Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Papua Activists Hoist Flag Over Border Post

Following the opening of offices in Oxford (UK) and The Hague, countries round the world are now supporting the cause of autonomy for West Papua from Indonesia

Full version of the critically acclaimed undercover documentary, 'Forgotten Bird of Paradise'. The film provides a rare and moving insight into the ongoing struggle for freedom being fought by the West Papua people against Indonesian colonial rule. For over 45 years the people of West Papua have suffered in silence. Slowly their voice is starting to be heard. Documentary produced by Dancing Turtle Films.

UPDATE: Gunmen believed to be from a separatist group attacked a border post between Indonesian Papua and Papua New Guinea on Thursday, taking down the Indonesian flag and hoisting a banned separatist flag in its place. Reports said that the gunmen, suspected to be members of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) fired on the post in the Gunung Pawa area from under the cover of the thick jungle. No one was hit in the gunfire, but the border officials fled, allowing the gunmen to run down to the post, tear down the Indonesian flag and put up the Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) flag — a banned symbol of the area’s decades-long separatist struggle. The gunmen also set fire to a number of kiosks around the border post. A joint police-military patrol arrived at the post soon after, but by then the gunmen had fled back into the cover of the forest. (Source)

Statement by Benny Wenda (Source)

Oct. 27, 2013

Docu on West Papua's Struggle for Independence

This article accompanying Al Jazeera's program People & Power provides an outline of the historical background on the cause of independence for West Papua H/t @Hennie070

When the Dutch decolonised their East Indies empire after the Second World War they handed it all to the emergent country of Indonesia - all except the territory of West Papua, which forms one half of New Guinea, the second largest island on Earth. This remarkable landmass - split neatly by colonial powers into West Papua and Papua New Guinea - is like few other places in the world. (Source)


Al Jazeera's People & Power investigates one of the world's most forgotten conflicts - the West Papuan struggle for independence.

Oct. 22, 2013

Indonesian Military Open Fire on Papuan Students

Following mass protests throughout West Papua in support of the formation of the all-party parliamentary group for West Papua, the anniversary of the founding of IPWP and a speech at the UN in support of West Papua by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, Papuan students have been terrorised and attacked this morning by members of the Indonesian military and police with some wearing plainclothes. At 5:15 this morning in Jayapura, West Papua, scores of Indonesian military (TNI) and police marched into the dormitory courtyard of the Cenderawasih University (UNCEN). With most of the students still sleeping, the military aimed 5 shots at the dormitories and all the students ran out of their rooms in fear with many jumping through the windows to escape the bullets. (Source)

Oct. 11, 2013

Petition for Freedom of the Press in West Papua

Update: 9 October 2013 "Days after thousands of Avaaz members joined this campaign, the Indonesian Governor of West Papua said he'll welcome foreign journalists for the first time in decades! This is an incredible step -- now let's make sure it comes true by getting a film crew in right away!" 
Just over a week ago, Indonesian police opened deadly fire on a market place in West Papua, injuring three. It was one of many brutal attacks on indigenous people that goes unreported because of a complete media blackout. But now a story about the violence has leaked, giving us a chance to break the blackout and begin the fight for peace.

Indonesia's violent occupation of Papua has been going on for decades and over 500,000 people have been killed. Those that speak up against it are thrown into prison, tortured and exiled. The media blackout is a key tool the Indonesian government uses to keep the world from condemning their violence.

But journalists are clamouring to get in, and the most recent leaked story is helping to build the pressure. Our voices now could tip the balance and force the government to open the borders to the press. Indonesia's blanket of silence allows the occupation to continue. But our call now could change everything. Sign now to shine a light on the silent genocide. (Source)

August 15, 2013


Following the opening of an office in Oxford, the Netherlands followed suit on August 15. Several other countries round the world are supporting the cause of autonomy for West Papua 

Global campaign for Liberty in West Papua is kicking off! 


Aug. 5, 2013

Following the establishment of an OPM office in Oxford, UK earlier this year, on 15 August an OPM office will be opened in The Netherlands. Spokesman for the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Wim Rocky said that diplomats and politicians in The Netherlands and several other countries round the world which colonised Indonesia, support the idea of setting up OPM offices abroad.

Wim Rocky said that the activities of the new office will follow the practices of the office in London: "We will urge our people to organise peaceful demonstrations."

It so happens that the date of the opening is just two days before 17 August which is the day of the proclamation of the Indonesian state. When asked whether this was their intention, Wim Rocky said: "The date of the opening was suggested by Dutch diplomats. It has nothing to do with what happened on 17 August more than fifty years ago."

Rocky also said that the KNPB will not do anything to disturb activities being planned by the Indonesian Government on 17 August, but will focus on what will be happening in The Netherlands this year.

He also said that in the coming months, other countries will be asked about having an OPM office in their country. Furthermore, the KNPB intends to approach the Indonesian Government about the possibility of setting up an OPM office in Jakarta.

Asked about the visit to Papua by the Dutch ambassador earlier this year when he said that his government supports the idea that Papua should remain a part of Indonesia, Rocky said this was just a "political trick" which is also played by other governments.

He warned Indonesia not to be taken in by such statements. "Is it not a fact that even though the British government has close relations with Indonesia, the establishment of the OPM office there has gone ahead." Rocky then said: "Indonesia needs to be 'open-hearted' and should acknowledge the fact that it has suffered a diplomatic defeat."

Here's a brief historical background: after Indonesia became independent from the Netherlands in 1949 the Dutch part of the island (West Papua) would become a separate state. But during the Cold War Indonesia adroitly played the free world against the Soviets and the United States, the Netherlands and Australia were forced to accept that Indonesia annexed the territory. But West Papua has never given up its legitimate claim to independence. 

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