Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BIG Truths Revealed by the Cyprus Blunder

The bailout blunder on Cyprus has revealed a number of dramatic facts of reality, all game changers in themselves alone. But how did Cyprus get into trouble? Apart from a BIG Government, BIG Spending commie as President (since voted out of office), their banks got a haircut of 75 percent in the Greek crisis! But no one cried foul at the time, because the victims were faceless investors, filthy rich people and financial institutions. So who TF cared?

Netanyahu's LOL Revenge on Obama

The Mail Online is wondering why the Israeli Embassy is using the "Golden Girls" theme tune in a "bizarre official video" to declare Obama and Netanyahu's relationship "unbreakable". Really?
Looks like a carefully tweaked diplomatic insult to convey the message that any one looking for such footage IRL will come up empty handed *RRROFLOL*