Friday, May 10, 2013

Australian Network Dumps Controversial Greenpeace Ad

Greenpeace's eco terrorists are whopping mad with the Australian Nine Network for their  last minute yanking of a seriously expensive recycling commercial.

Russian Billionaire Plans on Making us Immortal by 2045

Dmitry Itskov wants to live forever. The 32-year-old Russian billionaire and media mogul thinks he can do this by building himself (and everyone) an android body by the year 2045.

There are a few flaws to Itskov’s idea, but that hasn’t stopped more than 20,000 people from publicly supporting the site outlining his plan of using android bodies for immortality. Dubbed the 2045 Initiative, Itskov is selling his idea as the "next step" in human evolution, or "neo-humanity," as he refers to it.

(Defster Note: Ofcourse none of the exciting technologies of the future will happen if we let the pomo's and neo-luddist premo's win.)

POMOLAND UNDER ATTACK: 2 Twitter Accounts Suspended

Follow our back-up account! @PomoBattle

Looks like our Twitter account @Pomoland may have been suspended, courtesy of the #EUSSR twitter trolls!

Update: @objectivist_def also suspended, 30 minutes after this tweet!  (Translation: Bilderberg has suspended @pomoland. It's all very logical. Bilderberg 2013 starts in 1 month, they're silencing pomie just in case.

Update: This is what happened 1 month ago

No Hawking Hoax, But Moral Cowardice

 The Hawking Hoax: May 9, 2013, 1:52 am