Saturday, November 15, 2014

60 Jailed in Gouda For Protesting Black Pete

The postmodernist activists waging war on Black Pete are going for the kill this year. Even the UN and the international media joined battle. Yet scant research in ethnographic sources testifies to quite different roots than racism and slavery.

The public debate hasn't stopped for over a year, with politicians and judges entering the fray, upto the highest judicial Court entering a correct verdict earlier this week that the appearance of Black Pete isn't up to the rulers to decide. But postmodern protesters, with in their wake a host of 'antifascist' activists have not given up. Crying children, scared to death and a people squarely behind the popular figure of Black Pete, even if dressed up like a politically correct Gouda cheese. 

During the war in 1941 the RAF dropped candy boxes showing Black Pete spanking Adolf Hitler.

Nov. 13, 2013

Dutch Embassy in D.C. Preempts Racial Sensitivities

An angry info babe at CNN plays the race card. 

UPDATE: While the pomo anti Black Pete lobby continues to ignore the ancient roots of the festival, His Majesty's Embassy in Washington is banning Black Pete "due to sensitivities in the United States in this area". Huh? Who knew the Obama made official complaints? The speed with which the Foreign Office is preventively banning Black Pete says all you need to know about the cabal between the postmodern intellectual elite and politics. (Source, Dutch)

Nov. 22, 2013

ABC Reporting on Non Racist Origin of Black Pete

Contrary to CNN, rival ABC has reported on Santa's scary sidekicks and the Krampus (video) (scroll down to log on Oct. 23 for details). But in relation to the racist allegations against Black Pete, oddly enough Scheers documentary "Wild Geraas" (a reference to the awful noise produced by the Krampus to scare away the evil spirits) is being boycotted by Dutch public television. Perhaps the postmodern intellectual and political cabal does not want people to know about the non existent relationship between Black Pete, slavery and racism? Oh Noes! Yah think? Scheers' English language website Santa Unmasked.

ABC News item about primitive local St Nick rituals in Europe

Nov. 21, 2013

UN Wants Open Debate on Dutch Traditions

The UN is an amoral and statist institution. Neither the UN nor the government has any authority over the celebrations of free citizens. The Dutch PM, Mark Rutte, has admitted as much. But the Left in the country and the UN reject natural law. The Dutch meanwhile are fed up to the teeth with the hold a postmodern intellectual and political cabal has over their private lives. The 'independent' UN commission - part of the infamous Human Rights Council, haven't understood that yet! 
The UN Commission investigating Black Pete is calling on the Dutch government to facilitate an open debate. The members of the commission say they have been threatened and insulted. They want some respect for the opponents of the ancient, 'racist' festival (Declaration by the commission chaired by Professor Verene Shepherd).
Update: Even the Minister for Social Affairs (whose portfolio this dossier apparently is), Louis Asscher (Labor) has declined the UN invitation. "We are already having a debate". Indeed, has been going on for weeks on end! (Source, Dutch)

Nov. 20, 2013

Preconception at the UN commission: 'Black Pete must stop'

The chairperson of the UN commission on Dutch folklore has declared that: 
As a black person, had I lived in the Netherlands, I would have resisted against it. My personal opinion is, that things like this should not be happening in the 21st Century. It is insulting (...) (Source, Dutch)
The chairperson, Verene Shepherd from Jamaica (UN page on human rights in Jamaica) is like Quinsy Gario a product of cultural Marxist gender and identity studies. She probably doesn't care about the Germanic Wodan's Heir or the Persian Hajji Piruz. Postmodernists reason from the subject, not the object. They don't care one iota about black people, racism or Black Pete; it's WHO celebrates the festival that matters: the heirs of Dutch slave keepers who thought up Black Pete in 1850 to humiliate black people. That's the narrative; the facts are irrelevant. As far as professor Shepard is concerned there is nothing to investigate, because she equates St. Nicolas with Santaclaus and Santaclaus is Christian, the religion of the power structure and therefore must die!

Nov. 19, 2013

BLACK PETE: DISCRIMINATING OR FASCINATING? A ethnographic and historical investigation into the origins of Black Pete, by @MarcelBas (Scroll down to log on Oct. 24, 2013).

Nov. 18, 2013

Django command is taking responsibility for Black Pete hat attack on the Slavery Memorial

Activists of the Django Command say Black Pete is a symbol of racism that enabled slavery in the past and the exploitation and discrimination of illegal immigrants and non whites today.

Meet the politically correct rainbow Pete

Nov. 16, 2013

Operation Kill Black Pete straight from the pomo playbook

Now that Nic and Pete have arrived in the country, let's have a look at what's actually going on here...

I'll be glad when December 6 is over", tweets @Aknook

After December 6 when Sint Nicolas is over we'll proceed with the destruction of Christmas. Guinsy Gario's action against Black Pete is a classic pomo attack characterized by misdirection: people believe this is about Black Pete and racism, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Operation Kill Black Pete the intellectual and the political elites are covertly cooperating in a moral matter that is none of their business. The weapon is political correctness. The target: Western values. It's straight from the playbook Kill Liberty, Reason and Individualism.

Tweet by the postmodern poet Quinsy Gario, the initiator of this war on Black Pete, reads:
"To typefy the result of racism a constructed identity is called gas light"

 Nov. 5, 2013

@MarcelBas writes reference work on the source of Black Pete

Is Black Pete an essentially racist phenomenon? This frequent question is taking us through the mists of time to the world of folk rituals and pre Christian ghosts. Bas will not take us to the historical Zwarte Piet of slavery and the 1850s. We'll travel much further backwards in time. Long before our ancesters had ever seen black people or even been christened, our folklore was populated by Black Petes. And not just around in these parts, but in many places around Europe's colorful past. The question is answered if Black Pete is at root racist or not. (Source, Dutch)

Hajji Piruz is the herald of Nowruz, the ancient New Year in Persia. He is the Master of Ceremonies and probably a remnant of the Zoroastrian Keeper of the Fire (scroll down to log on Oct. 20, 2013 ).

Oct. 24, 2013

'Black Pete is Wodan's Wild Heir'

According to researcher @MarcelBas author of the book ZWARTE PIET: DISCRIMINEREND OF FASCINEREND?' ('Black Pete: discriminating or fascinating') (scroll to November 5, 2013) John Helsloot of the Meertens Instituut is at the epicentre of postmodern Black Pete revisionism. 
"Helsloot has unearthed a 19th Century source (a schoolmaster called Jan Schenkman) as an early reference of "a negro with black curly hair as the companion of Sint Nic." Many wealthy Amsterdam merchants saw black servants were a status symbol. Helsloot's source is presented as proof for the "racist phenomenon". 
According to Bas the origin of Black Pete is quite different: 
"(...) groups of men emulated the Germanic god Wodan and his Wild Heir (Wild Army, Wild Hunt). These were prominent men who had military-religious tribal rolls. They were said to be able to channel the Wild Heir, dead fighters who, as creatures of the Underworld, had blackened faces. The blessings of Wodan ensured the prosperity of the tribe. Santaclaus is Wodan and the Black Petes emulate the dead Underworld warriors. During the Middle Ages the Church replaced Wodan with Saint Nicolas. The belief was deeply rooted: the white horse and the black men were impossible to christianize. So the black man ended up as a demon, called Pete or Peter."
Read it all on Marcel Bas' blog, De Roepstem (Dutch).

Oct. 23, 2013

Origin of Black Pete is a Middle European demon

The traces of Black Pete are moving further and further away from the trans Atlantic slave trade and the Dutch delta. After the Hajji Piruz from pre Islamic Persia we are looking today at a very scary figure, the Middle European Krampus. The what?

The Krampus is an ancient demon from the Alpine region. The word is from the Old High Germanic root, 'claw', Krampen. The Krampus is the Alpine companion of Saint Nicolas. During the first two weeks of December young men dress up as the Krampus. On the evening of December 5 they swarm the streets and scare children and women with corroded bells and chains. The racket is supposed to scare the evil spirits of mid winter. In rural areas the Krampus chases young women with brooms. ALERT! SCARY, GORE AND GRAPHIC (Wiki) (images

WILD GERAAS is a documentary about the origins of Santaclaus and Black Pete. 

Meet a Naija incarnation of the blackface character ever-present in the Dutch story of Sinterklaas. But this Zwarte Piet is more than just a fleeting holiday figure

He's Africa's answer to hassle-free migration to Europe! (Source) H/t @WhatsUpAfrica

October 20, 2013

Eureka! The prime source of Black Pete. But can he save Santaclaus? 

The Dutch are thinking of their version of Santaclaus - Sint Nicolas, or Sinterklaas - as typical national folklore. The postmodern soldiers combatting racist Black Pete - Zwarte Piet - for reasons best known to themselves have revised history to bring the source forward to 1850, relating it to the time of the trans Atlastic slave trade, abolished in the Dutch territory of Surinam in 1863. 

Of course it is possible to ignore the earlier sources and focus on the racial aspects the legend may have had to some in the past: we must respect the feelings of others, but this can be explained or it can be exploited. 

On a personal level I am quite unattached to the folklore. I feel perfectly situated to look at the issue objectively. But I can say here and now that 99 out of 100 Dutch have no evil racist intentions. I think in fact their color blindness speaks in their favor. That's real melting pot!

The attack on Black Pete is led by the poet Guinsy Gario, who is rooted in postmodern identity studies. It hardly gets more pomo than this!  The pomo war is directed at Western culture and its weapon is political correctness: the aim is demoralization, in order to break the will to exist.

Having looked to the intentions from both sides, let's see what we can find out about the historical sources. 

Agios Nikolaos was an early Church Father and Bishop of Myra. After his death on December 6, 343 his body was buried in Greco-Roman Asia Minor (Turkey, before the arrival of the Turks). Islam would not come into existence for centuries. When it did in 1087 the body was moved to Bari in Southern Italy.

Not much is known about his life. He is said to have performed miracles and is the patron saint of mariners, travellers, children, thieves, virgins and prostitutes. After 1087 the cult spread to Naples, Rome, Spain, France, England, Scandinavia, Iceland, Flanders and the Netherlands. 

Originally the holiday was chiefly a religious festival. After the reformation in the 16th century the celebrations of saints were prohibited as papist. But the St. Nicolas name day celebrations adapted to the new circumstances and became acceptable to all religious denominations as a generous beneficiary of children. (Source, Dutch)

In the monastic schools during the Middle Ages in the days following Christmas a tradition of 'the reverse world' developed, in which children got to rule the schools. A boy was made Bishop and children were allowed what was normally forbidden. The festival ended up as the holiday of the Innocent Children, celebrated on December 28 (make a mental note here). (Source, Dutch)

In the 13th and 14th Century the festival merged with the Saint Nicolas' name day on December 6, combining the elements of the Bishop, presents, children and sweets. Under the influence of Calvinism Sint Nic became a more main stream, educational and moralistic figure.

But what is the origin of Black Pete, Zwarte Piet? According to legends he was a demon who was tamed and subdued by a saint and made to perform good works. There's also a story about Piter, a freed Ethiopian orphan slave who after being freed remained in the service of the old Bishop out of gratitude.

According to an explanation rooted in the 17th and 18th Century black servants (Moors) became all the rage in the European aristocracy. This is supposed to explain the racist roots. Another story connects Black Pete to Italian chimney sweeps whose faces were blackened by soot. Hence the attributes of a broom and a sack (to collect the soot). (Source, Dutch)

Other sources mention a Germanic demon as the origin. But the puzzle is really falling into place with information from an unexpected source: Persia, with Zoroastrian roots. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which is celebrated as far afield as Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbayjan, FYROM, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan. We have now arrived hundreds of years before common era.

The story of the Hāji Piruz or Hajji Piruz, (Persian: حاجی پیروز) is reminiscent of the feast of the Innocent Children on December 28 and the French and British Lord of Misrule (rooted in the Saturnalia). This may explain the unruly reputation of the celebrations which were such an affront to the protestant Calvinists.

This historical background will probably not interest Black Pete's opponents. The only thing they care about are the racist connotations of the 1850s. But we have now traced back the roots to 10 Centuries before the event of Christianity. The folklore isn't even Dutch, but Indo-European and came to North Western Europe by way of Greece and Rome.

David Sedaris in "Six to Eight Black Men" on the phenomenon, Sinterklaas @ 03:50"