Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why American TV is better than European (Romanticism vs. Naturalism)

In art we distinguish today two broad categories: Romanticism, that recognizes free will, and Naturalism, that denies it

Big Brother and Superman.

Naturalists claim that an author must 'reproduce real life', 'as it is', without discrimination and without value judgments.  To 'reproduce' means to 'photograph'; by 'real life' they mean concretes we happen to observe; by 'as it is' they mean, 'like ordinary people live their lives'. But if you watch closely you will see that these Naturalists are very selective when it comes to two attributes of literature: style and characterization. Without selection it would be impossible to picture any character at all, either an unusual man, or an average person, statistically typical for a large segment of the population. This is why the Naturalist opposition against selection is applicable only to one attribute in literature: the content, or the subject. The Naturalist claim is, that the novelist/script writer should not have any choice when it comes to the selection of his subject.

Future of Europe? Greek Poverty in 15 Shocking Pictures

Greek government bonds are at multi-year highs (up 300% in the last year), the Athens Stock Index still up 100% in the last year, and leaders all over the Euro-zone are proclaiming the crisis is over (and that Greece has "made big strides")

The new Greek economic reality.

The sad truth is Greece is rapidly dissolving into a 'fourth world' nation with unemployment rates (broad and youth) at unprecedented levels, poverty widespread, and homelessness rife. Perhaps, as Germany today stated that there will be no more debt reduction for Greece, it is 'math' in the first image that the TROIKA and the Greek representatives should pay special attention to...