Friday, June 28, 2013

No Arab Spring, But the 2nd Islamic World War

The Muslim world is preparing for a massive war of Sunnis against Shiites and Christians. Kurds, Druze and Bahais should also prepare for cleansings

Syria is already the battlefield of a proxy war between Shiite Iran, and the Sunni camp led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. 

The Arab Spring has changed the Middle East forever. But not like many think. For reasons best known to themselves Western media hardly ever present the situation as it truly is. This strategic enormity is still being sold to the gullible public as 'democratization'. Secular dictators, more or less sympathetic to liberty and the West, were replaced by theocratic tyrants led by various emanations of the Muslim Brotherhood under the cover of democracy (watch the video who the MB, or the Ikhwan really is). But that's not the only thing. 

Should There Be Laws Against Animal Cruelty?

To answer that one, five other questions must be answered first in order to reduce the concepts to their roots and their basic premises

@YaronBrook answers five, basic philosophical questions everyone should know.

  • What is morality?
  • What are values?
  • What is the purpose of the law?
  • How is law different from morality?
  • What are rights?