Monday, August 5, 2013

"Escape to Freedom", a Political Thriller

In an age of tyranny, the courage to stand up for liberty is priceless...

In 2049, the world has become a different place. 

In 2049 China has surpassed the United States as the world's major superpower; Europe is in economic shambles, and Germany considers leaving the European Union as protest against bailing out the EU multiple times. The United States has changed as well. The President is a cold, ruthless man intent on ruling the world under his One World Government concept. The rights and freedoms of individuals have been suppressed, taxation has become oppressive, and the economy is in shambles.


Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry’s YT hit skewers Obama, US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, the MusBros and the ousted President Morsi

The popularity of a video by singer and belly dancer Sama Al Masry ridiculing and cursing Obama is a growing trend.

*Language Content Warning* The anti Morsi forces blame the United States for backing former Egyptian Prez Mohammed Morsi, while pro-Morsi forces blame the US for pretending that the overthrow of Morsi was not a coup.