Saturday, February 15, 2014

Competitor Rips Wilders' Economic NExit Report

The average household could be better off by over £8,000 a year and national income will grow by over £1 trillion if the Netherlands leaves the euro and the EU, according to a new study

Geert Wilders' euroskeptic Freedom Party is expected win the May European Elections in a landslide. 

UPDATE: The Economist trashes the report by Capital Economics. It's all fear mongering! No further argument needed. It's too kind, says Capital's competitor economist Sony Kapoor:

Febr. 7, 2014

Wilders Report: Dutch Better Off Out of EU

The study by the respected British Capital Economics research consultancy into "Nexit" - as a potential exit by the Netherlands has been termed - finds significant benefits over the next two decades if the country swaps its EU membership for a status similar to Switzerland or Norway. "Any decision to leave the EU is first and foremost a social, cultural and political one. It must revolve around issues of national sovereignty, citizenship and freedom of determination," the report found. "However, there are also good reasons to believe that a nation, untied from the bureaucracy of Brussels and able to make decisions for itself rather than have imposed one-size-fits-all policies, will benefit economically too." The research has been seized upon by Eurosceptics to counter what they see as alarmist warnings from prominent business leaders and mainstream politicians of an economic meltdown if Britain left the EU. (Source)

Capital Economics Report (PDF)

"NExit, assessing the economic impact of the Netherlands leaving the European Union"

Video on the Dutch edition