Sunday, October 27, 2013

In 1940 Greeks Stood Firm Against the Bullies

On October 28, 1940 the Italian ambassador delivered an ultimatum from Mussolini: free entry of the Italian army into Greece. The answer of the Greeks was an unequivocal, no - ochi! 

Women of Crete during World War II - H/t A. Papapostolou

On October 28th, millions of  Greeks around the world commemorate 'Ochi Day', honoring Greece's courageous resistance during WWII. On October 28, 1940 the Italian ambassador to Greece, Emanuele Grazzi delivered an ultimatum from Benito Mussolini to Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas. He demanded the entry of the Italian army into Greece for its occupation. When Metaxas was faced with this moral question, he delivered an unequivocal response: "Then, it is war", he said. How many people, especially today, would have laid down their arms and capitulated rather than fight in the face of brutal aggression? Every October 28th, Greeks honor this heroic stance celebrating saying No, Ochi to the bullies of their time. They are the only people commemorating the beginning of a war, rather than the end of it, and celebrate taking this moral decision. They are an example to all of us. 

Read the entire story on Greek Reporter, by Sotiria Nikolouli


Saudi Stand Up Comedians: "No Woman, No Drive"

"No woman, no drive" satire went viral since yesterday, the day a number of Saudi women defied the driving ban on 26 October 2013

Hisham Fageeh joined ranks with Fahad Albutairi and Alaa Wardi in a viral satire.

Hisham Fageeh (Wiki) was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He began performing stand-up comedy as a student at the Columbia University, from which he graduated in May 2013. He attended the UCB Theater in New York, studying long form improvisation. Within a year Fageeh was taking the stage. He began performing in Arabic after his satirical vlog YouTube series "Isboo'iyat Hisham" (Hisham's weeklies) went viral in December 19, 2011.

Obama's Policies May Will Cause the End of NATO

The National Security Agency (NSA) cannot spy on anyone unless its activities are authorized by the White House. Merkel is very upset that the US monitored her personal cell phone

Obama’s actions may well lead to the dissolution of NATO. European leaders have understandably lost trust in Obama. 

Spying On Friends Ordered By America’s Dolt-In-Chief 

By Jim Emerson

The National Security Agency (NSA) cannot spy on anyone, friend or foe, unless its activities are authorized by the White House. In short, for the low information voter, Barack Obama had to order it. Feeling betrayed by a nation she considered a good friend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is very upset that the United States monitored her personal cell phone. Germany has had a long history of sharing information and intelligence with the United States. Allies obviously need a high level of trust in each other. The revelation that Obama’s NSA was spying on NATO ally leaders has dealt a serious blow to that necessary trust.