Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cartoon: Day By Day


White House Vows to Destroy NORK Nukes

Not. As Sec. of State Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warn Iran that it will not be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapons and Iran marks 'National Nuclear Day' with a new uranium-processing site, the Virtual President - Bill Wittle - states categorically that any NORK nuke will be bestroyed before it leaves the launching pad.

How To Start Prepping: Top 10 List

Virulent Anti West Journo Arrested in Egypt

*LOL* @RenaNetjes, a virulent anti West and anti Israel journo has been arrested in Cairo for the crime of 'foisting Western values on Egyptians' *MEGA ROFLOL* The Dutch freelance journo and Arabic scholar is married to an Eyptian and is working for a number of news outlets.