Thursday, May 30, 2013

Republicans have a chance to destroy Neo Socialism

Conservatives have a legitimate case for impeachment of Obama, but there's an even better opportunity to cut the Achilles tendon of Big Government

A picture of Richard Nixon, of Watergate memory, superimposed on the face of Barack Obama 

The Obama administration faces at least five major scandals:

Liberty versus Sharia: The People must take the Initiative

This demo for the victim of the brutal murder in Woolwich, London shows that ethnic determinism has no place in Liberty

Rights and Liberty transcend class and race: each tolerant citizen is the owner of his rights and must defend them

Many citizens are well behaved sheeple: if there's a problem they wait for government to solve it. If the law proves inadequate politicians will pass another law, and that is usually the end of the matter.

World Government is Using Iran to Destroy the West

Iran has been appointed Chair of the UN conference on disarmament

The Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinjad is addressing the UN General Assembly

If the appointment of the dictator Ghadaffi as Chair of the Human Rights Commission was insane, the UN is well capable of doing even worse.