Tuesday, July 16, 2013

South Africa Covering Up White Genocide with False Death Certificates

In South Africa the Apartheidsregime was substituted by a Marxist one party dominated pseudo democracy that justifies reverse racism

Racist collectivism is merely perpetuated, individual rights are violated, wealth is destroyed, justice stands on its head! Part 2 

UPDATE: Murders of whites hidden by fraudulent 'natural death' certificates: Henry Locke shot through heart April 5 2009 and Roy Munk, stabbed to death July 1 2008 (Source) H/t @Nessea_


UPDATE: An article written by Spiegel has turned up, in which she expresses her growing fear of being kidnapped. Until recently these abductions were "relatively innocent, perpetrated by tribesmen to extort the government". "But the government recently changed policy and is no longer willing to pay up. So they re-sell the captured to Al Qaeda". She'd also hate to be the subject of a catch 22: should a government pay up and in so doing stimulate the abduction industry? "Hasn't the government advised against travelling to Yemen?" Judith Spiegel betrays the European slave mentality, in which self defense is limited to "kicking and screaming". Apparently it never entered her mind to arm herself, living as she does in one of the most dangerous parts of the world. Read Judith Spiegel's article here or auto-translate with Google. H/T @KoenVenekamp

Boudewijn Berendsen and Judith Spiegel have been abducted in Yemen. They had been missing since June 7. Mrs Spiegel is a correspondent for a number of news outlets

Video of Berendsen and Spiegel posted on YouTube.com on July 13.

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Postmodern Elite Kills Online Privacy With Internet ID

The Dutch Government is proposing the introduction of an Internet ID system. Regulation will be implemented in the EU first and later in the US and the rest of the world

The introduction of an Internet ID system was adopted as a major point of policy at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference. Bilderberg has since merged with Google BT.

At the initiative of the Junior Minister, Martin Van Rijn @mjrijn the Dutch coalition government of Liberals and Socialists is currently investigating what new avenues of tyranny might be opened up with the introduction of an ID system for the Internet. And what would be a better cover than a good cause?