Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How Our Monetary System Works and Why It Must Fail

Something isn't right with the economy. Apart from a few happy positivos, we all know that. It isn't just economic and monetary policy. The problem is structural and systemic

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In a free banking system, banks will issue their own currencies, as was historically the case. The market will determine which currency will eventually dominate and become the standard. This currency may, or may not be backed up by gold or silver. The central bank would be abolished. 

Read: "The Bitter Fruits of Immoral Monetary Policies", by the economist Dr John Charalambakis - Nederlands

"We should have left the banks die
"The euro is the most dysfunctional currency in the world
"It was the Fed who saved Deutsche Bank… Had we known that Deutsche Bank had a liquidity problem in 2009, the European Union would have collapsed within six months"

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