Monday, August 5, 2013


Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry’s YT hit skewers Obama, US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, the MusBros and the ousted President Morsi

The popularity of a video by singer and belly dancer Sama Al Masry ridiculing and cursing Obama is a growing trend.

*Language Content Warning* The anti Morsi forces blame the United States for backing former Egyptian Prez Mohammed Morsi, while pro-Morsi forces blame the US for pretending that the overthrow of Morsi was not a coup.


The Korean War Proves Mind Determines Man

At the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War on 27 July 2013, bestselling author John Hollands, recalls South Korea's transformation

Hollands is reminding us in this excerpt that man is determined by the content of his mind.

(...) whilst I was fighting in Korea I often questioned the wisdom of what we were doing. South Korea was governed by a thoroughly corrupt regime headed by an evil tyrant, Syngman Rhee; and the whole country was backward with a terrible reputation for cruelty, especially in the way of executions of political prisoners and their attitude towards prisoners-of-war, or suspect refugees. The rule of thumb was, ‘if in doubt, shoot them’.