Thursday, August 8, 2013

The EU's Terror Listing of Hezbollah is Going Nowhere

The EU today finally put Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations. They cite the attack in Bulgaria as the reason, but the Western alliance against Assad is a transparent motivation

Decades of attacks against the US and Israel could not motivate the EU to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

UPDATE: By preserving contact with, and funding of, Hezbollah's "political wing" without substantial measures against its "military wing," the EU not only legitimizes Hezbollah's "political" leadership, but also promotes the entire organization as an important actor in both Lebanese politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict. (Source)

Counter Terrorism Run By Babies With Razors

A global security alert follows a series of coordinated prison breaks over the past month which freed hundreds of terrorists in nine different countries

US State Department put out a worldwide travel alert and closes 21 embassies and consulates across the Muslim world

UPDATE: Robert Spencer has made an analysis of the culture in US diplomatic and counter terrorism circles and is comparing the actors with fifth graders. We know the phenomenon as 'mental babies with razors' (nominalism). This is how the minds of postmodernists work. In the meantime we hear about Dempsey's Bombshell, a letter about Syria that is really a smokescreen for a message to Israel about "No US Attack on Iran, Ever" (Source)

Pat Condell Under Attack, Steps Up Defense of Liberty

This is the right way the react to threats and bullying: you don't appease, you double up the effort! Appeasement to them is an encouragement

Pat Condell understands that the only language fascists know, is coercion and force so as to numb free thought.