Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is There a Future for Modern Civilization? 2/2

Continued from part 1/2
So where do we go after this crypto official destruction program? The aim of this blog is critiquing pOmo memes and ideas wherever we may find them. pOmo as a mode of thought was made possible by the philosophical revolution of the Counter Enlightenment; the foundation of which was laid by Rousseau, Kant and Hegel, building on Platonic premises. Under its influence the mode of thought in Western civilization over time shifted from full integration to full desintegration in a matter of under two centuries.

Rise Up: A Great Australian Explains MultiCult

'Why Multiculturalism is a Failure,' a speech by Daniel Nalliah, President of the Rise Up Australia Political Party (subscribe on YT). He's clearing up a number of misconceptions, among the most glaring, the cover up of the true meaning of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equally valid.