Saturday, February 15, 2014

(Updated) The Russians Are Getting the Enemy They Deserve

The Russians, although unhappy with the way the EU and the US behave, do seem to understand the postmodern mindset of current Western leaders very well

That's because they introduced the West to cultural Marxism in the first place in order to destroy the culture from within.

Postmodern thought was made possible by the reactionary Counter-Enlightenment philosophers Rousseau, Kant and Hegel. The current variety is using cultural Marxism as a weapon to bludgeon the West's cultural roots on a daily basis (text, video). Not much is left at this stage. 

In turn cultural Marxism was developed by the Frankfurt School, a product of the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II and the ensuing Cold War. The present Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov in short, knows what he is dealing with. He's expecting respect for his position, but the moral dogma of the postmodernists is absolute. Lavrov:
Relations between Russia and the European Union should set clear long-term objectives, and the EU should stop using the friend-or-foe principle in dealing with Russia, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. "It's getting increasingly more obvious that we are being hampered by a lack of clear long-term objectives in resolving specific problems related to the developments on our continent," Lavrov said in an article published in the Thursday issue of Kommersant. (...) 
Western media outlets often resort to anti-Russian information campaigns using Cold War-style phraseology, he said. "I had the chance to hear echoes of such judgments at the OSCE ministerial meeting in December 2013 and at the recent jubilee session of the Munich Security Conference," Lavrov said. 
"Certainly, society is a living organism, and ideas about values may change as long as it develops. A lot of approaches common in the European Union today were perceived as unacceptable in the same countries just about 20-30 years ago. I mean, in particular, moral relativism, the propagation of permissiveness and hedonism, the strengthening positions of militant atheism, and the rejection of traditional values that have been the moral foundation of human development for centuries. 
Moreover, these attitudes are being promoted with messianic persistence both in those countries themselves and in their relations with neighbors," he said. Lavrov pointed out in connection with this that "principles of democracy imply above all respect for opinions of others." 
"Everyone should acknowledge that, by agreeing on basic values, including respect for democratic foundations in public affairs, human rights and fundamental freedoms, the peoples of Europe should at the same time allow each other to remain different and retain their cultural identity, in full compliance with universal human rights conventions and declarations," Lavrov said.

What we see currently pitted against each other are the postmodern left in charge in the US and the EU, against a more or less modern, autocratic Russia that is still much influenced by premodern mysticism. What they share in a belief in collectivism, both confuse law and morality and are using the state to enforce their particular Utopia: multiculturalism versus ethnic identity and traditionalism. But that's about the extent of it.

Extrapolated to Foreign Affairs, that makes the US/EU culturally and morally relativist, meaning they will 'talk' to anyone, case need the devil himself, in order to come to a 'consensus' which will henceforth be known as 'the truth'.

Russia is laboring under the modernist tenet of self-interest and ideas that have been the rule since the Peace of Westphalia, which granted independent states self-determination. Postmodernists in the West are aiming to destroy this notion, since they see opposing states as the prime cause of wars (thereby ignoring wars and strife before Westphalian principles held sway).

Updated: The postmodern left that rule the US and the EU have severed their bond with Russia. Putin's state is not the Soviet Union. The logic that aligned the left with Russia is dead and can't be relied upon to explain today's situation. The shoe is on the other foot.

Apparently, Putin's ethno-determinist party, United Russia, has played a key role in the establishment of the megabloc of Eurosceptic parties that will run in the elections for the European Parliament at the end of May. The bloc comprises the French Front National, Geert Wilders' Freedom Party and the Flemish nationalistic Vlaams Belang among others.

In Syria, Putin is the enemy. He is staunchly aligned with Shiite Iran and the Syrian government of Assad against the Sunni forces of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey that support the Syrian rebels which they see as the latest chapter in the failed saga of the Arab Spring. The West has all but openly aligned itself with the Muslim Brotherhood, which they now are starting to regret.

And then there are the hysterical actions mainly in the Western activist media against Russia's so-called anti gay law. Which isn't against gay rights, but has everything to do with gay propaganda (known in the West as 'information') involving minors. Which is correct. Parental autonomy says it is up to the parents to decide what en when their children learn about sexual issues, even though Western schools have usurped that right (it is in fact, indoctrination).

As we have seen in the video about cultural Marxism, the root of the gay movement are the social and cultural machinations of Communist ideologues as Gramsci, dating back to the interbellum.

It will be quite a spectacle to see where this philosophical, cultural and political rift between Russia on the one hand, and the US and the EU on the other, will take us.