Thursday, April 25, 2013

BREAKING: Boston Bombers Also Wanted To Bomb Times Sq. NY

Mayor Bloomberg has just confirmed in a presser that the two Boston bombing suspects also planned to set off a further six explosives in New York's Times Square. Authorities have surveillance material of Dzhokhar on Times Sq. in April last year. He's been there twice.

BREAKING: Frenchman Kills 3, Shouts Allahu Akhbar, Motive Unclear

Around 2PM l.t. today a 20 year old 'young man' shot dead three people with a hunting rifle in the town of Istres in Southern France. A fourth was seriously wounded.According to RTL Radio the suspect "is posturing as a follower of the terror organization Al Qaeda" *LOL* The police have not been able to confirm it.

Call It What It Is: Islamic Terrorism!

Politically Correct BBC Bowing Down Before the Faithful

Last month during Comic Relief, Rowan Atkinson LOLLED the Archbishop of Canterbury in a rather good sketch.


Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck promised last week he would reveal important new information on his radio and TV shows about the Boston Bombings. This is the second batch of information he divulged on his radio show today. Read the first part here

Boston Marathon and the Mysterious Saudi

Nigel Farage: EU Federalism is the New Communism