Saturday, October 26, 2013

October EUCO: Germany Gets Its Way On Federalism

The agenda for the October EUCO focusses on the Digital Economy, Economic and Social Policy, the Eastern Partnership Summit, and Lampedusa. Exciting, what?

Nigel Farrage yesterday during the Strassbourg session of the EP ripped into the covert federal agenda that demonizes anyone supportive of the nation state 

UPDATE: Another EUCO has come and gone and the results are as ever the same: encroaching federalism at the expense of national sovereignty:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (25 October) said fellow EU leaders during a summit in Brussels have "accepted the principle" of binding reform contracts that will transfer further sovereignty from a national level to the European Commission. Merkel was cautious not to make "false promises" that a deal on this extra level of EU scrutiny will be achieved already in December, as details still need to be ironed out. "But there is a clear commitment that we want to go beyond the current procedures in the European Semester," she said (Source)

Watch here how the chair of the European Parliament, comrade Schulz makes a fool of himself in a debate with former Deputy PM of Slovakia Richard Sulik. Schulz argues he was elected by 754 MEPs while Sulik represents 300,000 actual voters

Richard Sulik was called off after his party dared to vote against a loan to Greece. The government fell and Slovakia was forced to vote again and 'get it right'.

Oct. 24, 2013

Europe Yawns and Slumbers On

The Digital Agenda comes on the basis of a presentation from President Barroso. The Conclusions will focus on three aspects: investment, promoting a consumer-friendly digital single market and improving skills. This is how this agenda is communicated to the European citizen. Just so you know. *yawn*

The press are all over the one hot issue, that of the American National Security Agency (NSA) spying in the French, the Dutch and the German Chancellor Merkel, who arrived this afternoon in style, in a limousine marked 007.

Case you're wondering how Europeans are reacting to these attacks on their privacy and free speech, watch this.

Oct. 23, 2013

Europarliament Secretly Approves Extending Budget by €2,7 billion

UPDATE:  @LucasHarting reported as follows:

- The EuroParliament regrets but it can't accept the short fall in the budget; 
- The budget for 2013 provided by the member states was simply inadequate;
- Follows a litany of complaints about the European Council and the member states.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten is reporting that a special commission of the European Parliament last night secretly approved extra funding of the Commission to the tune of 2,7 billion euros. The meeting was behind closed doors and was not recorded (...) The President of the Commission, Barossso on Monday threatened the EU with insolvency. (Source)

Oct. 22, 2013

EU: Forget Shut Down, Pass the Bill to the Citizens!


@LucasHartong Ha! Horse trading in de Budget Commission has started, even before voting has begun. The European Parliament thinks the member states are to blame for this deficit.

@LucasHartong But the Commission and the Parliament are overspending. They refuse to make any cuts and rejected austerity. It's that simple.

During the meeting of the Budget Commission of the European Parliament on Thursday October 17 it transpired the Union has run up a substantial shortfall. Lucas Hartong MEP for (Geert Wilders') Freedom Party: 
"In 2013 it appears the EU has run up an expendure of 20 billion euros on the socalled 'Cohesion fund', money it didn't have. The bill is passed on to the member states requesting additional funding. For the Netherlands this amounts to some 890.000.000 euros. The bill for their misrule is once again passed to the hard working citizen. The Freedom Party is wondering, when will this stop?  (Source)

October 21, 2013

Budget Crisis in the EU! Shut Down Imminent! 

Crisis in the EU! Let me give you the shortest possible translation of these tweets by Dutch Members of the European Parliament:

  • @WimvandeCamp I never applaud Cohn Bendit: today I do: from November 15 the EU isn't able to pay its bills. This became known this moring at 07: 30 AM

  • @LucasHartong The EP chairman Schulz got a call from Barosso: "Coffers empty half November". Hope that's true! #EUshutdown

  • @LucasHartong All kinds of procedures are being put into operation to force national member states to pay for the misrule of others.

  • @LucasHartong Tomorrow extra session of budgetary commission. Stance of (Wilders') Freedom Party as usual: citizen is fed up with the EU.

Let's pour some cold water on this baby: the EU isn't the US. The EU doesn't have a legal debt ceiling or a government shut down. What they'll simply do is shake down the member states. Never worry. This show will go on!