increased by the ruling AKP. The outcome of the anti-internet law means that the authorities can block websites at will without going through the legal process. Yes, another nail in the coffin of democracy in Turkey whereby “the modern” is being crushed from within. Internet providers are also requested to store all information and to provide this based on requests by the state apparatus – in other words, “Big Brother Erdogan.” (Source)

Jan. 16, 2014

Erdogan's coup has succeeded, for now

We can now safely conclude that Erdogan's civil coup has succeeded: 
Istanbul police have reportedly refused to comply with a prosecutor's order to carry out raids as part of a third corruption and bribery operation, several Turkish media outlets reported on Thursday. The investigation is reported to be supervised by prosecutor İbrahim Baytekin but İstanbul police officials refused to comply with the prosecutor's order. 
This is unreal! The prosecutor orders the arrest of some individuals, but the police simply refusing orders. This means the rule of law has been suspended. This is Turkey today: not the law, but individuals rule. (...) (Source, Dutch)

Jan. 7, 2014

Erdogan Demotes 350 Critical Officers to Traffic Duty

Turkey’s state-run news agency said some 350 police officers have been removed from posts in the capital Ankara, as the government continued to battle a corruption scandal that has ensnared former Cabinet ministers. Claiming that it is the target of a conspiracy, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has dismissed hundreds of police chiefs and officers since police launched raids targeting close Erdogan allies on December 17. He has alleged that followers of an Islamic movement led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen have infiltrated the judiciary and police and are using their powers to attack the government. The Anadolu Agency said the 350 were removed from posts Tuesday. The private Dogan news agency said they were reassigned to traffic departments or police stations outside the city. (Source)

Dec. 28, 2014

Erdogan Historical Video (1996): Democracy Is Means to an End

In this chilling speech in 1996 during the Muslim Arab Youth Association Conference in Toledo, Ohio Tayyip Erdogan explained how to manipulate democracy to pave the way towards an Islamic State governed by the laws of Sharia. As he explains his vision of the changing future, Erdogan reveals that for him democracy can never be a goal, rather, it can only be considered a useful tool, with which to re-shape a society from one that secular-democratic, to one that is Islamic. Since then, his political party through various interpretations of "democracy", arrested more than 16,000 thousand secular academics, journalists, scientists, and military officers. More recently his administration proposed certain changes to the Turkish Constitution where words like "democracy" and "secular" be removed.

This hair-raising video serves as a perspective on understanding the wave of changes occurring in during his administration. Erdogan mentioned the Paris Charter, all but forgotten (wiki). Notes about the video: the sound volume is very poor; requires volume to be set on maximum to be audible. English translation is available in Captions option in the bottom right corner of the screen. H/t @Slecht_Volk

Dec. 27, 2013

Mass Protests, Lira Collapses, Erdogan's Error

The latest headlines: Mass Protests, Lira Collapses, Erdogan's Fatal Error and of course this is an American-Israeli conspiracy...

Dec. 26, 2013

Erdogan Wants Total Control of Turkey

The corruption scandal in Turkey is spreading rapidly. Erdogan's son in now involved. There are protests in the major cities. Opposition against the Muslim Brotherhood authoritarian take over of the country is mounting. Erdogan has made a strategic mistake by taking on the very influential, religious Gulen movement. Much is at stake. Will Turkey, like Egypt, be able to stem the tide?

Protesters in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir demanding Erdogan steps down. It started last week when several AK Party figures and business men were arrested. Erdogan didn't lose time: dozens of police officials and prosecutors were dismissed. To his supporters the PM talked of conspiracies against the state (see log entry on Dec. 22). Three cabinet ministers resigned. One said he'd just followed Erdogan's orders. Prosecutors arrested even more suspects, one of which was Erdogan's son, Bilal. In countries under the rule of law the police have their own command structure. But not in Turkey: the newly appointed police brass refused orders and leaked the arrest orders to the government. Erdogan reshuffled his cabinet. Seven more ministers were replaced with party puppets. This is an attempt to break what is left of independent branches of power. Erdogan already controls the judiciary, the armed forces, education and sports. He now means to take over the prosecution services. (Source, includes video)

Dec. 22, 2013

Erdogan Implies Expulsion of US Embassador

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has implied to expel US Ambassador to Ankara for his alleged remarks regarding a major graft probe in which four ministers face allegations of bribery and wrongdoing, and the state bank Halkbank is accused of links to suspicious money transactions and gold-smuggling from Iran. (Details)

According to a report appeared on the pro-government Yenişafak daily, the US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone told EU ambassadors in Ankara in a meeting on Dec. 17, the beginning of the graft probe, that the US had asked Turkey to cut Halkbank’s financial ties with Iran. (...)
Erdogan responds to everything by calling it a conspiracy. He locked up half the Turkish military and half the Kurds in the country on conspiracy charges. So naturally investigating his corrupt Islamist influence network is… a conspiracy. 
 “These recent days, very strangely, ambassadors get involved in some provocative acts. I am calling on them from here, do your job, if you leave your area of duty, this could extend into our government’s area of jurisdiction. We do not have to keep you [Ricciardone] in our country,” Erdogan told supporters in the Black Sea province of Samsun, implying to expel US ambassador. (Source)

Dec. 18, 2013

Erdogan, Picking Fights With the Neighbors and Big Trouble at Home

Double Drama in Turkey! Muslim Brother Erdo is getting from bad to worse! From picking fights with the neighbors to major trouble at home: 

Increasingly open neo-Ottoman imperialism from Erdogan, as Turkey rapidly re-Islamizes. "Turkish PM says territories of Balkan countries belong to Turkey (ROUNDUP)," from FOCUS News Agency, December 11 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Skopje. Greece rose to its feet as it reacted to comments made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the Turkish territory included the Greek part of Thrace, parts of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonian Utrinski Vesnik announced. “Thrace is Thessaloniki but at the same time it is Komotini and Xanthi,” Mr Erdogan said during a speech delivered as part of the campaign for next year’s local elections. “It is also Kardzhali [in Bulgaria] and the Vardar River. Going further back, it is Skopje, Pristina and Sarajevo.” Greece considered this statement anything else, but an expression of friendly attitude of a neighbouring country that Greece made attempts to overcome problems and establish partnership with. (Source)

Nov. 16, 2013

Erdogan: 'There Is No Country Named Cyprus'

On very, very small row over the forgotten occupation, that of Northern Cyprus:

The US State Department has distanced itself from recent comments by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that “there is no country named Cyprus. (...) Speaking on Sunday to Turkish-Cypriot daily Kibris on the conclusions of a meeting in Poland addressing Turkey's relations with the European Union, Erdogan said that the decision to include Cyprus in the bloc along with the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia and Malta in 2004, was politically motivated. “They did not admit them because they were in harmony with the EU laws. They admitted them in a political decision. I will give you an example of this. One of them is south Cyprus. Pay attention! They did not admit it as south Cyprus. They admitted it as Cyprus. There is no country named Cyprus. There is the local administration of south Cyprus,” Erdogan said. Erdogan's comments prompted a strong response from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The Turkish Prime Minister’s disputing the very existence of the Republic of Cyprus should finally awaken the international community as to Turkey’s true intentions regarding the Cyprus issue. Any further comment on this is superfluous,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Konstantinos Koutras said in an official statement on Monday. (Source)

Nov. 9, 2013

'Why is Erdogan Doing This?'

Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan has an interesting piece that is well worth a read. Check out also @MFS001's letter to an imaginary daughter

Both the opponent and the supporter are after a “rational” explanation; all of them are looking for an answer to this question: “Why is he doing this?” Everybody is trying to explain the situation based on their own temperament: - Those who take the risk of being stuck in clichés say this: “He is trying to change the agenda.” - Those who want to appear like they are masters of politics, say this: “He is trying to consolidate his base.” - Those who are keen on producing new theories, say this: “He is trying to provoke a Gezi-like incident to secure the Istanbul elections.” - Those who adopt a cynical attitude, say this: “Because he could not get anything out of the headscarf issue, he is trying to get something out of house raids.” - Those who are trying to talk about these lands as if nobody knows them, say this: “He wants to influence Anatolia; he wants to keep Anatolia in his palm.” None of this is true, none of it. (Source)

Oct. 28, 2013

Erdogan: 'Kosovo is Turkey, Turkey is Kosovo'

Can there be any doubt now whose work NATO and Slick Willy did when they bombarded Serbia into surrendering their heartland to the cause of greater Albania? 

"Do not forget that Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey is Kosovo," said Erdoğan, as he made the “Rabia” hand sign that has become synonymous with the anti-coup protests in Egypt, during an address in Prizren, where there is a significant Turkish population, on Wednesday. “Never forget that all of us are people of a shared history, culture and civilization; we are brothers and relatives to each other,” added the prime minister. Erdoğan's remarks were, however, received with skepticism by Serbia, which refuses to recognize Kosovo's independence and considers Kosovo the cradle of Serbian culture. 

"In the Republic of Serbia, such statements cannot be received as friendly. They depart from assurances that we get in contacts with Turkey's top officials,” said the Serbian Foreign Ministry statement, reported TANJUG. Turkey was one of the first countries to officially recognize Kosovo's independence from Serbia in early 2008 and some 90 other countries, including the US and 23 EU member countries, now also recognize the country's independence. "The town of Emperor Dusan (the greatest ruler of medieval Serbia) is probably the least appropriate place for such statements. Everyone in the world knows that Kosovo is a Serbian word and Serbia's territory, even those who have recognized that quasi-state," the statement added. (Source)

Oct. 25, 2013

Activist group FEMEN has opened a Chapter in Turkey (log on Oct. 25, 2013)

Environmentalism and Feminism vs Turkish Authority

Militant environmentalism and postmodern feminism against Islamic authority... whatever it takes!

Police used water cannons to disperse hundreds of demonstrators gathered Tuesday in Istanbul's main commercial street to protest the building of a road through a university forest in the Turkish capital city of Ankara. Protesters gathered in Istiklal Street and chanted anti-government slogans such as, "This is just the beginning, the resistance will continue," "A thousand greetings to the resistance," "Killer police will pay," and "Police go away, these streets are ours." The new round of protests in Istanbul erupted after the Ankara Municipality began cutting trees Friday in the Middle Eastern Technical University forest to make way for a highway development project. Police used their shields and water cannons to clear the main part of Istiklal Street, pushing protesters into side streets. "This is not a designated meeting area. Please clear the street," the police announced over loudspeakers. One protester was knocked to the ground by a water cannon and lost consciousness for several minutes. (Source)

Activist group FEMEN has opened a Turkey branch, announcing the news via its social media accounts accompanied by an image of a woman with a Turkish flag painted on her bare breasts. “We announce that FEMEN Turkey office is opened ! Join Güntülü, and fight for the democracy in your country,” said the group on its Twitter account on Oct. 25. (Source)

The Islamist Erdogan is no Ataturk: it is his legacy of the secular state that Erdogan means to destroy

Oct. 8, 2013

Turkey Enraged About Armenian Genocide Recognition

Islamic supremacists never, ever take responsibility for their own actions. The Turks are enraged because the Armenians are daring to tell the truth about what the Turks continue to deny. In a move that has surprised Turkey, the Armenian Church is going to proceed with the canonization of the victims of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish State in 1915, using Kurdish laborers for the massacres. The scientifically perpetrated genocide, is described by the Turkish historian Taner Akcam as "A shameful act " (the title of his book ). But the Ankara government has never recognized it and rejects the definition of "genocide". (Source)

Oct. 7, 2013

New Law Permits Monitoring, Detention of 'Suspected Protesters'

New regulations that will be conducted jointly by the justice and interior ministries will allow the police to detain a suspect who “may hold a protest” for up to 24 hours without any court decision while also increasing the penalties for resistance to police and damaging public property. The move to strengthen police powers was precipitated by the countrywide Gezi Park protests, which began at the end of May. Organizations which “tend to hold protests” will be monitored and their members could be detained by police if intelligence reports suggest they are planning to conduct a demonstration or action. (Source)

Sept. 10, 2013

The protests in Turkey have resumed. Among others the Taksim Square/Gezi Park activists have become active again:


Aug. 20, 2013

Erdogan, "Israel Is Behind the Coup in Egypt"

According to @ClaireBerlinski Erdogan is on the verge of declaring the main opposition party a terrorist organization

Erdogan has blamed the West for the violence of the MusBro in Egypt. In Today's Zaman he narrowed it down to Israel as far as the 'coup' is concerned. Word on Twitter has it that he's already walked down the accusation, claiming his Israel remark was translated incorrectly.

The Turkish prime minister has suggested that Israel is behind the military intervention in Egypt. “Israel is behind the coup in Egypt, we have evidence,” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told members of his party meeting in Ankara on Tuesday. He cited a French intellectual, without mentioning his name, who, according to Erdoğan, said in 2011 that the Muslim Brotherhood won't be in power even if they are elected because “democracy is not the ballot box.” Erdoğan stressed the Jewish identity of the French intellectual. Erdoğan has been a strong backer of Morsi as an example of a democratically elected Islamic leader. He is also one of the biggest critics of a coup that ousted Morsi from power. Israel's İstanbul Consulate released a statement on Tuesday, citing Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor's comment on Erdoğan's remarks on Israel. "This is one of those statements that is well worth not commenting on!" Palmor reportedly said. (Source)

Turkish police crash Taksim gezi park wedding party

Aug. 11, 2013

Erdogan, "Rejecting Ergenekon Ruling is a Crime"

There's no doubt who Erdogan exactly is. After he managed to draw the fangs of the army, the watch dog of the secular state, he's criminalizing the critics of the kangeroo trial! In his first comments on a recent Turkish court ruling that sentenced 19 individuals, mostly retired army top brass, to life sentences for alledgedly attempting to stage a coup, Erdoğan has said critics' statements rejecting the ruling constitute a crime. (Source)

Aug. 5, 2013

Turkish Foreign Policy is in Tatters: 'It's not our Fault'

Ankara likes to present many of its neighbors, including even Iran, as friends “despite few differences in opinion” but Turkish diplomats start accepting that ambitious Turkish foreign policy has largely backfired. Turkey is not talking to Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo, is having troubled relationships with Lebanon and Iran, and has failed to restore diplomatic ties with Israel and Armenia. Meanwhile, there is still long way to go to establish healthy relationships with Greece, Russia and the European Union at some point. This fact was also acknowledged by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, whose unprecedented diplomatic efforts to make the country what he often likes to call a “central state” in the region had long been hailed. “This is not our fault,” he frequently says to refer to severed ties between Turkey and many of its neighbors (Source)

Aug. 1, 2013

AK Party VP, "Protests Are Crimes Against Government"

Mehmet Ali Şahin, deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), said the “Gezi Park protests should be deemed a crime against the government and punished with life imprisonment. Şahin, referring to the Gezi Park protests said, the protesters aimed to oust the government. Therefore the protests must be assessed within the context of Turkish Penal Code [TCK] Article 312: “Crimes against government,” stipulates aggravated life imprisonment for people who attempt to overthrow or prevent the government from performing its duties. Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman and spokesman Haluk Koç, commenting on Şahin's statement in a press conference on Thursday, said, “Will you put half of Turkey in prison, Mr. Şahin?” 22 detained in various provinces linked to Gezi protests. (Source)

July 28, 2013

Erdogan Equates Gassing Citizens With Killing Terrorists

Erdogan has criticized the EU for not condemning the violent crackdown on demonstrators in Egypt, which resulted in dozens of deaths, strongly enough. He believes the EU’s stance on less violent Turkish protests was unfairly tough. Erdogan lashed out at the EU for too soft an approach towards the deaths of Egyptian protestors in comparison with its tough criticism of the use of tear gas by Turkish police to disperse the recent massive anti-government rallies. (Source)

27 juli 2013

Pregnant Women in Istanbul Protest Immorality Charge

Pregnant women gathered in Istanbul July 25 to protest the statements of a lawyer and Sufi thinker who said on state television that it was "disgraceful" for expectant women to show themselves in public. In Taksim Square and in Kadıköy on the Asian side, pregnant women and their husbands, who wore pillows under their t-shirts, defied Ömer Tuğrul İnançer's opposition to them "strolling around" by chanting "our bodies are ours" in two separate demonstrations. (Source).

Erdogan Wants to Sue The Times for Critical Letter

Erdogan is showing himself the Muslim Brotherhood dictator that he is. As we see what he's doing to the foreign press, watch what he's capable of with the media at home!

Turkey's prime minister has threatened legal action against a UK newspaper for publishing an open letter criticising his handling of recent protests. Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused The Times of "renting out its pages for money". Hollywood celebrities and academics were among those who signed the letter this week accusing Turkey's government of "dictatorial rule". (Source)

July 22, 2013

Istanbul Court Approves Destruction of Gezi Park

Istanbul’s administrative court gave a green light to demolish city’s Gezi Park, which was at the center of heated nationwide protests sparked by the decision to get rid of the park and turn it into a monument to the Ottoman Empire. The park has turned into a cradle of anti-government unrest since the protests began in late May. Protests quickly became violent as police used teargas and water canon to disperse protesters. The demonstrations, which went on throughout most of June, resulted in the death of four people and around 7,500 injured. A police officer has also died after falling from a bridge while in pursuit of fleeing protesters in Adana. An Istanbul administrative court overturned a lower court’s ruling to stop the Turkish government’s plan to redevelop Istanbul’s Gezi Park after the Culture and Tourism Ministry appealed the verdict. (Source)

July 13, 2013

Rounding Up Turkish Commies

According to anti Communist activist Trevor Loudon, members of the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) are being rounded up and arrested. Prosecutors yesterday called for the arrest of twelve activists in the ongoing struggle against construction of Taksim Gezi Park, including leaders of the Taksim Solidarity Platform, Turkish Communist Party (TKP) central executive board member Erkan Bas and TKP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamil Tekerek. Several other party members were taken into custody, as well as Taksim Solidarity Platform member Mücella Yapıcı, Istanbul Medical Chamber General Secretary Ali Çerkezoglu, members of the Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions, and members of the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions…

Citing a police report on documents seized from searches of the homes of the accused, the prosecutor claimed that “calls for thousands of people to gather in Taksim Square prepared the ground for the marginal groups’ provocations… They caused the injuries of hundreds of police officers and citizens and the calls continued despite these injuries.” The government… accuses the Turkish Communist Party of having masterminded the demonstrations. There were television commentators who claimed that “Communist protesters” had turned peaceful protests into “violent attacks that ruin social order.” This included an article in the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram Weekly, by Turkish broadcaster Aylin Kocaman, claiming that young demonstrators were susceptible to the taksim Gezi protests “because they have not been educated against the threat of communism.” (Source)

July 11, 2013

Morsi's Ouster Has Shaken Turkey's Erdogan

Another great Islamist champion of democracy is roaring! Erdogan said, "every military coup, regardless of its target, country or reason, is the murderer of the democracy, people and the future of the country." The fallacy is falling in fertile ground with the world's leftists.

Judging by the fierce anti-coup rhetoric coming from Turkey, the ouster of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president by military fiat has shaken Turkey’s own Islam-rooted leaders. Turkey’s ruling party invested much in Mohamed Morsi’s year-long rule, offering political support and loans and business deals worth $2 billion to Egypt’s first elected government, which it saw as a kindred ideological spirit and proof of the popular appeal of political Islam. “No matter where they are…coups are bad,” Mr. Erdogan said in televised remarks this week. “Coups are clearly enemies of democracy.” (Source)

July 10, 2013

Student Dies Of Injuries, 5th Fatality

19-year-old university student Ali Ismail Korkmaz has died, bringing the death toll in the unrest to five. He joined a rally on June 2 in the central Anatolian city of Eskisehir. He suffered a brain hemorrhage after unidentified assailants attacked him while he was fleeing from tear gas, the Dogan News Agency reported. (Source)

July 9, 2013

Weird Iftar on Taksim Square Amidst Police Cars 

July 9: Iftar dinner among the APCs

July 7, 2013

Epic photos documenting frontline streets of İstanbul during Gezi Park protests Stunning work from @peterson_scott


Hundreds of thousands of people flock to Kadikoy-Istanbul in massive anti-govt peace concert 

Turkish court has just released four machete-wielding men who attacked protestors yesterday.

July 6, 2013

Istanbul Bar Association reporting 44 arrests until 10:30PM LT. Eyewitnesses claim more. Report so far.

"Governor of Istanbul says the two men attacking protesters with machetes in Taksim have been arrested."

The first video shows an alleged AK enforcer attacking a protester with a sabre or a machete. The second video shows the same man cooperating with the riot police.

Police fired tear gas and water cannons at protesters gathering in Istanbul's Taksim Square as they united to enter Gezi Park. The Taksim Solidarity Platform, which encompasses a vast collective of political groups, organized the march, calling for protesters to retake the park. Istanbul’s governor had responded saying that any attempt to do so would be met with a police response. The demonstration had been scheduled for 7 p.m. local time.


The Taksim Solidarity Platform has called for a demonstration to "enter" Gezi Park today, while the governor of Istanbul warned that the protest would be unlawful and entail police intervention as no application has been made to the authorities. (Source)

June 30, 2013

Istanbul Lesbian and Gay Parade June 30, 2013, 17:18 LT

June 29, 2013

UPDATE: Here we go..

Tweets mention so far 15 protesters detained by plain clothes police. Water cannon presently appoaching chanting crowd on Taksim.

@IngriddeCaluwe Photo journalist donning gas mask as a precaution #Taksim


Thousands gathered again on Taksim Square angry over a court decision that released a police officer from custody pending his trial for the killing of a protester in Ankara. The protesters on Saturday also denounced the killing of a Kurdish demonstrator by paramilitary police in a mainly Kurdish town on Friday.

Another weekend of protests ahead.

June 27, 2013

Erdogans Plan to Control Twitter

Chutzpah! Ankara asks microblogging site to open an office in the country so that government can quickly reach Twitter officials with orders to take down content or with requests for user data. (Source)

June 25, 2013

Protesters Are Back on Taksim in Huge Numbers

Protesters are back on Taksim today. They also commemorated a police officer who fell and died. A sign read: "Your loss is our loss." The protest ended without water cannon or tear gas. Erdogan is keeping up his belligerence. Imagine having a prime minister who is calling you names every day because this is politically expedient!

June 21, 2013

Mine Dost danced and rapped in her bikini in the middle of Taksim Square on Thursday.

UPDATE: Dost, a half German, half Turkish doctor is one of the protesters who has been standing in silence for the last four days as part of a new wave of "standing man" protests. She chants a rap song that called 60 percent of Turkish people psychopaths. Other lines in her rap included, "First you should trust us and you have to pass this trust to your children." In retaliation a woman in a hijab scolded Dost: "You call me conservative? I am not Kemalist, huh?? Shame on you... I am not a Kemalist because I'm wearing like this?" Read more..

June 20, 2013

Erdogan Regime Is Showing Signs Of Stress

@mkoplow: Between Turkish FM going berserk and deputy PM maybe resigning, the AKP leadership is showing signs stress is getting to them

Hackers Taking Responsibility for Forbidden Tweets

Hacker group Redhack has claimed responsibility for all tweets that were posted about the Taksim Gezi Park protests after the government announced that an investigation into the matter had been launched. “The AKP is going to conduct an investigation. We have posted all tweets and hacked thousands of people’s computers. Don’t take on the innocent ones, we are here,” Redhack wrote on its Twitter account. “All accounts that retweet Redhack, write about Redhack, or organize the resistance, were hacked by us.” Read on..

June 19, 2013

Standing Men and Pots & Pans Demos Countrywide

On #Taksim Square, the number of "Standing Men" (Duran Adam) is increasing steadily. The "Standing Demonstrations" of the people are taking place in numerous neighbourhoods (and cities). Supporters of the Taksim Group: The 21:00 Demonstrations will take place and the forums/ assemblies in the parks will get bigger. "Pot and pan demonstrations" will still go on in the neighbourhoods. Of all the people jailed since the 16th of June, seven have been brought in front of a judge with an arrest warrant. Check @anonymoussops for more info

June 18, 2013

Get the picture? Erdogan greeted as “the master of masters” on Sunday June 16 by his followers. Only hours later, police launched a violent clampdown on Taksim Square.

The regime has embarked on a game of 'blame the messenger'

  • The Turkish regime launched yesterday a study to restrict social media. (...) A state department working against cyber crimes has already started to investigate some 5 million tweets about the Gezi Park protests. Read on..
  • In the course of the three-week unceasing protests and violence, Erdoğan made the international media a punching bag, bashing almost daily its "unfair and dishonest" reporting. More.. 
  • Apparently you have to "brave" to stand up to the "master of masters", as @ClaireBerlinkski noted in this tweet: Former Turkish Minister Of Culture’s Brave Tweet What does it say when that Tweet is considered "brave?"

June 17, 2013

Standing Protest Broken Up By Riot Police

Police arrest silent protesters on Taksim Square, take them away by bus. Original standing man tells @BBCNews it was the only way he could protest. He was briefly detained, then released. His name is Erdem Gündüz. He is performer and dancer. The regime has said that whoever is on the square, shall be considered a terrorist.

Standing Protest Developing on Taksim Square

 Erdogan Support Down to 35,3 Percent in Poll 

June 16, 2013

UPDATE: A Dutch MP of Turkish descent for the Labor Party, Selcuk Ozturk, doesn't believe police violence in Turkey is disproportionate @GeertWildersPVV

UPDATE: by @mahirzeynalov


  • Police at--you read it right--Cevahir shopping mall @ClaireBerlinski
  • Police now clashing with protesters in Istiklal street near Taksim, more riot police deployed to the area @mahirzeynalov
  • There were many confrontations with the police in the night. At least 44 casualties. 
  • Ominously the governor of Istanbul has said that "provocative protesters" used "real weapons" against the police. Two were injured. 
  • There were again rumors of chemicals used in the watercanons.
  • Weird: medics taken into custody here and here 
  • Naked protestor defies the police in Taksim @kadrigursel 

June 15, 2013


Riot police fired water cannons and tear gas as they drove protesters out of Istanbul's Taksim Square and neighboring Gezi Park on Saturday, an intervention that came shortly after the Erdogan warned that security forces "know how to clear" the area. Within a half-hour, the sweep by white-helmeted riot police had emptied the park, leaving a series of colorful, abandoned tents behind. Bulldozers moved in afterward, scooping up debris as crews of workmen in hard hats and fluorescent yellow vests tore down the tents.

Protesters put up little physical resistance, even as plain-clothes police shoved many of them to drive them from the park. Lines of police backed by armored vehicles sealed off Taksim Square in the centre of the city as officers stormed the adjoining Gezi Park, where protesters had been camped in a ramshackle settlement of tents for more than two weeks. Read on..

Some tweeps tweeting that "Thousands marching down E-5 Highway towards Taksim" 

The EU Czars are gonna <3 this! "Everyone who enters Istanbul's Taksim Square will be considered a terrorist, Turkey's European Union minister said in a televised interview today. Continue reading..

Jihad Watch has the inevitable conclusion: "Erdogan claims Jewish investors behind anti-Sharia protests

Taksim Platform Issues Press Release

The Taksim Solidarity Platform, which represents the core of the Gezi Park protest, has softened some of its demands on the government, dropping its request that the governor and interior minister be dismissed but refusing to budge on protecting the park. Read on..

June 15, 2013

Erdogan to Comply to Court's Ruling

Erdoğan held a meeting with a delegation of the Taksim Solidarity Platform. As regards to a court ruling on the suspension of the planned Artillery Barracks project, which was set to be built in the place of Gezi, in the case that the appeal fails, the site will be kept as a park. In the event that the project receives a green light after the appeal the government will organize a referendum.

Also the issue of the use of disproportionate force by police was also discussed. If an officer has committed a crime, he will be punished as foreseen by the law. The representatives of the Taksim Platform announced a gathering to commemorate the deaths during the protests in the afternoon hours of June 14, but said they left the decision of ending the demos to the protesters themselves.

An AK Party spokesman told reporters that Erdogan would not take any steps that were incompatible with the court’s ruling. Erdoğan had previously defied the court by questioning its impartiality and had insisted that the decision of constructing the historic barracks was irreversible. Read on..

June 13, 2013

UPDATE: While Erdogan has been meeting with Taksim Solidarity Committee, police are using gas bombs against demonstrators in Ankara.

12 amazing photos from tonight in Taksim by @CComb


Pianist Davide Martello @klavierkunst performing in Taksim Square

UPDATE: Breaking- Erdogan to meet activists in Ankara over anti-government Gezi Park protests: Taksim Solidarity Platform at 10.30 pm (in one hour)

June 12, 2013

Taksim last night: Davide Martello brought his piano into the square.

Erdogan Meets Modernists, But Protesters Are Uninvited

  • Protesters were due to have a face-to-face meeting with Erdoğan on Wednesday. But after a day and night of police hurling tear gas and spraying water cannons at protesters, most protest leaders have bailed. 
  • Erdogan met a group of public figures including artists, academics, at least one student and a journalist in Ankara, but the talks were dismissed by anti-government protesters including one key group, the Taksim Solidarity Platform, which said it had not been invited.
  • In Taksim Square anti-government demonstrators gathered again in the evening despite Tuesday's worst clashes since the troubles began.
  • Hundreds of lawyers protested at the detention of up to 50 of their colleagues. They were held and were 'roughed up' by police.
  • Protesters listed some of their demands: they include Gezi Park in Istanbul to remain untouched, protesters arrested to be released, for police chiefs responsible for the crackdown to be dismissed, and guarantees of freedom of expression.
  • A senior official from the ruling AK Party has floated the idea of a referendum in Istanbul on the future of Gezi Park, whose controversial redevelopment plans sparked the protests. 
  • Erdogan shows little sign of a more conciliatory approach – saying this week that there would be 'no more tolerance', blaming the media and foreign interference for the unrest.
  • Turkey TV regulator fined opposition channels for "inciting violence" in protest coverage.

Stand off in Swan Park, Ankara

In the very early hours of the morning police moved in to Kugulu (Swan) Park in Ankara. They forcibly removed some tents. The park was under siege for a few hours. This happens every morning, according to a commentator. Only today riot police didn't leave, determined to clear the park. "We are here to 'normalize' the park and leave it to children en swans", they said. They mayor is also on the site. There's a stand off for the moment. - H/t @aylushka_a

June 11, 2013

KEEP UP TO DATE: video photo slideshow check also our twitter feed for updates @pomoland
UPDATE: @GunesUfuktan @CNN Turkish youth today uprising to protect Kemal Ataturk's legacy, freedoms and secularity in Turkey. They deserve our full support.
UPDATE: @CyranoNymous Pro Gezi Lawyers detained by Erdogan's police this morning as #Taksim gassed! (PIC LINK)
UPDATE: @carrollbogert 3h Three broken legs, three head traumas and many overwhelmed by gas at #gezipark medical tent. Just got a generator in case electricity is cut
UPDATE: Erdogan asked: "What did the protesters expect? That we would kneel down before them?" And he appeared to contradict Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu, who had earlier said the police had no intention of breaking up the protest in Gezi Park.

The BBC's Mark Lowen, who is in the square, says this was a deliberate show of force that may jeopardise plans by Mr Erdogan to meet the protest organisers on Wednesday. Three people have died and more than 5,000 have been injured since the protests began.

Erdogan is holding a speech in Parliament, repeating his accusation that veiled women were harassed by protesters, pitting secularists against Islamists. This confirms our analysis that this fight is in essence secular resistance against the ongoing islamization of the country by Erdogan and his supporters.

UPDATE: The situation is still fluid. There are reports of police provocateurs throwing molotov cocktails at the police that started the intervention. On the other hand there are far leftist, revolutionary groups and anarchists among the peaceful protesters for whom this is standard MO. To make matters simple, keen observers were expecting a police intervention at this point anyway.

June 10, 2013


What you will read below is extremely disturbing. It is the firsthand impressions of a Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University student who was detained by police in connection with the Gezi Park incidents in Istanbul.
UPDATE: Thirteen suspects in Turkey’s Adana have been sent to court over accusations of provoking riots posts on Twitter and Facebook during the Gezi Park protests in Ankara. The suspects were detained on June 10 and were sent to court following medical examinations.

Erdogan's new best friend is photoshop, showing the "crowds" that welcomed him in Ankara yesterday #occupygezi H/t @redhack_en 

June 9, 2013

Taksim Square, Besiktas, Istanbul was EXPLODING! 

Clashes in Ankara, Erdogan's Patience Wearing Thin

Police again deployed tear gas and water cannons to put down more than thousands protesters in Ankara. Just a few kilometers away, the Erdogan was addressing his supporters after warning his patience "has a limit". At least two people were injured in fresh clashes in downtown Kizilay square in Ankara. Erdogan called on his supporters to prepare for pro-government rallies next weekend in Istanbul and Ankara. His supporters chanted slogans like "We are ready die for you, Tayyip!" Source

The fear for authority is disappearing

June 8, 2013

Update: Erdogan Setting Up Rival Rallies for Next Week

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has decided to hold two mass rallies in response to the protests. Following a meeting of the party's Central Decision and Executive Council, two 'unity and solidarity' rallies have been scheduled for next week. One in Ankara on June 15, and another in Istanbul on June 16. He is in effect setting up for confrontation. Read on..

EU: "Stop Police Violence, or.."

In the meantime the EU and Turkey are falling out over the handling of the demonstrations and the police violence. Well, perhaps not so much!
Turkey must investigate the excessive use of force by police against anti-government protesters, a senior EU official has said in Istanbul. EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele was speaking ahead of talks on Turkey's ambition to join the EU. In response, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said similar protests in Europe would be dealt with more harshly. Cont..
Speech - EU-Turkey Bound Together, by Štefan Füle European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
Democracy is a demanding discipline – not only during election campaigns, but every day. It requires debates, consultation and compromise. Since the beginning of my mandate, I have admired the openness and passion of debates in Turkey. I sincerely wish this to be preserved, but also translated into harmonious and effective decision making. Energising the EU accession process and strengthening democracy by respecting rights and freedoms are two sides of the same coin. And that brings me now to the other side of that coin (...) Cont..

June 7, 2013

June 6, 2013

Update: Turkey's benchmark index dropped by 4.7 per cent – a total slide of 12 per cent this week. Erdogan meanwhile has commented from Tunis in terms no more conciliatory than those with which he left. "Among the protesters, there are extremists, some of them implicated in terrorism," Mr Erdogan during a press conference in Tunis, on the last day of his North Africa tour. "Supporters of this terrorist organisation were present". Seven foreigners have been implicated in the violence, according to Mr Erdogan. Read more..

Erdogan Back Tonight, Protesters Demand He Steps Down

Protests went into the early hours as Erdogan's official visit to North Africa is drawing to a close. He left on Monday in a defiant mood, referring to the resistance as 'marauders'. They in turn are demanding an apology over the police crackdown against the protests, and the sacking of those who ordered it. They've also demanded his immediate resignation.

June 5, 2013

Update: 'Marauding' every day!

Erdogan has called the protesters 'marauders'. It has become a batch of honor. Hashtag: #ÇapulcularTakipleşirse

Activists dig in for the long haul

Protesters say they will man barricades for as long as it takes to stop security forces from moving up the street to enter the adjacent Taksim Square, the epicenter of nationwide protests. Read on..

Woman in red being sprayed with teargas by a riot policeman has become the symbol of the resistance against Erdogan's Islamization program

Regime arrests 25 for haat speech

Turkish police have detained 25 people in the city of Izmir for "spreading untrue information" on social media and provoking protests, the state-run news agency said. They were detained for "inciting the people to enmity and hate", the Anadolu Agency said, adding that police are still looking for 13 others. So that's what's called now! See what happens when personal subjectivism poses as objective law! This is the lingo of tyranny.

Ali Engin, a local official with the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), said suspects were being held for "urging people to protest". He visited the detainees along with their relatives and other party members. The detainees, according to Engin, were supporting the movement for a fair and free country. "If that is a crime, then we all committed the crime," he told Dogan News Agency.

Twitter use has soared in the protests. At least two million tweets were sent between 4pm and midnight in just one day of unrest, according to a study by New York University's Social Media and Political Participation Laboratory. Social media usage in Turkey is very high in the country, and that is demonstrated by the fact that around 90% of the tweets about the uprising are originating from Turkey. The study described the Turks' Twitter use in response to the protests as "phenomenal" and "unique". Traditional media coverage has been criticised by people inside and outside the country. Erdogan labelled Twitter "a menace".

June 4, 2013

Deputy Premier Apologizes for Violence

Turkey's deputy prime minister has apologized for the "wrong and unjust" attempts to break up protests, in a bid to end days of anti-government rallies across the country. Faced with striking unions, continuing mass protests, and efforts to storm the prime minister's office in Istanbul, Bulent Arinc, the deputy prime minister took a conciliatory tone at a news conference in Ankara. The speech was markedly different from that of Erdogan who left Turkey for Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Prior to his departure, he launched a blistering attack on the protests (scroll down to yesterday's log). The Communist Party was involved in a manifestation on Taksim today. The onset of trade union strikes indicates that the deputy prime minister's speech may not be sufficient to bring an end to the unrest. More..

Muslim Brotherhood acknowledge Islamization plan

Several Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt accused Turkish protesters of receiving foreign funds from entities which they claim "want to make the highly successful Islamic project fail". The whole issue is part of the war on Islam and an attempt to undermine efforts by Erdogan's AK Party to complete the Islamic renaissance it has achieved.  Well, at least we have an admission there there is an islamization plan! 'Entity' is usually a code word for Israel. More..


"After failing to report the Istanbul events CNN Turk can no longer continue it's activity as a proper news channel. CNN must not allow its prestige to be used in such a way and must pull its name right immediately." Apparently they don't realize CNN is also no longer in the service of the free press or truth to power. Read on..

The losses so far

Reports of deaths have been hard to confirm. Human-rights activist Ethem Sarısülük is now brain dead, having "come under fire" from police - what kind of fire, we don’t know. Mehmet Ayvalitas, reportedly a member of a banned group of left-wing hackers, is also dead. Human Rights Watch believes the casualty numbers are much higher than those claimed by the government. Reports: a 22-year-old male has lost his left eye due to a plastic bullet. A 19-year-old male is being watched closely with a subdural hematoma diagnosis resulting from the impact of a gas capsule. A 22-year-old male patient has taken a frontal hit in the head and suffered a fractured skull and is under close watch due to acute hematoma diagnosis. Over 100 injured patients were treated. Of these, nine suffer from significant trauma, five were admitted for surgery. There are a great many eye injuries. Read on...

June 3, 2013

Update:  "Turkish intelligence is looking into possible links between the incidents in Taksim Square and foreign powers", Erdogan said at a presser today before leaving for Morocco, accusing internal and foreign actors of supporting the Gezi Park protests. "It is not possible to reveal their names. But we will have meetings with their heads", said Erdogan. "Those who advise us to be moderate must themselves first come to moderation", he said, referring to the international reactions to the use of force against protests. "The country is already experiencing a 'Turkish Spring' and will not give way to those who want to turn it into a winter", Erdogan said, referring to his economic achievements. This had made some 'jealous'. Source

"The shopping mall is off, the mosque is on"

Protests in the urban centers of Turkey are going into the seventh day. They are directed against the wave of Islamization of the regime Erdogan. The plans for the establishment of a shopping mall in the reconstructed Ottoman Barracks in Gezi Park has been scrapped,  but the symbol of the secular state, the Ataturk Cultural Center must be demolished. Erdogan is also sticking to the plans for the construction of a mega mosque on the square. In a speech for an ethnic association he said yesterday: "A mosque will be built in Taksim", adding that he did not have to receive permission from the main opposition leader or "a few marauders" for the projects. He said that the authority had already been given by people who voted for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

June 2, 2013

Taksim Square, home to the statue of Kemal Mustafa Ataturk, founder of the modern Republic, is for many Turks the symbol of the separation of state and religion

The mega mosque can house up to for 30,000 believers

Huge protests on Taksim Square in Istanbul since yesterday. The riot police deployed teargas and water canons. Just because the Turks don't agree with the felling of a few trees on the square? Well, perhaps not. 
The reconstruction plans for Taksim Sq. as proposed by the regime of Erdogan is symbolic for its relationship with the people. Erdogan wants to reconstruct the square fundamentally; Turkey's largest mosque will be erected opposite the opera building. Kemalists naturally are deeply opposed. Source: NRC

Protester Yiğitcan explains what the uprising essentially is about

H/t @Nessea_

There have been riots against the regime of premier Erdogan in various cities in Turkey. The massive protests started Tuesday in Istanbul. Tally so far: two deaths, a thousand detained and 79 injured. The protests are directed against plans by the regime to replace the Ataturk Cultural Center, a symbol of modern secular Turkey with a reconstruction of the Ottoman Barracks. The MSM keeps mum, or put spin this is all about some trees in the park on Taksim Sq. Secular Turks are in revolt against Erdogan and his Islamist AK party that has been following an Islamic Imperialistic course for the reinstitution of the Caliphate for the last ten years.

UPDATE: Erdogan: Whatever you do, I will demolish the Ataturk (symbol of modern, secular state) Building. Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “Ataturk Culture Center in Taksim will also be demolished”

Updates June 2, 2013
Update: Obama, the Islamists' friend and ally
Update: Democracy protesters shut down the Bosphorus_Bridge in Istanbul on the second day of mass protests. (Imgur)

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Update: The Turkish news outlets are hardly reporting on any of mushrooming protests. They are under pressure of the regime to keep quiet. In Istanbul web cams have been taken off line. Around Taksim Square mobile traffic has been erratic. Via Twitter civilians and companies are called on to remove the security from their wifi connections, enabling protesters to logon.

According to hospitals in the vicinity, hundreds of protesters were brought in with respiratory complaints due to the excessive use of tear gas. Others were wounded when a wall collapsed when protesters climbed on top to escape police brutality. Hotels in the region are opening up rooms to take care of the wounded.

Physicians and medical students received Twitter messages requesting them to come to the assistance. Roads to hospitals were blocked by barricades and tear gas. Earlier today a parliamentarian for the Kurdish opposition party BDP was taken to hospital with a broken limb.

Background analysis

Severe confrontations with riot police during protests in Istanbul. The resistance has spread to Ankara and Izmir

Erdogan's riot police are cracking hard on the protests 

The protests started in against the plans of the regime to turn the Derim Gezi Park on Taksim Square (hashtag #DirenGeziParki) into a shopping mall. This symbolic location is the heart of modern Turkey. It houses the monument of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Anıtı) commemorating the founding in 1923 of the modern, secular republic by Ataturk after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. 

The protests are fueled by the growing distaste in Turkey for the ever expanding Islamic dictatorship of the AK party of Prime Minister Erdogan, according to commentators an attempt to reinstate Turkish hegemony in the region, leading eventually to a Neo Ottoman Caliphate under Turkish rule. There is reason to assume Erdogan has the blessings of his friend and ally, Barack Obama, whom he recently visited

What started this time last week as the kissing protest - "(Update) Islamisten steken kussende koppels neer", has now become the beginning of a revolt! A comment on the site of CNN says it all:
"Please CNN get over here and show the world what is going on! We are oppressed! The governing party silenced the press. They can't write, they can't talk, everything is censored... Gezi Parki became the symbol of every one who stands against corruption and oppression. With new laws and regulations Turkey is on the brink.. We don't want to become another Iran".
Where are the atheists, the left, the freethinkers, the anarchists, the gay movement, the feminists, the seculars? Where is the press, the media? Their self censorship is a slap in the face of the brave Turkish resistance. Everyone is bowing for the terror of Islam.

Said press in the meanwhile plays lapdog to Erdogan's damage control: sure, it's about 'excessive building activities', 'trees', it's about 'a shopping mall'. 

The regime is cracking down harshly. Eye witnesses say they have never in their lives seen this much tear gas being used in Istanbul. Protesters were dusted with pepper spray from close range, they were hit by tear gas canisters and blown off their feet by water canons.

This is evidently not a protest against a shopping mall, but resistance against Erdogan's wave of islamization. Proof is the fact that hundreds of people have stormed the parliament in Ankara. The riot police cracked down severely

According to human rights organizations hundreds of people were wounded yesterday. Press agency Dogan reported at least 81 arrests. 

Erdogan just stated in a reaction that the construction plans for Taksim Square will continue.

Yet there was a bit of success against the Islamists' coup against the modern, secular state: on Friday afternoon a Judge ruled that preparations for the construction activities  must stop.