Saturday, August 17, 2013

Democrats Must Support Regime Change in Egypt

The military in Egypt responded to the will of the people, the source of authority, when they deposed MusBro kingpin Morsi, who had violated inalienable rights and the Constitution

Since rights are primary and the military acted on the will of the people, the MusBro claim to power is illegitimate. H/t @ragaiys

As for the rest, apathy and demands on the military to abstain from violence is a position of neutrality in the face of evil and developing genocide. @AACONS make mince meat out of that argument:
There's a good chance that the world's 'democrats' do not need any argument: they're in the tank for the MusBro no matter what. The reason is in plain view and has been for decades: they are against liberty and all the values the West stands for.

They'll always support the enemy, be they Nazis, Soviets, North Vietnamees, Cambodians, Iranian Khomeinists, secular or Islamic terrorists, or the Muslim Brotherhood. They are just made that way.