Friday, November 1, 2013

Neo Nazi Party Members Shot in Athens

Three members of the extreme right wing Golden Dawn Party were shot tonight. Two are dead, one of whom a party official, a third man was wounded 

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is increasingly mainstream. Watch the video

Two members of Golden Dawn have reportedly been shot dead outside the party's offices in the northern Athens neighborhood of Neo Iraklio. One of the two men shot dead is reported to be the secretary of the local party office. According to unconfirmed reports the men were shot by gunmen who were on a motorcycle and wearing helmets. A third victim was reportedly injured. Police are at the scene and have cordoned off the area. 

According to Greek media AK47s were used in the attack. The identity of the perpetrators is not known. 

Spokesman for the Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris MP called the attack an act of terrorism. He said in a commentary on national television that the police is an accomplice in the murder because the party members were not protected. 

In separate statement the party held Public Order Minister, Nikos Dendias directly responsible because he hasn't offered the party any police protection. 

In September the leftist hiphop artist Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by a member of Golden Dawn. After the murder the Public Prosecutor ordered an investigation into the party.

Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and eight other MPs recently lost parliamentary immunity. Michaloliakos and two other MPs are in custody. They are suspected of membership of a criminal organization.