Sunday, August 4, 2013

Times Free Press Fires Editor for Obama Critique

The media has turned from the independent 'fourth estate' into an admiration society for a cult of personality, propagandists to pet causes and stenographers of the power structure (take your pick)

Drew Johnson, former editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, joins Tucker Carlson to discuss why he was fired for writing an anti-Obama Editorial Column.


Iran and Hezbollah Behind the Benghazi Attack?

The US is arming and training the Syrian rebels covertly. Increasingly there are indications that the US ambassador and CIA agents in Benghazi were involved in gun running

According to Alex Jones the fearmongering ‘terror alert’ is nothing more than theater to distract from Benghazi.

UPDATE: Dr. Mark Christian from the Global Faith Institute has an alternative reading of events in the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012: it was not an act of Sunni related terrorism, but a nation state assault by a Hezbollah and Iran related Shia group. (Source) More on this likely hypothesis here.