Sunday, November 17, 2013

Americans and Dutch Building Libertarian Floating City

Combining Dutch water engineering and the American pioneering spirit the Seasteading Institute is building crowd funded cities of the future on the high sees

Joe Quirk is calling for contribution to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Floating City Project to help pay for an innovative engineering design contracted to DeltaSync.

For five years the Seasteading Institute has been conducting research into the potential for permanent, innovative communities – floating at sea. They believe humanity needs a new, blue frontier, where man can be free to demonstrate new ways of life. They have now reached their first funding goal of $ 27,000.
If you dream of living in a small floating city and can afford the cost of living in a major metropolis, please donate. The Thiel foundation has generously doubled the amount to $54,000 to pay for the first designs contracted to the Dutch engineering company DeltaSync founded by Rutger de Graaf and Katrina Czapiewska. (Dutch)


Residents could soon live in international waters, and enjoy the "freedom of the high seas." As the last unclaimed territory on the earth, the ocean provides the ability to fulfill man's dreams without the encyclopedia of laws and tangle of bureaucracies that are present on land. A seasteader can start fresh and live with minimal regulation. Residents can explore a revolutionary opportunity for civilization – a bold experiment with personal freedom.

Economic Opportunities

As Earth’s final frontier, the ocean offers radical possibilities for some of your boldest economic dreams. From harnessing the immense stores of energy and nutrients, to serving the global demand for financial, medical, and human services, seasteading will give to rise many 21st century fortunes. International waters offer a more friendly regulatory environment, and allow for worldwide recruitment of entrepreneurs, investment capital, and top talent. The oceans are already the superhighway of trade – seastead real estate will be optimally located to tap into the bloodlines of a globalized planet.


Seasteading sees experimentation as the source of all progress. Residents of the first floating city, will set the course for others to follow. In the coming decades hundreds of thousands of people will move to the sea to be a part of a global change based on personal choice, environmental responsibility, and economic opportunity. After reviewing early input from survey responses, The Seasteading Institute begun honing our plans for what could become the world’s first seastead city. 

Floating City Brochure