Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greek Military Reservists Demand Regime Change

A group called the Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) wants the Greek government to resign, the suspension of agreements with the troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and the expulsion of illegal immigrants

Reservists from Greece's special forces (KEED) protest the visit to Greece by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 9 October 2012 (Source)

A prosecutor in Athens has ordered an investigation into a blog post that appeared on a special forces reservists' website demanding the government and president resign and an interim government be appointed under the "guarantee" of the armed forces. In a statement posted on its website (screengrab archived), the Hellenic Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) says it will assemble on Saturday September 28 at 4pm at Syntagma Square in order to demand “the immediate resignation of the government” because it has failed in its duty to provide “health, education, justice and security” that it says it is obliged to do under article 22 of the Constitution.