Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dutch Push Back Against Leftist Bias in Education

The leftward tilt of universities is well known. What can college students in a country like the Netherlands do when they want to push back against professorial bias?

@YerRamautarsing brandishing Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" on Dutch national television. We are trying to obtain the original broadcast for subtitling, but don't hold your breath. 

UPDATE: David Horowitz on Front Page deals with Yernaz Ramautarsing's Facebook PageLeftist Indoctrination On My University and his recent television performance which shocked the nation as it showed the weakness of the established Leftist elite whose power heretofore had been a foregone conclusion.

The Dutch Academy vs. The Heretic

The Myth of 'peaceful' transition, unless you're black and not ANC

For most of his adult life, Nelson Mandela was a failed communist revolutionary and leftist icon. Then in his seventies he had the chance to govern. He chose reconciliation over reprisal, a rare example of a wise Marxist

Nelson Mandela sings a song about killing of Whites, in typical fashion afterwards talks of love and democracy.

UPDATE: Charles Crawford on The Commentator has a powerful observation about the racist myth of so-called 'peaceful' transition in South Africa after Apartheid. Unless you were black that is, and not a friend of Mandela's ANC.

On the other hand Crawford is categorizing the Darwinian progressive movement under the Enlightenment, whereas abolisionism apparently is not. Asked for a clarification the author offered the following:
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) is dating back to the progressive era and the early Socialist movement and has nothing to do with the Enlightenment. The source of racism is group subjective theories that grew out of Darwinism. The source of eugenics for example was a cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton. Racism needs a mind that thinks in terms of social and/or ethnic determinism. The Enlightenment thinkers were individualists who believed in personal achievement.

Historical Context: the Last Stand of 300 Spartans

This piece of historical context is filled to the brim with valuable information: how a nation came about from a position of cultural diversity in the Greek city states

"Wars are won by breaking the will of your enemy to fight on". Quote attributed to Sun Tzu.

@Johan_Druyff Man is capable of anything. The outcome is determined by his values, by his standard to measure Right and Wrong.