Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why the Peace Process Is Doomed to Fail

Hamas has made short shrift of the ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. On the West Bank Islamists are accusing Abbas of 'selling out to the Jews' 

"Allahu Akbar, destroy Israel, the VS, the UK and France!" 

Minutes after John Kerry last Friday declared that the peace negotiations will resume this week in Washington, Hamas' leader Sami Abu Zuhri rejected the idea. Hamas made clear that the rival Fatah government of the West Bank does not have the mandate to negotiate on behalf of "the Palestinian people" in general.

Last week during Friday prayers in the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (top video) thousands of protesters accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of "selling out to the Jews" instead of working towards the destruction of Israel. This is precisely the reason why Abbas will never agree to a peace deal with Israel. 

The postmodern politicians in Washington, London and Paris do not even take these open threats seriously: "Allahu Akbar, destroy Israel, the VS, the UK and France!" These are the nations that are primarily seen as enemies of Islam. But the leaders thrug their shoulders. 

This protest did not take place in a cave somewhere in the backlands of Afghanistan, but in heart of civilization, during Ramadan, on the eve of peace negotiations, during a religious ceremony. 

The end game of these extremists is the destruction of Israel and the foundation of the Khaliphate. This is a greater Islamic Empire without division of secular and sacred governance, without the separation of powers so that all power is concentrated in the Khalif, who is the heir of Mohammed ruling under Sharia law. 

The call, "Khaybar, Khaybar Jews - the army of Mohammed will return!", is blood curdling. They are referring to the Battle of Khaybar, fought in the year 629, between Muslims and Jews living in the oasis of Khaybar in the Arabian Peninsula. The Jews there were attacked after being accused by the Muslims of inciting hostilities among Arab tribes. The Jews finally surrendered and were permitted to live in Khaybar on condition that they gave one-half of their produce to Muslims.

The demonstrators at the Aqsa Mosque are hoping that the Muslims will again attack the Jews, this time in Israel, and force them to succumb, and either to leave or agree to live as a humiliated minority under the rule of an Islamic Caliph.

Some of these protesters are Israeli citizens and followers of Sheikh Raed Salah and the Islamic Movement. This organization is related to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. It has thousands of followers.

The protest in the Al Aqsa Mosque is indicative of the growing power of the Islamists in the West Bank. It's not just a threat to Israel and its allies in the free world, but also to the PA and Mahmoud Abbas and his government. It explains why the PA was quick to denounce the demonstration as a platform for the advancement of a "foreign agenda", that of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals. 

To keep up the appearance of striving for peace the PA was forced to agree to the talks about the so-called 'two state solution'. But many Palestinians see it as treason: the PA should aim entirely to the destruction of Israel.

Abbas and the Israeli representatives will resume negotiations under the mediation of John Kerry. But Abbas will have to answer to the extremists who will never give up their goal to destroy Israel. Therefore Abbas will never be able to reach a peace deal. He'd go into history as the man who sold the Muslim Arabs and the Palestinians to the Jews.