Saturday, October 26, 2013

October EUCO: Germany Gets Its Way On Federalism

The agenda for the October EUCO focusses on the Digital Economy, Economic and Social Policy, the Eastern Partnership Summit, and Lampedusa. Exciting, what?

Nigel Farrage yesterday during the Strassbourg session of the EP ripped into the covert federal agenda that demonizes anyone supportive of the nation state 

UPDATE: Another EUCO has come and gone and the results are as ever the same: encroaching federalism at the expense of national sovereignty:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (25 October) said fellow EU leaders during a summit in Brussels have "accepted the principle" of binding reform contracts that will transfer further sovereignty from a national level to the European Commission. Merkel was cautious not to make "false promises" that a deal on this extra level of EU scrutiny will be achieved already in December, as details still need to be ironed out. "But there is a clear commitment that we want to go beyond the current procedures in the European Semester," she said (Source)

Watch here how the chair of the European Parliament, comrade Schulz makes a fool of himself in a debate with former Deputy PM of Slovakia Richard Sulik. Schulz argues he was elected by 754 MEPs while Sulik represents 300,000 actual voters

Richard Sulik was called off after his party dared to vote against a loan to Greece. The government fell and Slovakia was forced to vote again and 'get it right'.

Obama's Attack on Constitution and 1st Amendment

The attack of the Obama administration on the US Constitution continues. Those who knew more about his ideologies before he was voted into office, are not in the least susprised

The very premise of a free press is violated. It raises concerns when one of the seizing agencies was a frequent target of the reporter’s work.

Armed agents seize records of reporter, Washington Times prepares legal action

Maryland state police and federal agents used a search warrant in an unrelated criminal investigation to seize the private reporting files of an award-winning former investigative journalist for The Washington Times who had exposed problems in the Homeland Security Department's Federal Air Marshal Service. Reporter Audrey Hudson said the investigators, who included an agent for Homeland's Coast Guard service, took her private notes and government documents that she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act during a predawn raid of her family home on Aug. 6.

Arguing with Ideologues

This scene is a microcosm of how the Left seek to silence the opposition by censorship and leveling personal attacks while avoiding the issues at hand

It shows their ignorance of the issues, their bad habits of changing the subject during the debate, and their wild self-constructed fantasies of the world at large. Indoctrination is a mental disorder.