Monday, August 19, 2013

White-Washing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The narrative of the meanstream media and the politically correct classes on the situation in Egypt has now started to chrystalize. And lo and behold.. it's a worn out template

Some of the new media, like Sun News of Canada, offer a sound perspective. But they are the exception to the rule. 

After the Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia governments ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood came to power by democratic means. But as much as democrats have sanctioned them, the Ikhwan or the Muslim Brotherhood, is not a normal political party. It isn't, because it's subversive in nature and aims to use democracy (i.e. the ballot box) to come to power, and then use that power to replace democratic values with Islamic ones. 

Gaza, Iran and Nazi Germany have shown that a dictatorship can come to power democratically and can indeed function more or less as the software within a totalitarian system. This must be the different approach to democracy we have been hearing so much about as the cited alternative to the foreign policy of the neocons!

As we have seen, Mohammed Morsi was well on his way of accomplishing a system after the Iranian model, in which a body of clergy have the final say in all matters concerning legislation (time line of one year Morsi rule).

That Morsi's rule had no popular mandate became clear when millions of Egyptians put their signatures on a declaration of no confidence (watch the video on Demorats Must Support Regime Change in Egypt). 

When the military enacted the will of the people, many democrats ignored that fact and condemned the 'coup'. Not only did they negate the popular will, but they also evaded the fact that Morsi was well on his way to scrap the basic rights of the Egyptian people!

This may come as a surprise to democrats, but rights are primary to the ballot box! A popular vote can't ever legitimize the violation of rights, as opponents of the 'popular coup' now implicitly seem to acknowledge. (Not that they will ever concede that if you ask them to.)

Then the bodies started piling up. Democrats scrambled to condemn the violence. It was regrettable. But if you face an internal force for evil aiming to take down the state, that prefers death over life and is gladly willing to sacrifice as many people as it takes and turns them into martyrs, the spilling of blood becomes inevitable.

On the other hand, the same democrats were silent about the violent deaths of 43 police officers in the line of duty. Here's an incomplete list of Christians butchered, churches torched and triests abducted.

The excuse the MusBros have offered for this carnage was the fact that the Coptic Church had given their support to the ousting of Morsi. They have done so again after the bloody events. In other words, it's revenge and intimidation. It is not possible to build a democratic state with such people. 

Journalists like Robert Fisk don't care. Here he is on MusBro media -  Al Jazeera - laying out the narrative of the mainstream media to the low information crowd. It rests on two basic moral fallacies: that 'the military' are intrinsically evil and that those 'voted' into power are intrincally good. Neither is true by definition.

Fisk lays out in cynical tones the narrative we can expect to hear ad nauseam in the future: 

Reality according to Fisk and the mainstream media: 

massacres are (subjectively) 'normal'
Obama (marked for evil)
EU (marked for evil)
MusBro are 'children' of Egypt (i.e. ordinary citizens)
MusBro killer mobs are vigilantes

police wearing hoods (because of the cold?)
military = Assad (qua narrative, 'demonization' of innocents)
coup is illegitimate (morally and legally)
terrorism is not fact, but demonization
Israel and Bush are at root to blame
any form of violence is rejected, whether offensive or in self-defense

MosBro, like opposition in Syria, is largely peaceful
"you must see the MusBro in a romantic light"
compared to the Salafis the MusBro are "liberals"
deflecting responsibility by blaming outside forces is "Egyptian pride"

Morsi malgovernance 
includes turning Sinai into a terrorist rat nest
MusBro is a radical Islamist organization
MusBro massacre of policemen and paramilitary
genocide on Christians
torching of churches, orphanages, libraries, shops, etc.
abductions of priests

This is nothing new. This is precisely how in the past the atrocities of the Russian Revolution and of the Lenin and Stalin era were apologized; how the Nazis were initially applauded as progressives; this is how they excused Mao and the other 'agrarian' revolutions of the Far East.

It's no different from the championship of the so-called 'freedom fighters' of the ETA, the IRA and Fatah and all those other Palestinian offshoots; and the Khomeinists in Iran; as well as Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad before they fell from grace because these days they prefer Islamists and Jihadists to secular fascists and Socialists.

This is how the white-washing of over 110 million dead bodies looks like; this is the ugly face of utter moral bankruptcy.