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Dec. 28, 2013

3 Star General: 'Muslim Brotherhood Inside Pentagon'

U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, in a recent World Net Daily radio interview, confirmed that people with high security clearances connected to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions in every major federal agency including the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization that has vowed the destruction of America from within. Click here to hear radio clip. (Source)

Dec. 25. 2013

Complaint of Human Rights Crimes Against Obama

According to Egyptian newspaper El Watan, a group of Egyptian lawyers has submitted a complaint charging U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. The complaint charges Obama of being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood, which incited widespread violence in Egypt both before and after the June 30 Revolution. Along with Obama, the complaint reproduced by El Watan mentions several Brotherhood members by name, beginning with the leader of the organization Muhammad Badie, and other top ranking leaders such as Mohamed al-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian, and Safwat Hegazi, adding that “Obama cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity in the period from 3/7/2013-8/18/2013, in the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

Oct. 13, 2013

Obama Regime Cuts Off Aid to Egypt

In a deal brokered by the Egyptian military just before they took over, the Saudi's agreed to make up the balance of US aid that would be withheld by the Obama regime. 
The Obama administration was criticized by an Egyptian government official Thursday in the wake of its decision to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and military aid in response to the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi and the crackdown by the military-backed government on his supporters. "The decision was wrong. Egypt will not surrender to American pressure and is continuing its path towards democracy as set by the roadmap,'' Foreign Ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty told an Egyptian radio station, according to Reuters. The State Department announced the decision late Wednesday afternoon, after press reports emerged that an aid cut-off was imminent. (Source)

Oct. 9, 2013

Capture of Al Libi (MB) Smells of a Rat

In the early hours of Saturday Oct. 5 US forces in Tripoli/Libya seized a militant known as Abu Anas al-Libi, a long-sought al-Qaeda operative indicted in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. (...) Al-Libi, whose real name is Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, has a deeply complicated personal history which includes ties with Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and an Egyptian-American double agent name Ali Mohamed who became a U.S. Army instructor at Ft. Bragg before training extremists for bin Laden.  (...) Clare Lopez provides a detailed account of the historical background behind al-Libi in an article in The Clarion Project. The in-depth information also includes his close working relationship with Christopher Stevens who was killed with three other Americans in a raid in Benghazi last year. (Benghazi Live Blog)

As Lopez points out, al-Libi is expected to be interrogated about al Qaeda operations in Libya by the FBI aboard the USS San Antonio where he is being held. On the surface that sounds encouraging until you realize that Chris Stevens had been sending cables back from Libya since June of 2008. You can read Stevens messages in Die Hard in Derna to learn even greater insights into the events leading up to the Benghazi attacks. Which then begs the question, why get al-Libi now? John Kerry said, “You can run but you can’t hide.” The problem is, al-Libi wasn’t hiding. They captured him out in the open in his driveway. So, why now? It’s a legitimate question that just doesn’t pass the smell test. (Source)

Oct. 4, 2013

US, West Continue Disastrous Support of Muslim Brotherhood

In spite of its demise in Egypt, Tunisia and the dire situation now in the failed state of Libya and war torn Syria, the advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood continues unabated. Millions of American taxpayer dollars will be spent promoting the Muslim Brotherhood brand of Islamism to counter the Al-Qaeda brand of Islamism. The U.S. is teaming up with the Islamism-promoting governments of Turkey and Qatar to try to influence Muslim youth in a more positive direction. The U.S. and the Islamist government of Turkey have announced a $200 million fund for programs that will supposedly promote non-violence among Muslims in terrorist hotspots like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. The total is to be raised over 10 years, with the U.S. provided $2-3 million (at first), along with Turkey, Canada, various European countries and “private sources.”

The only other Muslim country mentioned as a partner besides Turkey is Qatar. As the sole Muslim participants in the fund, Turkey and Qatar will be the ones crafting the Islamic message against Al-Qaeda. (...) The thinking behind this fund is the same flawed thinking that upholds the Muslim Brotherhood as the moderate, democratic, non-violent alternative to Al-Qaeda. This logic was articulated by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in testimony on January 31, 2012—testimony that came after his previous embarrassingly inaccurate explanation of the Brotherhood: “Al-Qaeda probably will find it difficult to compete for local support with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that participate in the political process, provide social services and advocate religious values. Non-violent, pro-democracy demonstrations challenge Al-Qaeda’s violent jihadist ideology and might yield increased political power for secular or moderate Islamist parties.” (Source)

Sept. 23, 2013

Egyptian Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood, Assets Seized 

An Egyptian court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood from operating and ordered that all its assets be seized. Because the ruling applies to "any organisation derived from it," the order also could affect the Brotherhood's political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party. Brotherhood officials promise to appeal the ruling. The Brotherhood has been outlawed in Egypt for most of its 85-year existence. That prohibition failed to stop it from becoming Egypt's largest and best organized political movement, however, as the group swept into power in the first elections after President Hosni Mubarak was forced from power in 2011. (Source)

Sept. 3, 2013

Relationship Obama and MusBro

More conspiracy, as was to be expected after McCain's visit to Al Shater:

Al-Jazeera is reporting on two tweets from a man named Shadi Hamid. The first tweet is a reference to an Egyptian newspaper that identifies Barack Obama as a member of the International Muslim Brotherhood 

Aug. 12, 2013

MusBros Go Underground, Set Up Command In Gaza

On July 22, DEBKAfile revealed that a group of six Muslim Brotherhood officials escaped from Egypt after the July 3 overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi in a military coup and smuggled themselves into the Gaza Strip to lead an uprising against the military. The group was headed by Mahmud Izzat Ibrahim, known as the Brotherhood’s “iron man” and fourth in rank in its hierarchy after Supreme Guide Muhammed Badie. The fugitives set up a command post at the Gaza Beach Hotel for operations against Egyptian military and security targets in collaboration with Hamas and armed Al Qaeda-linked Salafist Bedouin in Sinai. The group planned their revolt to spread quickly out from Sinai to Egypt proper and topple the interim rulers in Cairo. Western intelligence agencies following the inner workings of the Muslim Brotherhood have since discovered that the Brotherhood’s plans are a good deal more high-powered than first thought. According to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, the movement never dismantled its clandestine paramilitary underground. (...) Mahmoud Izzat Ibrahim, who is firmly at the helm and running the show both in Sinai and Cairo from the Gaza Beach Hotel, under the auspices of the Palestinian Hamas rulers. (Source)

Aug. 10, 2013

Israeli Drone Kills 4 Jihadists "on Duty" in Sinai

UPDATE: Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis claims 4 of its members killed by Israeli drone "during their jihadi duties against the Jews in a rocket attack on occupied lands". The Egyptian military denies Israel struck rocket launchers in Sinai. "Our heroes became martyrs during their jihadi duties against the Jews in a rocket attack on occupied lands," the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group said on a jihadist website. (Source)

An Israeli drone strike inside Egypt killed five suspected Islamic militants and destroyed a rocket launcher Friday, two senior Egyptian security officials said, marking an incredibly rare Israeli operation carried out in its Arab neighbor’s territory. The strike, coming after a warning from Egypt caused Israel to briefly close Eilat airport Thursday, potentially signals a significant new level of cooperation between the two nations over security matters in the largely lawless Sinai Peninsula after a military coup ousted Egypt’s president. Egypt long has maintained that it wouldn’t allow other countries to use its territories as hotbed to launch attacks against other countries. (Source)

Egypt's Military Looking at 'Soft' Islamist Rule

The MusMBros have called for mass rallies in support of 'democracy'. In the meantime the new army strongman, Al Sisi, an appointment of Morsi, is not the secular hero you might think him to be. Raymond Stock, a Middle East political analyst and resident of Cairo for two decades, has told an audience that Morsi was seen as a threat to Islamic rule as he was consolidating too fast. Al Sisi, a nationalist aligned with the Salafi Al Nour Party, feared Morsi was blowing the entire Islamist project. He wants it done by salami tactic, good old incrementalism. Al Sisi has written a doctrine on his view of government, some hybrid of Islamism and democracy, known as the Pakistani model. The Cabinet may consist of secularists, but he has retained the Sharia based constitution. It remains to be seen if clerical oversight of legislation as is the case in Iran, will be scrapped. Bad news. (Text and audio)

July 26, 2013

Timeline: The one-year rule of Egypt's Morsi

Egyptian prosecutors have charged deposed President Mohamed Morsi with espionage and colluding with the militant group Hamas, ahead of rival rallies planned Friday by Islamists and largely secular opposition forces. The charges against Morsi, who has been in army custody since his overthrow on July 3, are certain to infuriate tens of thousands of his Islamist supporters who have been demonstrating in Cairo and other cities. The accusations come the day after the army warned Islamists to disband their sit-ins or face retaliation. Gen. Abdel Fattah Sisi, commander of the armed forces, has called on millions of Egyptians who backed the coup against Morsi to rally Friday for a military crackdown against “terrorism and violence.” (Source)

July 24, 2013

Blast Wounds 19, Gnrl Sisi Calls for Popular Support

A bomb blast outside the security headquarters in one of Egypt's Nile Delta cities wounded 19 people, security officials said early Wednesday, raising fears of deteriorating security after President Mohammed Morsi's ouster. Eleven people have been killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted president since Monday. Most were killed in pre-dawn street battles near a pro-Morsi protest camp as the country remained mired in turmoil three weeks after the military overthrew the Islamist leader. The bloodshed is widening the divisions between Morsi's supporters and the military-backed administration and diminishing the chances of reconciliation. (Source) Egyptian army chief calls for mass rallies on Friday to back military campaign against "violence" and "terrorism" (Video Speech (Arabic))

July 19, 2013
The blog reporting more widely on the Arab Spring and the political implications has a hugely important analysis about the major shift in the relations between the US, Egypt and the Gulf countries, remarkably including Qatar: GULF ARABS STOP DISASTROUS US FOREIGN POLICY (log entry dated July 19, 2013)
A Morsi rally just arrived at the media center from which the anti MusBro government is broadcasting - Tweetpic

Egyptian General Askar: Hamas Caught Smuggling Rockets Into Egypt for Brotherhood - Full Report

Al Safa military checkpoint has been attacked in Arish, helicopters/military are engaged. Injured soldiers and two civilians transferred to military hospital. (Source)

Postmodern world government: Egypt descending into Islamist hell hole, who cares? Army jumps in to protect rights: "UN Commissioner for Human Rights wants to deploy observers to monitor situation in Egypt". There's no response from the government yet!
@ChaffeeNguyen UK revokes five export licences for Egypt amid concerns ... Update: (Source

'Should we remove the ballot box because Hitler can come out of it?' asks Turkish PM

@IvanCNN Turkey's PM Erdogan confirms he rejected request for phone call with Egypt's new VP Mohamed ElBaradei

President Vows to Protect Egypt Against Violence

Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour has promised to protect his country against those who seek chaos and violence. Mansour's first address to the nation on Thursday came as protests continued by those hoping for the ousted leader Mohamed Morsi to be reinstated. More rallies are planned for after Friday prayers.

July 16, 2013

According to this report the Muslim Brotherhood has been secretly convening in Turkey over the last two days to figure out ways how to advance their tyranny over the world


The first Egyptian cabinet, after ousting president Mohamed Mursi, was officially sworn in on Tuesday. The 35 members of the cabinet, including caretaker prime minister Hazem al-Beblawi, individually took their oath before interim president Adly Mansour. (Source) (Key Ministers). The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for nation wide protests on Friday.

July 15, 2013

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UPDATE: At 6 October Bridge a child aged 10 is roughed up by a Muslim Brother because he doesn't know if he is supporting Morsi. Someone tells him, "it's just a child". Apparently it doesn't matter. H/t @RagaiyS

UPDATE: Army helicopters are discharging leaflets on pro Morsi protesters at Rabaa Mosque to rescue themselves and not be responsible for the bloodshed today!

UPDATE: Eyewitnesses say someone on Ramses Square was set alight, then was severely beaten. Chaos reigns. Someone is reporting he was shot at by a man on a motorcycle. Police is surrounding the area.

UPDATE: According to reports 60% of protesters are Syrians, Palis and other nationals. A TV anchor says that official warning has been issued to Syrians in Egypt that their homes will be destroyed if they still continue their support of the MB 48 hours from now.

UPDATE: Witnesses say the paramilitary security forces are peppering Ramses square with rounds of hail, some people are hit. MB may be retreating.

UPDATE: Apparently Morsi supporters have taken the 6th October Bridge, again. Reports of MBs using electric stun gun on the bridge. Commuters being overcome by gas as they exit metro. Women with children just panicking. Mass harassment reported going on in tunnels to Sadat metro station, police officers just casually lounging in the ticket hall.

This man were promised a meal by some unknown Muslim Brothers for protesting against the coup. His companion was beaten to death, while he himself barely escaped with his life. H/t @RagaiyS

3 Killed, 17 Workers Wounded in Sinai Terror Attack

At least three people were killed and 17 wounded early on Monday in Egypt's North Sinai province when suspected militants fired rocket-propelled grenades hitting a bus carrying workers employed at a cement factory, security and medical sources said. (Source)

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders' Assets Frozen

Prosecutors froze the financial assets of senior leaders in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. The legal maneuvers against the Brothers came as Egypt's interim leadership moved forward with political appointments that also appeared aimed at further isolating the Brothers and their supporters. Chief among them was the swearing in of Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading liberal figure who has faced open hostility from Islamists, as vice president in charge of foreign affairs. He will be joined by Nabil Fahmy, a trenchant critic of the Morsi administration and a former Egyptian ambassador to the U.S. Mr. Fahmy was named on Sunday as the interim foreign minister. (Source)

Many of the protesters on July 8 rallies said that they're angry at the US for labelling Morsi's ouster a 'coup' and for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

July 13, 2013

Growing List of Accusations Against Muslim Brothers

The deposed president and Muslim Brotherhood leaders are accused of espionage, mass incitement and wantonly sabotaging the national economy. Also under investigation is their suspected role, according to the prosecution, in the attack on the Egyptian border police post near Rafah in August 2012 in which 16 soldiers were killed. The prosecution claims it has incriminating video tapes of conversations in which Muslim Brotherhood leaders discussed the attack with armed groups in Sinai and the Gaza Strip. (Source)

Graphic! Egyptian Army bomb a pro Morsi terrorist trying to plant an IED in Sinai aftermath

July 12, 2013

Egyptian Army Kill 200 Hamas/Jihadists in Sinai

The Egyptian army's new offensive against terror organizations operating in the Sinai Peninsula is well under way. Over the past several days, Egyptian military officials told Arab media that some 200 gunmen had been killed during battles in Sinai, including at least 32 members of Hamas. The Palestinian group uses the peninsula to smuggle arms and other goods into the Gaza Strip, from where it wages war on southern Israel. However, the situation remains volatile.. (Source) (VIDEO)

Morsi Investigated For Jailbreak Aided by Hamas

Prosecutors will investigate allegations that Egypt’s ousted president Morsi escaped from prison during the 2011 revolution with help from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, officials said Thursday. Chief prosecutor Hesham Barakat has received testimonies from a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia that will be the base for an investigation by state security prosecutors into the jailbreak by Mohammed Morsi and more than 30 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media. The question of whether Hamas helped them escape amid the chaos surrounding the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak has been debated in the media for months.. (Source)

July 11, 2013

Chaos Miraculously Disappears From Egypt

Since the military ousted Morsi, life has somehow gotten better for many people across Egypt: Gas lines have disappeared, power cuts have stopped and the police have returned to the street. The apparently miraculous end to the crippling energy shortages, and the re-emergence of the police, seems to show that the legions of personnel left in place after former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011 played a significant role — intentionally or not — in undermining the overall quality of life under the Islamist administration of Mr. Morsi. Despite coming to power through the freest elections in Egyptian history, Mr. Morsi was unable to extend his authority over the sprawling state apparatus, and his allies complained that what they called the “deep state” was undermining their efforts at governing. (Source)

July 10, 2013

Final dialogue between General Al Sisi and Morsi

On July 5, El Watan published the final dialogue between General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Dr. Muhammad Morsi, which took place on Tuesday July 2, a few hours before Morsi’s final speech. A reporter who was taken to an adjacent room was allowed to witness and transcribe their conversation from a TV screen. Raymond Ibrahim has the translation.

The truth about the 'coup' and MB's 'legitimacy'

Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey is setting the record straight "regarding the legitimacy issue" brought up again and again by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is kind of awkward when supporters of sharia overnight become the champions of 'democracy' (which btw is dead anyway).

Muslim Brotherhood leaders charged with incitement, high treason

A prosecutor has also ordered the arrest of Mohamed Badie who was charged with inciting violent clashes outside the Republican Guard headquarters which left over 55 dead and hundreds injured. (Source)

MB spoxman tweets that the military have ordered the arrest of a number of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders (*) (*) (*) on charges of "high treason and conspiring to bring down the state" (more). They communicate that like this (*):

July 9, 2013

Al Jazeera's home base is Qatar. Whereas Saudi Arabia and the UAE support the Salafis, Qatar is aligned with the more 'moderate' Muslim Brotherhood.

22 Al Jazeera Staff Resign

As many as 22 Al Jazeera employees have quit since the overthrow of Mohammad Mursi, amid concern over the channel’s alleged bias and allegations that journalists were instructed to favor the Brotherhood. As many as 22 Al Jazeera staff resigned on Monday, Gulf News reported, but other media said only seven had left the broadcaster: "We Aired Lies" (Source)

New Jihad Group Vows Violence to Reimpose Islamic Rule

  • New jihad group says Morsi's ouster "a war declared against Islam in Egypt," vows violence to reimpose Islamic rule: Ansar Al-Sharia in Egypt said it would gather arms and start training its members, in a statement posted on an online forum for militants in the country's Sinai region (Source)
  • Brotherhood rejects Mansour poll decree (Source)
  • Egypt's interim president appoints Hazem el-Biblawi as PM, Mohamed ElBaradei as VP (Source)
  • Primary for Understanding the Intricacies of Egyptian Politics (Source

July 8, 2013

Dozens of supporters of ousted Morsi are reported to have been killed outside a military facility and a nearby mosque. The latest death toll, according to Reuters, citing state TV, is 42. In addition to that, more 300 people have been injured, according to AFP. Accounts vary of what exactly happened. The Military contends that “an armed terrorist group” affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood tried to storm the Republican Guard headquarters — where Morsi is believed to be held — with live ammunition and firebombs shortly after dawn. According to a witness the army units first started shooting tear gas, then live ammunition above people’s heads. Morsi’s Freedom and Justice Party has already called for an "uprising" based on the incident, and Russian President Valdimir Putin said that Egypt is on the verge of civil war. (Source includes videos) Update: Conflicting versions

White House: "Cutting aid to Egypt now not in our best interests"

Youth groups and liberal political parties gathered their supporters at meeting points throughout the capital before sundown, with many carrying Egyptian flags and pictures of the head of the armed forces. They carried anti US and anti CNN signs at their rally. Pro Morsi US Ambassador Ann Patterson was a frequent target.

In scattered locations across Egypt, mobs of hard-line Muslims enraged over the deposing of the country’s Islamist president this week attacked Christian homes, business and church buildings. Angry over what they saw as a coup, the attacks came as part of massive, nationwide protests culminating in a declared “Friday of rage.” A roundup.

In the meantime Egypt's army is preparing for a large-scale military operation in Sinai, an army official said, as forces sealed more smuggling tunnels along the Gaza border. An Egyptian military official told Ma'an the army was preparing for a major operation in Sinai "to clean it up from terrorist and criminal cells." The army official said "coordination is ongoing between the Egyptians and the Israelis to bring military vehicles, troops and jets into Sinai to fight terror." (Source)

Raymond Ibrahim is reporting that according to Arabic sources at least four Palestinian members of Hamas were involved in and arrested for the recent shooting and killing of eight Egyptians during anti-Morsi protests. The clashes took place around Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Muqattam.  A video appearing yesterday shows people inside the building -- now not just Brotherhood members but apparently Hamas as well -- opening gunfire on protesters. None of this should be surprising: Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood -- not to mention a recent court ruling confirmed that President Morsi's 2011 jailbreak was facilitated by Hamas members. In short, Hamas has a long history of coming to Morsi's rescue -- yet another indicator of the Egyptian president's terrorist connections.

Shoebat is also implicating Morsi in the 9/11 terrorist attack last year on the CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya  in which four Americans died, one of whom Ambassador Chris Stevens. (File)

July 7, 2013


This tweet just in from @CarlBildt: "Talked with a number of colleges [sic], including FM’s of Italy and Turkey, on wider implication of events in Egypt. Risk of creating precedent."

Rather than re-adjusting the fallacy that democracy is freedom, they'd rather overlook this one.. if it wasn't for others that might also want to depose dictators (can't have that!).

Feuding erupted within Egypt's new leadership on Sunday as secular and liberal factions wrangled with ultraconservative Islamists who rejected their choice for prime minister, stalling the formation of a new government after the military's ouster of President Mohammed Morsi. Tens of thousands took to the streets Sunday from each side. The military deployed troops at key locations in Cairo and other cities amid fears of renewed violence. (Source)

Meanwhile the war in the Sinai continues. Egyptian security officials say suspected Islamic militants have bombed a natural gas pipeline to Jordan south of the city of el-Arish/ (Source)

Disturbing content! Islamists throw Morsi opponents off a roof, killing one (GRAPHIC).


Egyptian activists posted a video on YouTube Saturday showing Egyptian youths being thrown off a high roof on top of a building then being beaten in the head with sticks. According to Al Arabiya, the incident took place during clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The Middle East news agency writes that the perpetrators are Islamist supporters of Morsi. In the video, four young men are shown on the roof of a building, appearing to seek safety atop a high wall on the roof. Other activists can be seen congregating on the roof below them, one of whom is fully bearded and holding a large black Al-Qaeda flag in his back pocket.

A man with a black Al-Qaeda flag was one of those seen attacking
youths later thrown off a high wall. (Image source: YouTube)

As the video progresses, those being described as jihadi supporters of Morsi throw objects at the youths. One ultimately reaches the upper wall and appears to push one of the youths off the wall, head first. A second man is briefly seen being flung off the wall moments later.

One of the youths being pushed off a high wall on the roof
of a building in Alexandria, Egypt (Image source: YouTube)

The purported supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are seen beating the youths in the head with a stick as they are motionless on the roof. While this was happening, hundreds of men are seen congregating at the entrance to the building, some banging poles with sticks and what appear to be swords, as gunfire is heard in the background. According to Al Arabiya, one of the youths, Hamada Badr, was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Mohammed Badr, the young man’s father, told el-Watan news,
“Do you know the teen that they killed and disfigured his body and threw from the fifth floor is only 19 and four days.” “All he was guilty of was that he was on the roof of the building, celebrating the ouster of Mursi. 
But the Brotherhood waged a war against whoever was celebrating Mursi’s departure!” Badr said. According to Al Arabiya, the elder Badr told el-Watan that his son was throwing stones at the pro-Morsi activists, and in response, they killed him. The incident occurred in Alexandria’s Sidi Jaber neighborhood where violent clashes took place on Friday. Dozens were killed on Friday during clashes nationwide between supporters and opponents of Morsi, after the military ousted Morsi from the presidency on Wednesday. H/t @Nessea_ (Source)

July 6, 2013

Morsi's men and women teach the world 'democratic' values. 


Egypt's Presidency denies Mohammed ElBaradei appointed as Prime Minister despite earlier announcement. If some pundits are correct, the appointment was vetoed by the Al Nour Party, the second biggest Islamist group. UPDATE: CONFIRMED (Reuters)


Egypt counted its dead on Saturday after Islamists enraged by the overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi took to the streets in an explosion of violence against what they denounced as a military coup. At least 30 people died and more than 1,000 were wounded after Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood movement called "Friday of Rejection" protests across the country and tried to march on the military compound where the ousted president is held. (Source)

July 5, 2013

  • An Egyptian hardline Islamist presidential candidate was arrested on Friday and accused of inciting violence as thousands of Islamists marched across Cairo to protest against the ouster of deposed President Mohamed Morsy, security sources said. Salafi presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail was arrested at his home, the sources said, but no other details were immediately available. Abu Ismail was disqualified from the presidential race (Source)

  • Egypt's health ministry has said that ten people were killed and over 200 in clashes between pro- and anti-Morsi protesters on Friday. The most violent are at the 6th October bridge near Tahrir, amid reports of gunfire and Molotov cocktails. (Source)


  • This story is as much about the turning of the Arab Spring, hijacked by the dark forces is medieval Islamism, as it is about the problem of confusing liberty with democracy, and the Western media who are too biased and uninformed to provide proper reporting. Here's one example: while a leftist newspaper like The Guardian could not find any sexual assaults during the Arab Spring, they have now uncovered some 80 cases on Wednesday - the night of the coup - alone!
  • The Fides agency has reported that Islamist supporters of Mohamed Morsi have burned down a Coptic Catholic parish as revenge for the ouster of the former Egyptian president. According to the report, groups of Islamists first looted the home of the priest at the parish of St. George in Delgia, which is in Minya in north-central Egypt, then set fire to some of the parish buildings. (Source)
  • Mohammed Badie, the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, was arrested at an acquaintance’s villa in Mersa Matruh in north-west Egypt. He was then flown to Cairo on a military helicopter, according to security officials. “This is even worse than it was for us under Hosni Mubarak,” said Amr Darrag, a leading Brotherhood official. (Source) UPDATE: Earlier Badie said he was willing to talk to the military on the condition that Morsi would be reinstated.
  • Egypt's liberal coalition issued an "urgent call" for supporters to take to the streets on Friday in response to demonstrations by Islamist supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy. The National Salvation Front, which endorsed the army's removal of Morsy and a plan it issued for holding new elections (Source)
  • The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Gelad El Haddad has told Bloomberg that the Islamist organization will not accept the military take over, and shall be holding on to its 'democratic' legitimacy.
  • Tunisia's ruling Islamist party denounced also what it called a "coup against legitimacy" in Egypt. "Ennahda rejects what happened and believes legitimacy is represented by President Morsy and no one else," Ennahda said in a statement. (Source)

Morsi's men are taking to the streets today after Friday prayers.

  • Morsi has called for Jihad in Syria. This may have been the last straw for many secular Egyptians.
  • "5 ARMY/POLICE POSTS ATTACKED IN NORTHERN SINAI" - Morsi refused to go after these Jihadists, which exacerbated  in the problem. (Source)
  • The situation has heated up in Naga Hassan village, west of Luxor, after the killing of a Muslim man and the injury of a Copt on Friday. The number of houses belonging to Copts that have been burned is now 23. Police fired teargas bombs to stop the clashes. Police are protecting dozens of Copts at the police station near the area where the clashes are taking place. Security has been enhanced around Dabe’iya church, for fear of an attack. The police and military troops have exerted a huge effort to end the clashes. (Source) H/t @Metzada3833
  • Some 100,000 of Morsi's Men Assembling in Nasr City
  • Egypt’s army has stated that a state of emergency is not in place for either Suez or South Sinai provinces, contrary to earlier reports. However, the army in Sinai is “on alert.”
  • Thousands of supporters of Mohamed Morsi have gathered in Nasr City in the Egyptian capital to protest against his ouster as the country's president in a military coup. The crowds are expected to swell further after Friday afternoon prayers in response to the call by a coalition of Islamist groups led by the Muslim Brotherhood for demonstrations against the coup. The coalition on Thursday urged people to take part in a "Friday of Rejection" protest following weekly prayers. The call is being seen as a test of whether Morsi still has a support base in the country, and how the army will deal with it. (Source)
  • The African Union announced Friday that it has suspended Egypt. The AU's Peace and Security Council also said it was sending a team of "high-level personalities" to Egypt to work toward restoring constitutional order. (Source)
  • U.N. Rights Official Questions Detention of Islamist Leaders in Egypt (Source)

July 4, 2013

The army (SCAF) is not interested in playing a longterm role.


After deposing Mohamed Morsi and suspending the constitution, the army Thursday swore in the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Adly Mansour, 67, as interim president. Mansour is charged with amending the constitution which the ruling Muslim Brotherhood pushed through in its one year in power, and oversee early presidential and parliamentary elections under a caretaker government of technocrats. Judge Mansour has the reputation of high integrity, impartiality and an Egyptian patriot. (Source)

Here are the overnight tweets from the Muslim Brotherhood media spoxman @gelhaddad

03:04AM #Rabaa protest under heavy machine gun attacks now. I'm standing there and all has just broken loose !
03:11AM #Rabaa is under attack now. Smoke is filling the air. Bullets were fired while protested were performing their night prayer. #Military_Coup
03:16AM Prez #Morsi has been separated from his prez team & has been transported to #MoD #Military_Coup
03:28AM It seems that pro #Morsi blood is cheaper than the rest. This is a retaliation of the old regime not a standard #Military_Coup. #SaveEgypt
03:51AM Attack lasted 4 15 min. Impossible to tell who is attacking, they wore plain cloths. Weren't armed forces supposed to protect protests ?
04:22AM No casualties reported thus far in #Rabaa. Protestors engaging in morning supplications.
04:24AM 1st night #Military_Coup: closure of 6 sat channels, flight bans on 100s, arrest of prez+team+top political figures, attacks on protestors !
@Shokr @Beltrew not army. They were plain clothed. Lasted 15 mins then another 5. They retreated now.
04:38AM @Beltrew @AliDc4009 can't load the feed but the attack happened at Salah Salem entrance.

In a written statement, Obama expressed deep concern about the removal of Morsi and called for a swift return to a democratically elected civilian government. He urged the military to avoid any arbitrary arrests of Morsi and his supporters.
"During this uncertain period, we expect the military to ensure that the rights of all Egyptian men and women are protected, including the right to peaceful assembly, due process, and free and fair trials in civilian courts".
Obama calls for review of U.S. aid to Egypt after military ouster, expressing concern by army’s decision to 'suspend the constitution'.

  • Egyptian security forces on Wednesday arrested two senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood close to ousted president Mohamed Morsi, security officials said. Saad El-Katatni, who heads the Freedom and Justice Party -- the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood -- and Rashad Bayoumi, the deputy head of the Islamist movement were detained, the officials said. (Source)
  • Indignant Amanpour (CNN): The Egyptian ambassador to the U.S tells me: 'This was not a coup' (video)
July 3, 2013 

Morsi has moved to an "undisclosed location," a presidential aide told AP. But there are rumors about his arrest.

  • Muslim Brotherhood supporters said they would sacrifice their lives to defend Morsi's "legitimacy". One of his closest advisers, Essam el-Haddad, penned an angry statement on Facebook saying that Egypt had fallen victim to a military coup and warning that the decision to remove a democratically elected Islamist government would send shock-waves around the world. "Today only one thing matters," he said. "In this day and age no military coup can succeed in the face of sizeable popular force without considerable bloodshed. Who among you is ready to shoulder that blame? "The audience that reads this page understands the price that the world continues to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Egypt is neither Afghanistan nor Iraq. Its symbolic weight and resulting impact is far more significant." (Source)
  • Morsi is apparently still working at the Republican Guard barracks in Cairo, although his aides have said it is unclear if he is free to leave. AFP is saying that Egyptian security forces have imposed a travel ban on Morsi. This has apparently been done in relation to their involvement in a mass breakout during the 2011 revolution from a prison near Cairo, where Morsi had been put in pre-emptive detention by Mr Mubarak. If these reports are true, the implication would seem to be that the military is considering sending Morsi back to jail - which would amount to a coup indeed. Egyptians are still waiting for the armed forces to give their own statement on the crisis. It was originally due this afternoon, but a military spokesman has now said that no fixed time has been set for a statement.
  • Morsi has said a coalition government may be a solution to the standoff but offered no compromises. The deadline set by the army for a powersharing agreement elapsed. In a statement Morsi held opposition parties responsible for obstructing a political initiative that would also set up a panel to prepare amendments to the constitution passed into law last December.
Is this official? El Haddad is "media spox for the Brotherhood"

  • AFP is reporting that public prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmud, whom Mr Morsi sacked in November has been reinstated. Mahmud was a reviled figure who was seen as one of the worst holdovers from Mubarak's regime. But Morsi's dismissal of him by decree turned him into a sympathy figure for the opposition.
@AleemMaqbool "At Egyptian TV building. Staff confirm military has taken over. Only retained essential staff, others gone"
  • Reliable sources are telling UK Telegraph Cairo correspondent Richard Spencer that the Muslim Brotherhood is to make a statement at 3.30pm LT and the Army an hour later.
  • Opposition group Tamarod and opposition coalition group the National Salvation Front have released a joint statement Wednesday offering their condolences to the victims of Tuesday’s violence at Cairo University and appealing to the armed forces to protect citizens from further “brute” attacks. The statement also asked the armed forces to fulfill its national duty and ensure the stability and security of the nation against those who “terrorise and threaten” its peaceful people. (Source)
  • Tamarod asked the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood to join them instead of engaging in civil War.
  • Morsi's spokesman has said it would be "better for the president to die in defence of democracy than be blamed by history in a statement" reported by Reuters.
  • American officials have broached the possibility of Morsi replacing his Cabinet, or the ousting of a prosecutor, according to the New York Times
Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Muslim Brotherhood senior officials have been placed under house arrest and the group's funds are under inspection. It was further reported that in line with the road map published Tuesday, the army has began hermetically securing facilities across Egypt and has gained control of all sites containing weapons and munitions.

Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood are desperately clinging to their democratic legitimization. A government of thugs, even if chosen by 100 percent of the vote (or perhaps especially then), if it violates the rights of its citizens it is by definition illegitimate. The Brotherhood and the Western media don't seem to get that simple principle. Democrats never do.

  • President Mohammed Morsi must compromise with his opponents Wednesday or face the generals laying out their plan for governance. 
  • Egypt's Armed Forces General Command holds crisis meeting: military source.
In the meantime overnight:
Clashes near Cairo University – the site of massive demonstrations in support of Egypt's embattled president – continue into Tuesday night, leaving at least 16 dead


The Tamarod movement, the name for the movement representing the main cross-section of Egyptian opposition groups, has produced its own roadmap for Egypt's future. Details below, including a demand for fresh presidential elections.
  • To name a temporary president and prime minister. 
  • To elect a constitutional council within 30 days. Results within 7 days. 
  • A new constitution to be drafted within 90 days. 
  • A referendum on the new constitution within 15 days of its writing. 7 days of voting.
  • Presidential elections 60 days after the constitution is agreed upon. 
  • Results within 7 days. Whole process should take 231 days

July 2, 2013


Mursi called on the armed forces to withdraw an ultimatum for him to share power with his political opponents; he said he would not be dictated to. "President Mohamed Mursi asserts his grasp on constitutional legitimacy and rejects any attempt to deviate from it, and calls on the armed forces to withdraw their warning and refuses to be dictated to internally or externally," a tweet on the official Twitter feed of the Egyptian presidency said. A military source said the armed forces had seen Mursi's statement and would issue a response to it (on Facebook, according to some tweeps ;-) - others say SCAF have already blocked Morsi's twitter account - what is the world coming to?). (Source)


Egypt's armed forces would suspend the constitution and dissolve an Islamist-dominated parliament under a draft political roadmap to be pursued if Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and his opponents fail to reach a power-sharing agreement by Wednesday, military sources said. The sources told Reuters the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) was still discussing details of the plan, intended to resolve a political crisis that has brought millions of protesters into the streets. The roadmap could be changed based on political developments and consultations. (Bron)

Video of gunmen on top of a Muslim Brotherhood office (the MB logo can clearly be seen on the building) in Garbiya firing on the crowd below

Nothing to indicate that the crowd was doing anything remotely threatening. \


Egyptian security forces arrested 15 armed bodyguards of the number two in the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El-Shater, on Monday after an exchange of fire in which no one was injured, security sources said. The sources said the shootout occurred when security forces went to arrest the guards for alleged unlawful possession of firearms they are suspected of having used to shoot at protesters attacking the Brotherhood's headquarters on Sunday. Eight people were killed and more than a dozen injured in clashes around the Brotherhood building on a suburban hilltop overlooking Cairo. (Source)

  • 6 Ministers resign
  • Islamists threaten civil war if generals oust government
  • Military issues 48-hour ultimatum but denies it is planning a coup
  • Morsi claims 'democratic' legitimacy
  • Moslim Brotherhood pays thugs to rape protesting women, beat men

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr submitted his resignation early Tuesday in response to ongoing political protests, which have seen millions take to the streets in Cairo and elsewhere in an effort to oust President Mohammed Morsi from office. Amr’s resignation, reported by Egyptian state media, comes after five other Cabinet ministers said they stepped down from their posts Monday. The five are the ministers of communications, legal affairs, environment, tourism and water utilities, according to MENA, the Egyptian state news agency. The governor of the strategic province of Ismailia on the Suez Canal, Hassan el-Rifaai, also quit.

Early Tuesday, Morsi responded to a 48-hour ultimatum from the military to come to terms with opposition protesters by saying that he would not allow the army to step in and supersede Egyptian democracy. Morsi’s office issued a statement just after midnight saying a “modern democratic state” was one of the main achievements of the anti-Mubarak revolution, adding, “With all its force, Egypt will not allow itself to be taken backward.” (Source)

Mail Online reported in December last year that the Muslim Brotherhood was 'paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt'. During protest rallies at the time activists claim there have been nearly 20 attacks in 10 days.  The country had seen rise in mob sex attacks on protestors in the last year.

July 1, 2013


Before Westerners are throwing a Pavlov hissy fit, this is actually good news! Just one chance to stave off descend into the Middle Ages! A year into Morsi's election - with millions out against him, the police being replaced by gangs of Muslim Brotherhood supporters carrying sticks, and with the economy on the brink - the generals are taking back the reins of power. (Source)


Egypt's military is giving President Mohamed Morsi and opposition leaders until Wednesday to settle their differences and agree on a path forward. Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said if the politicians fail to reach an agreement, the military will present its own road map for Egypt's future. (Source)


Egypt opposition rebel movement gives President Mursi an ultimatum until 5:00PM. on Tuesday to quit or a state of total civil disobedience will ensue. According to security sources the total number of dead across the country since Sunday is 16, 781 people were injured.

In other news: HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo was stormed and ransacked on Monday. The building in Cairo's Moqattam district was set ablaze before people stormed inside and began throwing things out of the windows, as others were seen leaving with items including furniture. There were no brothers in the building at the time. (Source)

June 30, 2013

UPDATE: Latest updates:

  • @RashaAbdulla: Tamarod announces sit in on #Tahrir, #Itihadiya, and all major squares across #Egypt
  • Another mass demo has been called for Tuesday.
  • 4 people have been shot outside the Muslim Brotherhood main headquarters in Muqattam by gunmen inside the building.
  • 3 anti-Morsi protesters killed in Assiyut when they came under “heavy fire” from Morsi supporters as they were headed to the MB headquarters. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s official Ikhwanweb gets caught floating fake pictures. They tweeted out this picture earlier claiming it was of a MB supporter killed over the weekend, but in the comments critics note it is an old photo of a Palestinian mother and her dead son. Ikhwanweb deleted the tweet and admitted it wasn’t as they represented. 


After Morsi the second biggest target is US Ambassador Anne Patterson. Patterson met in secret with some Muslim Brotherhood people. She is her master's voice. Obama supports the Morsi regime.

UPDATE:  30+ mob sexual assaults reported in #Tahrir #June30 clashes
— Alison Noon (@alisonnoon)


UPDATE: Egyptian media estimate protesters across Egypt at more than 16 million!!

This overview gives an idea of the extent of the protests. Apparently the mainstream media like CNN (though Ben Wedeman is on the ground) can't be bothered to report about Obama ally, Morsi. 


Tarek Sobh: For the 1st time in #Egypt #Police officers joining #Tamarod #Protests in #Jan30 #Tahrir


@DerekStoffelCBC Saw many men with clubs and shields at the pro-#Morsi rally. A few home made shields in Tahrir but saw no clubs.


UPDATE: The presidential spokesman will speak at 5 PM LT, not president Morsi.

UPDATE: RT has an interesting interview with William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages. Here's an excerpt:
William Engdahl: I think a number of issues. Number one – is trying to ram a Sharia constitution down the throats of the Egyptian people. That goes against Egyptian cultural tradition – 80-90 per cent of the population are Sunni Muslims – but it is a tradition of tolerance for other religion groups, Coptic and other Islamic groups. The other thing is the economy. Morsi has done nothing to improve the economy. In fact the economy has generated youth unemployment to bulge to an explosive level. That I think is a lot to do with the tinderbox that you see in the streets right now. But the other thing is that the military hasn’t yet weighed in as to whether they are going to continue to back Morsi as they have done under enormous Washington pressure – they are dependent on Washington for military aid and have been for decades. But the interesting new factor is that the Tamarod campaign – the reorganized opposition group that led the protest a year ago in Tahrir Square and elsewhere – they have claimed to have gathered a 15 million-strong petition asking for Morsi to step down. I think this is a make or break situation. The Obama administration continues to back the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a very unfortunate thing, but that’s a part of a larger geopolitical agenda that Washington and the State Department have built up over the past years. (Source)

In the two years that the Arab Spring turned to winter Egyptians fell under the rule of the oppressive government of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Is that about to change?

Mass demonstrations are in progress.

Earlier today. 

June 29, 2013

"The Egyptian People Proclaim Obama Supports Terrorism"

In a related story this week, an Egyptian politician claims that our Ambassador to Egypt is part of a Muslim Brotherhood “sleeper cell.” Raymond Ibrahim reports for Jihadwatch (Source)


Apathetic Embassy Chief Angry He Was Contacted For Question...

Wow, is this ever reflective of how the current U.S. Obama administration views events. An American photojournalist was stabbed in the chest and killed during a protest rally in Cairo Egypt. A reporter calls the U.S. Embassy Chief of Mission for information, and the Embassy chief tells the reporter they are inappropriate for calling him at 10:00pm. Unreal. (Source)

@RawahBadrawi Summary screen of all the protests now. The bottom far left one is the government sponsored rally: #Egypt

UPDATE: One year in Office: Torture in time of Morsi “Graphic +18” - via @Zeinobia


Nine MPs declared their resignation from the Shura Council Saturday at an anti Morsi rebel campaign press conference held at the press syndicate. The resignations come one day before mass rallies expected to take place at the presidential palace in Cairo's Heliopolis district against President Mohamed Morsi, demanding he step down and early presidential elections are held. (Source)


"The protests are a desperate throw of the dice. They offer no deliverance: Mursi will not cede power. The suspicion mounts that his rivals are hoping the military will step in and sack the Brotherhood". (Source)


@bencnn benwedeman "more sticks at the pro-Morsi rally than the Canadian hockey league"


Coptic Christian is asking a few pointed questions to the Obama and the liberal democratic supporters of the Brotherhood regime:

Do liberals care that our American Ambassador in Egypt is cursed daily by most of the secular groups because of her meddling in the Egyptian affairs. Do liberal cares that Morsi and his gang are trying to keep their hold on power by starting a religious war, not only against Christians, but also against Shiah. They are trying to silence the opposition and anyone who dared to speak the truth. Do liberal cares that Islamists are targeting reporters who are covering the events including the American student who was killed because he was taking pictures of the demonstration. (Source)

BREAKING: Inspector of police investigation killed in Northern Sinia in broad daylight via @zelaky #Egypt

UPDATE: Obama, who wouldn't send US Marines in Europe to assist the US Ambassador in Benghazi on 911,  put the US Marines on alert in southern Europe today, as a precaution in advance of massive protests in Egypt.
CNN: U.S. Marines stationed in southern Europe have been put on alert as a precaution in advance of expected large demonstrations and potential unrest in Egypt this weekend, CNN has learned. About 200 combat capable Marines in Sigonella, Italy, and Moron, Spain, have been told to be ready to be airborne within 60 minutes of getting orders to deploy. The units have several V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft that would carry troops and infantry weapons to Egypt to protect the U.S. Embassy and American government personnel and citizens if violence broke out against Americans. (Source)

UPDATE: From South Africa Obama votes 'present' on Egyptian protests, tossing the good guys once again under the bus!

UPDATE: The deadly explosion at a protest in the Suez Canal city of Port Said on Friday is likely to have been caused by a homemade hand grenade, security sources told Reuters on Saturday. Egyptian journalist Salah Hassan, 38, was killed on Friday and another 15 people were injured after the explosion in the city’s Al-Shuhada Square, where dozens of protesters opposed to President Mohamed Morsi were gathering. (Source)

UPDATE:  Looks like the secular uprising in Turkey has inspired a similar movement in Egypt. The tally for this weekend of protests so far: 7 Dead, 606 injured in 4 days of political clashes.

Legitimizing tyranny

Some misguided democracy egalitarians in the free West somehow think that deposing a secular dictator and replacing him with a cabal of theocratic tyrants voted on by 50 percent plus 1, somehow makes this regime legitimate. This flies in the face of individual rights. The rationalization used, is that this resistance is stemming from a "sense of entitlement, cultural cringe and snobbery".

Supposedly that made Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party victory at ballot box also perfectly legit! Watch the Brotherhood <3 it!!!

The argument against the theocratic rule from the democratic perspective, not on principle, but due to incompetentcy:
Egypt does not need a second revolution
While none of Egypt's problems can be laid exclusively at Mr Morsi’s door, they have undoubtedly been aggravated by the divisive character of the Muslim Brotherhood (Source)

June 28, 2013

Protest Weekend Has Begun

Large protests for and against the Government have already begun in Egypt, ahead of Sunday’s call by the opposition for a mass rally on the first anniversary of President Morsi’s inauguration. Today’s pro-Government protest, “Legitimacy is a Red Line”, has been announced by the Islamic Alliance, a coalition of parties led by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). The main gathering will be in front of Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City. Last night, an attack on the FJP’s headquarters in Morsi’s hometown of Zagazig in the Nile Delta left one dead and 26 injured. 

 Street battles across the north have taken one life and wounded more than 200 in Mansoura, injured 53 in Sharqiya, and hurt two in Gharbiya. The Muslim Brotherhood and FJP have portrayed Government opponents as “thugs” linked to the Mubarak regime that was overthrown in February 2011 (Source)

June 25, 2013

Secularists versus Islamists

Egyptians protest the presidential appointment of a Muslim Brotherhood member as the country's top prosecutor.

Egypt is bracing for mass protests scheduled for June 30, around the anniversary of Morsi's first year in power. Secularists have taken heart from the ongoing Kemalist protests in Turkey. (...) the stated hope is that the protests could be large enough to push Morsi to step down, and for the country to hold early presidential elections. (...) the general idea is that 'something big' will happen (Source)

In the meantime "more than 400 US soldiers are preparing for their deployment to Egypt in anticipation of violent protests, riots, and the possibility of having to protect the country's border with Israel. Training at Fort Hood for a nine-month deployment in the 'near future' concluded on June 20, KCEN-TV reports, noting that the soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and “other dangerous items” in their training. (Source)


The democracy narrative behind the Arab Spring is a gross simplification of reality. As we have discussed many times in these pages democracy, meaning the right to vote, is not self governance or a limited government. Nor is it a guarantee for a civil society, or the rule of law.

That is reversing the process. The right to vote is merely the cherry on the cake. The body of a democratic society are the institutions build by the citizens: an education and an information system, a code of negative rights that tells the government what it cannot do, and an objective code of law on the basis of individual rights.

The Arab Spring is the product of democracy fundamentalists and egalitarian nihilists who merely exchanged a secular dictatorship with something worse, a Islamofascist tyranny by the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood.

There are indications this was precisely the intention of the West, under the leadership of Obama's Democrat Party. It unites Sunni Islamic allies, as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the West itself against the Shiia group, made up by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah led by Russia (and to a lesser extent, China).

This is what we currently see playing out in Syria's barbaric proxy war. It is also seen by the peoples of the region as the realignment of powers of the different groups. It doesn't bode well for minorities. Iraq is also on the brink of civil war.

A new narrative by Western politicians and their lap dog media talks of 'moderate Muslims' who are our supposed partners for democracy and peace. It has since become clear who these 'moderates' are. They are the Muslim Brotherhood and with Al Qaeda associated groups like Al Nusra (exclusive interview). Their moderation is non-existent, but serves to distinguish them from their Shiite foes, who are the 'evil extremists'.

Fact of the matter is, the West has no bone in this inter-islamic fight. Both sides are equally evil and neither deserves our support.

It is now becoming clear that the present situation in Egypt is no longer tenable. This is what happened to the country since the Muslim Brotherhood took power under the cover of 'democracy':

  • Crime is at an unprecedented level. 
  • Homicide rates have tripled since 2011. 
  • Armed robberies have risen from 233 in 2010 to 2807 in 2012. 
  • Police protect the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters around the clock while residents believe they will get no aid if they call for help. 
  • Beat cops carry decades old firearms or refuse to go armed for fear of being robbed. 
  • Officers handpicked by the Muslim Brotherhood get state-of-the-art hardware and double the pay. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood allows a black market for illegal gun sales to thrive openly in outdoor markets. 
  • Social services has completely broken down. 
  • Even though Egypt discusses selling electricity to Gaza, Cairo itself is subject to frequent blackouts and some have no electricity at all. 
  • Tourism in Cairo is almost non-existent. Traffic jams cost the nation 4% of its GDP. 
  • The city faces frequent gasoline shortages and long lines when fuel is available. 
  • 50,000 homeless youths roam the city and are forced to beg or steal to survive. Overall, the WHO estimates there are 1 million homeless children in Egypt. 
  • Drug use is rampant and easily available. 
  • President Morsi has declared that no court can overturn his decisions. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has proposed lowering the age of legal marriage to 13. 
  • Desperate parents sell children for as little as $450 to foreigners.

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