Friday, October 11, 2013

Glenn Beck Warns of a Coup in the Republican Party

A war is going on in the GOP for the heart of the Republican Party. The old 'progressive' guard is battling it out with Libertarian minded upstarts like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee

Glenn Beck on Tuesday theorized as to why the "old guard" of the Republican Party are hell bent on destroying the young Turks.

Glenn Beck shared a story with viewers on Wednesday that he’s been keeping close to the vest since before the 2012 election, explaining that he's been waiting for the right time to say what exactly happened, and what it means for the country. (...) 
"There was a coup during the election, and it was powerful (...) They were trying to get rid of the libertarian, Tea Party-minded power players, and first and foremost on that hit list was Matt Kibbe and his allies. They didn’t like the fact that FreedomWorks was cleaning house in the GOP…that they were targeting people like Orrin Hatch. It didn’t sit well with the Karl Roves of the GOP world…"

Beck spoke about the ramifications of the 'coup' for the 2012 election, remarking: "So don’t tell me, GOP and John Cornyn and everybody else, about how FreedomWorks hurt the election. You tied their hands during the last election."

And now, Beck said, "the exact same thing – the same people really – are doing this" within the Republican Party at large — particularly in the United States Senate. 
"Anyone in Congress or the Senate who associates with FreedomWorks, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Tea Party, anybody, anybody is being targeted by the same class of establishment Republican progressives (...) They do not like it when you organize. They do not like it when you choose the candidates that you actually want." 
Beck added that it’s the same reason lawmakers are not truly pursuing the IRS' targeting of small government groups, because progressives on both sides "want that tool in place…to come after people like you."